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Reviews Final as of 8/17/2005 part 21 Posted by Ainaechoiriel August 17, 2005 - 23:24:09 Topic ID# 5106
Title: The <>
Return · Author: Elana
> · Books/Time: Post-Ring War: Ithilien Drabble · ID: 295
Reviewer: sulriel
· 2005-06-26 17:44:46 Score: 2
A lovely thought that Faramir could take Eowyn to that place without a
blindfold. I'm sure it was the location of many a restless night. I'm sure
their night was more pleasant.

Title: Triptych
<> · Author:
5> · Races/Places: Rohan: Romance · ID: 901
Reviewer: Marta
> · 2005-06-26 22:29:35 Score: 9
There's something about this triple-drabble. It almost reminds me, in the
vaguest of ways, of the monastic prayers said at specific points during the
day and night. It just has that naturalness, a very un-rushed quality. It's

Also, hurrah for some Boromir/Théodred! I have always wanted to write a
story using the two of those as a drabble pair. I have never written a slash
story, but if there's any pairing that I can see working canonically this
would be it. Not just compatible with canon, but actually encouraged by two
facts: the quote about Boromir being a man after the sort of Earnur, and the
fact that Théodred was so late in taking a wife (especially given the
shorter lifespan of the Rohirrim).

My only qualm is the two seem to be entirely too comfortable with each
other, given the fact that Éomer says that Boromir did not often travel to
Rohan, always being busy with the wars on the eastern borders. On the other
hand Boromir was given a horse, which a long-standing relationship with
Théodred might have encouraged. This story is certainly not impossible, just
not completely how I imagine the two of their's relationship. Regardless,
it's fine writing and accomplishes an astounding amount for such a short

Title: Morwen and
<> Eredh · Author:
7> · Races/Places: Rohan: Romance · ID: 1059
Reviewer: Marta
> · 2005-06-26 22:32:06 Score: 3
This is a delicious tale: an ordinary man and woman on an ordinary day, yet
the story keeps from being mundane. The love between them is palpable, but
so are the demands that vie to keep them apart (at least until sunset) --
which of course is true of real life. It was nice to see that captured.

Title: Gathering of
<> the Grey Company
· Author: Leaward
2> · Books/Time: Gap-Filler: Grey Company · ID: 171
Reviewer: Bodkin
1> · 2005-06-27 04:06:05 Score: 3
I am working my way back through Tarkil's story - and I found this
particularly touching. There were so few of the northern Rangers to ride to
Aragorn's aid - and of those at Rivendell, none but his foster brothers. It
is good to see Halbarad leading his men on what must have seemed a last

Title: All
<> Hallows'
Day · Author: Marnie
5> · Books/Time: Post-Ring War · ID: 317
Reviewer: Bodkin
1> · 2005-06-27 04:14:39 Score: 3
Absolutely brilliant. The description of Celeborn - shining and outlined by
the rain, calling the fire to him - is shiveringly impressive, and the
contrast between the prosaic and the mystical is so well done. And, either
side, the words of Elmo - beginning and ending with his eyes. I find this a
most powerful piece of writing.

Title: Dolor Meus
<> · Author:
> · Books/Time: Post-Ring War · ID: 897
Reviewer: Bodkin
1> · 2005-06-27 04:19:24 Score: 3
I love this story. I am developing a strong sympathy for Maglor and think
that this shows so well his tormented personality, and offers him the
redemption he seeks. Radagast, with his overtones of Saint Francis, is the
perfect emissary to send Maglor home.

Title: The
<> Long
Defeat · Author: Perelleth
5> · Books/Time: Post-Ring War: Aman · ID: 1213
Reviewer: Bodkin
1> · 2005-06-27 04:32:22 Score: 4
'He was lost in a world of grey'. This is such an evocative description of
Celeborn's despair as the world for which he has fought is wrenched from
him. I love the way he is immediately aware of the health of the forest
around him as he awakes - and that it is his continual struggle that has
brought about the beauty around him. And I always like to see him reunited
with Galadriel!

