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Reviews Final as of 8/17/2005 part 3 Posted by Ainaechoiriel August 17, 2005 - 22:43:12 Topic ID# 5087
Title: Turning the
<> Page . Author:
7> . Books/Time: Post-Ring War: Gondor . ID: 337
Reviewer: Marta
> . 2005-04-17 07:15:05 Score: 4
This is certainly Eomer, but a more mellowed Eomer. I still see traces of
the hot-headed youth who dominates his character at times in "The Lord of
the Rings", the one who cried "death!" at Pelennor -- but I also see an old
man, remarkably at peace in a world that is no longer governed by the sword
as much as the one he was born into was. It's a testament to a new age, and
is beautifully told.

Title: Telling the
<> Bees . Author:
6> . Books/Time: Post-Ring War: Shire . ID: 343
Reviewer: Marta
> . 2005-04-17 08:20:08 Score: 4
I was not familiar with this custom before reading this story. If it is a
true one (and given the author, I am tempted to assume it is), then it is
beautifully connected to canonical events and to the Shire culture. And I
for one really like the idea of hobbit traditions forming the basis for
Celtic beliefs, at least in part, since Hobbits would have inhabited the
area before the Celts. It is a very nice touch.

Title: Passages <>
. Author: Flick
> . Books/Time: Post-Ring War: Vignette . ID: 352
Reviewer: Marta
> . 2005-04-17 08:26:00 Score: 6
This story has a lovely mythic quality about it, right up until the end. I
wish the author could have maintained that through the final conversation
between Legolas and Gimli -- maybe not reporting the whole thing, keeping a
little more distance. Regardless, it's a nice piece, and has many good
insights into the waning days of The Fellowship. I can't decide whether the
love between Aragorn and Legolas is supposed to be erotic, courtly, or
simply just a very close friendship. Whatever it is, it's beautiful, all the
more so because it does not dominate. There are not enough non-romance
pieces about Legolas, and this was a wonderful glimpse.

Title: Faint
<> Hope .
Author: Forodwaith
> . Books/Time: Post-Ring War: Vignette . ID: 357
Reviewer: Marta
> . 2005-04-17 09:15:10 Score: 2
Ah, the return of Parmandil, at least in passing. I love stories like this
that ties the hints canon gives us of the Fouth Age into something more

Title: The Horn-Cry
<> of Buckland .
Author: Lulleny
2> . Books/Time: Post-Ring War: Shire . ID: 467
Reviewer: Marta
> . 2005-04-17 15:28:21 Score: 10
This piece has a quality that I see too rarely, yet is important: the
ability to angst without distorting the character of whoever is doing the
angsty. Because Merry does his share of angsting here, but he's still Merry
somehow. This is particularly important -- and particularly difficult with
hobbits. I was truly impressed by the hints of night-time horror that Pippin
would also have endured. It was beautifully done, and all the more
impressive because it was through the eyes of the naive and more youthful
(at least at the time of the Quest) hobbit, instead of the mature organiser
of the Conspiracy.

I was a little confused as to the timeline. I mean, obviously it takes place
thee years after the birth of Faramir's and Eowyn's first child, and while
that date isn't nailed down I always envisioned it taking place fairly soon
after they were married -- certainly within five years or so. So I think
this story would probably take place within a decade after the Quest, yet I
have a hard time seeing both Merry and Pippin as Master of Buckland and
Thain of Tookland respectively, that soon after the war. There's no
indication that their fathers died prematurely, if I recall correctly. While
it wasn't uncanonical, it was a bit confusing toward the beginning, as I
thought the "Master of Buckland" was Saradoc, not Merry.

I also was a little sceptical about Pippin's naming the horse Shadow, as it
seems like that word would have more connection with the Shadow of the East
than with Shadowfax, Gandalf's horse. And was Shadow supposed to be a horse
or a pony? I wasn't sure. Anyway, these minor details notwithstanding, I
thought it was a well-told version of a possible post-Scouring event.

