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Msg# 6517

Re: 'Times' awards name Posted by Marta Layton December 20, 2005 - 6:30:11 Topic ID# 6517

Snipping thoughout...

> 3. Early Third Age:
>> 1st: The Elendil Award
>> 2nd: The Isildur Award
>> 3rd: The Éorl Award
>> (the founders of the three kingdoms of Men founded in the early third
>> age - Arnor, Gondor, Rohan)
> ::And I think the suggestion for Early Third Age is perfect.

Some people have pointed out some problems with this one, and Dwim has
suggested some other kingdoms that were all founded in the third age.
The problem is that Gondor and Arnor were founded in the second age.

But I do think "kingdoms founded in this time period" is a good way to

>> 4. Late Third Age:
>> 1st: The Fell Winter Award
>> 2nd: The Quest for Erebor Award
>> 3rd: The Bilbo's Party Award
>> (three major events of this time period)
> ::I agree with a couple of others that
> "3rd The Long-Expected Party Award"
> would be better

I've changed that in the list of awards names I'm keeping on my
computer, so I can keep track of it all. "Lone-Expected Party" is
definitely the better phrase.

>> 1st: The Boromir and Faramir Award
>> 2nd: The Eomer and Eowyn Award
>> 3rd: The Little Legolas Award
>> (characters that often have stories about their childhood)
> ::I really don't care for those; there are just as many stories about
> Young
> Frodo, Little Sam and Merry and Wee Pippin, and there also seem to be
> a lot
> of stories about Little Estel. And Legolas' childhood would not have
> been
> taking place then, anyway, would it? He was most certainly at *least*
> born
> in the Early Third Age if not earlier. Otherwise, what about all his
> remarks
> about feeling young in Fangorn?

You're definitely right about Legolas. Actually I had meant to change
that to another character but forgot. It doesn't really matter, though;
I think events is definitely the way to go for this event.

I do know there are a lot of hobbit stories out there, and I tried to
figure out a way to give them an award. Like I said to Liz, I was
concerned about the other "Merry and Pippin award". Your names might
have worked really well, if we had decided to go that way.

>> 5. Great Years:
>> 1st: The Halbarad Award
>> 2nd: The Háma Award
>> 3rd: The Dáin Award
>> (three characters who died in the War of the Ring, yet are often
>> forgotten)
> ::Or how about defining events of the Great Years:
> Going in chronological order (which is what you seem to be doing) how
> about:
> 1st The Council of Elrond Award
> 2nd The Sammath Naur Award (or The Cracks of Doom award or The
> Destruction
> of the Ring Award)
> 3rd The Grey Havens Award

The trouble is that everyone has their own idea of what the turning
point is. For me, I'd say Parth Galen, Helm's Deep, and Cracks of Doom.

I know Dwim made a suggestion to use the three books of Lord of the
Rings. This seems a tad boring to me (I felt the same way when they
were for "The Lord of the Rings"), but I think that might be for the

>> 6. The Fourth Age and Beyond:
>> 1st: The Annúminas Award
>> 2nd: The Emyn Arnen Award (or: The Ithilien Award)
>> 3rd: The Undertowers Award
>> (three places built or re-built in the Fourth Age)
> ::I think I like these very much. I could go for them--(I think I like
> Ithilien better than Emyn Arnen, but could go with either.)

I'll set up a poll tonight on the Emyn Arnen/Ithilien issue. I think
this one at least we can nail down as soon as that's resolved.

>> 7. Multi-Age:
>> 1st: The Celeborn Award
>> 2nd: The Treebeard Award
>> 3rd: The Durin Award
>> (characters who seem to transcend the different ages of Middle-earth
>> and appear in more than one age)
>> *or*
>> 1st: The Andúril Award
>> 2nd: The Orcrist and Glamdring Award
>> 3rd: The Sting Award
>> (swords in the Ring War from earlier ages)
> ::I like both of these lists, though I think I like the second one
> better.

I'm fine with either one, though with the first I'd probably make 1st
place "The Tom Bombadil Award" and not have "The Durin Award".

Shall we have a poll on this question, as well, or is this enough of a
non-issue that people want me to choose one way or the other?