Title: Seeds of Old
<> Trees · Author:
5> · Books/Time: Post-Ring War: Aman · ID: 478
Reviewer: Bodkin
1> · 2005-06-27 04:33:22 Score: 5
Such a good story. So interesting - from Celeborn's arrival, through his
reunion with Elu Thingol and Melian, his meeting with Amroth and Nimrodel
and their new son, his grandsons, the eagle and his eventual painful reunion
with Galadriel, the story is such an emotional journey. I am glad they
overcame their initial difficulties and that Galadriel was able to admit -
to herself at least - that she needed Celeborn. I found the idea of the
Straight Path fascinating - as was the idea of the elves moving on and
continuing to explore. Well written, inventive and satisfying.

Title: Bare Feet and
<> Beer · Author:
6> · Books/Time: Post-Ring War: Gondor · ID: 571
Reviewer: Bodkin
1> · 2005-06-27 04:48:07 Score: 3
This is a lovely Faramir and Aragorn friendship story and they must both
have needed friends rather badly at this point - and between them they have
the skills required to stitch up the whole of Gondor's power structure. It
is amusing and touching and heart-warming and I enjoyed every word.

Title: Valour Without
<> Renown · Author:
> · Books/Time: Post-Ring War: Incomplete · ID: 737
Reviewer: Bodkin
1> · 2005-06-27 04:57:36 Score: 3
This is a very interesting story from the point of view of one who is not
central to the main story. Elfled is a fascinating character and the story
develops a good view of Rohan and the complexities of life there. I can't
wait to find out more about Elfled's ultimate fate.

Title: The Road to
<> Edoras · Author:
5> · Books/Time: Post-Ring War: Incomplete · ID: 872
Reviewer: Bodkin
1> · 2005-06-27 04:59:28 Score: 2
An interesting follow up story - the characters are interesting and the
story well-developed. I look forward to finding out more about their fate as
they move towards Edoras.

Title: All For Her
<> · Author:
4> · Books/Time: Post-Ring War: Incomplete · ID: 899
Reviewer: Bodkin
1> · 2005-06-27 05:01:22 Score: 3
This is a long story with very long chapters - and it has grown on me as it
progresses. I find the inclusion of 'Rohirric' is an interesting aspect -
and am glad that, at long last, Eomer and Faramir have overcome their early
difficulties. I look forward to more.

Title: Trust to Hope, Book
<> Two · Author: Novedhelion
4> · Books/Time: Post-Ring War: Incomplete · ID: 1295
Reviewer: Bodkin
1> · 2005-06-27 05:04:04 Score: 1
Enjoyable continuation of the saga. More please.

Title: Truth and
<> Consequences ·
Author: Mariposa
0> · Books/Time: Post-Ring War: Shire · ID: 837
Reviewer: Bodkin
1> · 2005-06-27 05:15:18 Score: 3
I just love the whole concept of this - not to mention the humour and style.
It is just so very hobbity. Of course the men of Gondor would write tomes of
history and children's stories and poems about the war and the halflings -
and of course those who are the subject of the tales would have a job taking
them too seriously. Just as well really. Good story.

Title: While
<> There's
Breath · Author: Lindelea
> · Books/Time: Post-Ring War: Shire · ID: 1277
Reviewer: Bodkin
1> · 2005-06-27 05:20:39 Score: 3
I like this. Pippin and Ferdi definitely needed something like this to
overcome the - shall we say - hiccups in their early relationship as Thain
and escort. And that dwarf breathing proves very useful. I am very fond of
this whole cycle of stories in Lindelea world - and not just because Ferdi
is my favourite hobbit.

Title: Tangled Web
<> · Author: daw
6> the minstrel · Books/Time: The Hobbit · ID: 151
Reviewer: Bodkin
1> · 2005-06-27 05:26:42 Score: 4
Brilliant. Well written. Well researched. Fits in perfectly with the events
of the Hobbit and provides the Wood Elves viewpoint of the events. In
addition to liking the characterisations of the elves, I also rather took to
Bilbo - and Bard. And I have to say yet again - poor, poor Sinnarn. The
ending was full of promise - and the whole story combined humour, adventure
and grief effectively.

Title: A Short <>
Rest · Author: Jay
4> of Lasgalen · Books/Time: The Hobbit · ID: 428
Reviewer: Bodkin
1> · 2005-06-27 05:33:42 Score: 2
This is a fun story - I can see Estel finding Bilbo absolutely fascinating.
And it is good to see Elladan and Elrohir on form with their little foster
brother. And so dwarf women do have beards?