Title: Guarding the
<> Shire . Author:
5> . Books/Time: Post-Ring War: Gap-Filler . ID: 513
Reviewer: Marta
> . 2005-04-18 21:19:54 Score: 3
This is an interesting answer to the question of why the Rangers would have
been guarding the Shire. I did question whether hardened warriors would be
so opening in discussing their feelings (the Rangers, not so much Merry),
but generally the piece was interesting and well-executed.

Title: Bare Feet and
<> Beer . Author:
6> . Books/Time: Post-Ring War: Gondor . ID: 571
Reviewer: Marta
> . 2005-04-19 09:37:08 Score: 9
"Aragorn? Elessar? Estel? Strider? Surely there is one of my names that you
could bear to speak."

This quote seems to capture the heart not only of this story, but also of
what Faramir's and Aragorn's relationship after the War of the Ring would
have been like, at least in my imagination. I tend to write and imagine a
kindler, gentler Denethor than a lot of people, but even I accept that he
was a formidable man. Not that Aragorn wasn't, but I think he would have
been a very different man to serve than Aragorn is.

It was also nice to see how Gwynnyd thought Aragorn being Thorongil would
affect politics in the Fourth Age. Of course the Corsairs would remember the
man who destroyed their fleet a mere generation before! And Faramir would
appreciate the need to be sensitive to situations like that, of course.
Spot-on characterizations.

I think my favourite thing about this piece, though, was the little hints
that Aragorn was interested in Faramir's personal life. Little comments like
"I don't expect to see the candles burning in here once Eowyn is back" when
he's discussing with Faramir how late the steward is working. A few more
commas and a few less apostrophes would help this story, but really, it's a
very enjoyable read.

Title: Faithful
<> Star
. Author: Tiana
4> Luthien . Books/Time: Post-Ring War: Gondor . ID: 593
Reviewer: Marta
> . 2005-04-19 16:14:07 Score: 1
This is a nice bit of fluff. I particularly liked the interactions between
Faramir and Legolas.

Title: Of Herbs and
<> Stewed Rabbit .
Author: Alawa
3> . Genres: Drama (includes Angst): Gapfiller . ID: 9
Reviewer: Larner
2> . 2005-04-20 00:37:11 Score: 4
This is a lovely gapfiller for Aragorn's young adult period. I found it to
be gentle, and a good indication of how Aragorn was raised both by Elrond
and by his mother, to always care for and follow the holy days of his
people; and how he reminded his people of this need even in the wilds during
his first stint as a Ranger of Arnor.

Excellently written, gently realized.

I heartily recommend it.

Title: Bed
> of Roses . Author: Vistula
3> the Dunadan . Books/Time: The Lord of The Rings: Hobbits . ID: 793
Reviewer: Larner
2> . 2005-04-20 00:44:08 Score: 3
I love this look at Frodo's thoughts toward Sam as he lies on the slopes of
the mountain, knowing tomorrow is most likely the last for both of them, and
his wishes that Sam were safe with the one he loves instead of lying here
facing destruction. A very deep, loving, caring, angst-filled piece, and
well worth the reading.

Title: Olorin
<> I was in
my Youth In the West that is Forgotten . Author: Azalais
7> . Books/Time: The Lord of The Rings: Drabble . ID: 25
Reviewer: Larner
2> . 2005-04-20 00:48:54 Score: 2
An interesting drabble--the Istari remembering the days of being a Maia. It
would be interesting to see this expanded upon, and hope that one day this
might be done.

Title: By All
<> The
Signs . Author: Tialys
0> . Books/Time: Post-Ring War . ID: 757
Reviewer: Marta
> . 2005-04-20 22:33:58 Score: 3
This story has a lot of potential, and deals with a topic of great interest
to me: modern people finding relics from the Third Age, and trying to
interpret it. I was unclear how the stone survived so long, and how Reggie
knew so much about Middle-earth, and think more details would help the
story. But it's a pleasant read, nonetheless.

Title: March Frost <> .
Author: SilverMoonLady
3> . Books/Time: Post-Ring War . ID: 769
Reviewer: Marta
> . 2005-04-20 23:01:16 Score: 3
This is a wonderful story; it could very easily fit into "horror", as it
contains many horrific images. It makes sense that Frodo wouldn't be the
only one to suffer "anniversay illnesses", and Merry's role in anchoring him
and helping to fight off the demons is touching as well.

Title: Love
> Me and Despair . Author: EdorasLass
9> . Genres: Alternate Universe: Elves . ID: 645
Reviewer: riverotter7
3> . 2005-04-21 17:37:10 Score: 7
When I first read this, I think it was in beta on HASA. It was creepily good
then but as the story progressed (and when I read it for review) it became
even more eerie. By the time I was done with it, I had chills, and the wind
rattling at the windows certainly didn't help. Needless to say I bookmarked
this story for future reading and have read and reread it multiple times
since. The story is good in that it's not very graphic. That's not
neccessary to get the point across. Just the menace to each of the
Fellowship and to the Races of Middle Earth is obvious without a lot of
blood spattering across the pages, graphic torture, gnashing and wailing et
al. I'm not much of a suspense or horror reader. I have too graphic of an
imagination for that; but this story moves that imagination without the need
for too many words. It's short duration leaves the essential cold chill and
the nasty taste of "what could have been..." Marvelous.
Molly Littlefoot

Title: Some Nameless
<> Place . Author:
1> . Genres: Adventure: Long Form . ID: 875
Reviewer: Ariel
2> . 2005-04-22 14:47:53 Score: 3
I must confess that this is a delightfully fun adventure story. It has it
all, hurt / comfort, drama, adventure and even a little comedy. I often
think of this piece as the most typical example of Budgie's work - it has a
serial quality that just makes reading it fun and easy. Don't forget your
popcorn while you read, but this one is a delightful tale.

Title: Duet <> . Author:
1> . Books/Time: Post-Ring War: Gap-Filler . ID: 886
Reviewer: Ariel
2> . 2005-04-22 14:52:56 Score: 4
Probably one of her best stories but often underrated, this heartbreaking
look at the ways that both Merry and Pippin dealt with Frodo's leaving will
cut your heart in two. I love the way these two tales intertwine one another
and fill in the spaces left in the other's interpretation. It is a skillful
technique and a lovely story that I can heartily recommend to anyone.

Title: All I
<> Ever
Wanted . Author: pippinfan88
1> . Books/Time: Post-Ring War: Friendship . ID: 844
Reviewer: Ariel
2> . 2005-04-22 17:12:37 Score: 3
I have been going through the lists, trying to find stories I have already
read and can review quickly. This is one that was far too short, because it
is delightful and deserves a longer treatment! I would hope I could
encourage the author to expand on this quaint little snippet. It really
deserves much more exploration!

Title: Dreme <> . Author:
1> . Books/Time: Post-Ring War: Aman . ID: 858
Reviewer: Ariel
2> . 2005-04-22 17:16:16 Score: 4
I read this ages ago and think it is delightful. I adore the very 'hobbity'
tone it has and the wonderful innocence the author gives back to Frodo. He
is very definitely himself as he used to be, before the dark times, and
because of that the story has a hidden poignancy that you don't realize has
crept up on you till you reach the end. Smart, hobbity, quaint and charming,
you will end the story with a tear in your eye and not immediately
understand why. A darling story.

Title: It Takes A
<> Took . Author:
5> . Races/Places: Hobbits: Pippin . ID: 823
Reviewer: Ariel
2> . 2005-04-22 19:42:45 Score: 2
A lovely little romance, cleverly told. A sweet read. I would recommend this
story to anyone who likes a light, sweet romance. The author handles it very
well. Probably one of my more favored Pippin/Diamond stories.

Title: A Diamond In
<> The Storm .
Author: SilverMoonLady
3> . Genres: Romance . ID: 780
Reviewer: Ariel
2> . 2005-04-22 19:55:51 Score: 10
I positively ADORE this author's work. She is one of the very few whose sexy
stories are good enough to titillate me. She also unerringly provides a
deliciously savory story in the bargain. A Diamond in the Storm is probably
the best Pippin/Diamond story I have ever read for characterization. The two
are presented believably and the Diamond she creates is a character that
anyone could admire and think good enough for Pippin. Her Pippin is also
exceptional - a grown hobbit who you can believe has lived through the wars,
has come of age as a hero of the Shire and has grown into a the remarkable
hobbit I always knew was in him. If I was to pick a strength of this story
it would be the characterizations, because very few of them are undeveloped,
but the storyline is also quite well thought out. I think it could use a few
more twists and turns and a bit more exploration of the villian's motive but
it keeps your interest and is much more plausible than the average fanfic