Title: The Tide of
<> Times · Author:
6> the minstrel · Books/Time: The Hobbit · ID: 681
Reviewer: Bodkin
1> · 2005-06-27 05:37:10 Score: 2
Excellent. Again. I like Legolas on the verge of adulthood - so determined
to be grown up. His words at Annael's father's funeral are very touching.
Another good part of the saga.

Title: High
Flight · Author: Jay
4> of Lasgalen · Books/Time: The Hobbit: Vignette · ID: 419
Reviewer: Bodkin
1> · 2005-06-27 05:43:35 Score: 2
I like seeing the eagles discuss battle and their participation in great
events. This is an excellent and impressive point of view. And touching.

Title: Intertwined <> · Author: Karri
7> · Books/Time: The Lord of The Rings · ID: 105
Reviewer: Bodkin
1> · 2005-06-27 05:47:56 Score: 2
I can just see Sam feeling that elves shouldn't dirty their hands. And I
love the charms that Legolas makes for the hobbits. They are very
appropriate. This is a great feel-good story.

Title: A Question of
<> Duty · Author: daw
6> the minstrel · Books/Time: The Lord of The Rings: Elves · ID: 152
Reviewer: Bodkin
1> · 2005-06-27 05:59:13 Score: 3
The relationship between Legolas and his group of elves and Aragorn and the
Dunedain is beautifully established as they ride together - and you can see
why Legolas would agree to leave Mirkwood in its need and join the quest. I
like Beliond - and wouldn't want to have been in his shoes when he returned
to Thranduil.

Title: Spring <>
Awakenings · Author: daw
6> the minstrel · Books/Time: The Lord of The Rings: Elves · ID: 153
Reviewer: Bodkin
1> · 2005-06-27 06:04:48 Score: 6
In some ways I think this is my favourite of all these stories. I just love
the sheer Eilianishness of Eilian. And yet, at the same time, he is filled
with such love and joy and irrepressibility that he copes with the fact that
he is always driving Thranduil to the edge. Solith is so - well,
pugnaciously resistant to all coaxing - and Thranduil manipulates him in
such a skilful monarchical manner. And Legolas - is just so heartfelt and
well-meaning and attracted to that elleth - and, at the same time, growing
into his adult skin, so that he is able to take on the mature role he is
given. And Tinar! I need say no more. Good story.

Title: May the Valar
<> Protect Them ·
Author: Nilmandra
4> · Books/Time: The Lord of The Rings: Elves · ID: 1055
Reviewer: Bodkin
1> · 2005-06-27 06:12:00 Score: 7
This was the first novel length story I read - and, as you can see, it led
me on to read a lot more. I love this. Tathiel is very appealing central
character, whose anxiety and response to the manifold crises she has to
endure to protect Legolas and his ellyth are very emotionally stirring. She
is determined, resilient, strong and a whole wodge of other things, but she
is not super-elven and her worries and problems are realistic. The reader
empathises with her and is delighted when she and Rawien are reunited and
they eventually make it back to Mirkwood - and feels for her in her fear
that she and Legolas will be separated. As well as a strong leading
character in Tathiel, the other characters are well drawn - the ellyth are
well differentiated and the infant Legolas is adorable. This is an excellent

Title: A Different
<> Kind of Quest ·
Author: Dreamflower
5> · Books/Time: The Lord of The Rings: Hobbits · ID: 777
Reviewer: Bodkin
1> · 2005-06-27 06:30:58 Score: 5
This is just such a lovely story. I love the way Merry and Pippin coax Sam
and Frodo into taking a stipend - for the benefit of the other. The way the
shopkeepers have to be badgered by an indignant Gimli into taking the value
of their goods - and Legolas taking up a second career as a jewellery
designer are great touches. And the observation that the soft-toy maker was
too humble to realise that she should refuse their money is so true to life.
This is a smile-on-the-face-all-the-way-through read.

Title: Yule in
<> Hollin ·
Author: Dreamflower
5> · Books/Time: The Lord of The Rings: Hobbits · ID: 1143
Reviewer: Bodkin
1> · 2005-06-27 06:34:47 Score: 1
A very sweet little interlude!

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