Another strength is pacing. So many authors belabor points and go into
endless detail about motivation and periferals that finding an author like
Silvermoonlady who, if anything, goes the other direction!, is quite
refreshing indeed. She handles emotion very well and the sex is... well, if
there is anyone who writes sex better (besides me *wink*) I don't know who
it could possibly be.

Title: To the Sea <> .
Author: SilverMoonLady
3> . Genres: Adventure . ID: 770
Reviewer: Ariel
2> . 2005-04-22 20:05:28 Score: 9
I hadn't even seen that this author, one of my all time favourites, had
written this until I found it on some archive. I was delighted to find a new
one of hers and settled myself down with it with gusto. It hadn't gotten
many reviews, probably because it featured none of the fellowship, but it
captivated me at once with the absolutely lyrical quality of the prose, the
spare style and the way it wove a very believable character with only a very
few words.

It is very nearly an original work because the author has created a shipping
industry that Tolkien hardly touched on in any of his works and a
heartbroken and devastated hobbit that was only referred to in a single line
in the master's work. All of the effort she put into this should be roundly
applauded because she DOES succeed, brilliantly, in creating a character
that you can definitely see existing. I know stories with either original or
nearly original characters aren't the ones that everyone seems to want to
read, but when they are written this WELL, they really ought to be
applauded. Thank you, SML, for giving your readers this tantalizing glimpse
into another corner of Tolkien's universe. Bravo!

Title: I Will Know <>
Suffering . Author: Andy
4> Longwood . Books/Time: Post-Ring War: Aman . ID: 704
Reviewer: Ariel
2> . 2005-04-22 20:12:59 Score: 7
I was totally knocked off my feet by this fic. I am not usually a big one
for crossed species because, well, it just doesn't seem that it would work
to me, but this piece is just brilliant. It is a perfectly believable
snapshot of what Frodo might be like in Valinor from the point of view of
someone who falls, unexpectedly in love with him. The author also does
something I wholeheartedly approve of by not identifying the name (or
gender) of the love interest, thereby allowing both those of us who prefer
het and the people who like slash to enjoy the story. So many fics are
written seeming to suggest that females would not be good enough for these
characters that it is, sadly, a refreshing change to find a story that
allows readers who are proud of and enjoy their own femininity to enjoy a
tale. This fic (and style of writing) doesn't deny either and so welcomes
both - a tack I can wholeheartedly support.

Title: March Frost <> .
Author: SilverMoonLady
3> . Books/Time: Post-Ring War . ID: 769
Reviewer: Ariel
2> . 2005-04-22 20:18:18 Score: 7
A lovely little het piece that is so FULL of mood and angst and written so
compellingly that you simply feel you are there in the story. You become
Estella fighting for Merry's life against the darkness. I swear that while
reading this, I could almost see it happening in my mind's eye.

This author writes from the heart and does something VERY few fanfic writers
do - she writes what she knows... I don't mean that she writes actual
accounts of things that happened, but she writes of emotions and situations
between people with a depth and believability that let you know she has
dealt with this, or something very much like it, in her life before. She
brings such an incredible realism to the story that you can't help being
drawn in. Even though it is make believe, there is just enough of a grain of
truth in it, as in Tolkien's own works, that you buy it as if these events
actually happened. A brilliant piece I highly recommend.

Title: Flame of
<> the West .
Author: Altariel
1> . Races/Places: Gondor: Vignette . ID: 1
Reviewer: Nancy
5> Brooke . 2005-04-24 09:32:52 Score: 3
It is easy to picture oneself in this story, the feeling, sounds and smells
of place are extremely well communicated. The pace is steady, characters'
feelings gently and subtly rendered; almost too subtle - while I could see
and hear Aragorn's pain, Faramir's steadfastness, I couldn't feel them as
intensly as I wanted.

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