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Msg# 6667

Re: Author Award changes (Anthony) Posted by Marta Layton January 07, 2006 - 18:01:22 Topic ID# 6667

Hi Anthony,

> Message: 8
> Date: Wed, 4 Jan 2006 23:47:14 -0600
> From: Anthony Holder <>
> Subject: Author Award changes
> I really like the suggestions on how to change the author awards,
> but...
> It does mean that I have a lot more work to do, if it is going to get
> done, and I'm not sure I have time to do that.
> In some ways, the suggestions make the process simpler (in many ways),
> but it's different, and that means changing things around, which means
> more work.
> I have MEFA2006 and another group (LLL of Texas) to support with
> websites this year, and you all are asking for quite a few changes.
> Hopefully, the LLL folks won't need too much, but I know that I have
> quite a bit to do for them as well, and a similar deadline. On top of
> that, I have a late February RL work deadline that may involve
> overtime.

First, I think we all owe you a huge thank you for all that you do for
the MEFAs. Obviously programming the website, but also you've made
several policy suggestions that I've found very helpful. I'm actually
quite amazed with how much time you've invested in a fandom that you're
not even involved in.

That said, I don't want this to grow to something you end up feeling is
too much. In the course of this post mortem ideas have popped up that
suggest more programming work than I envisioned before we started
discussing. If we're requesting too much please feel free to tell us as

I'm wondering whether different deadlines might help you. For example I
think we began on April 1 this year; would pushing back the opening of
nomination season to April 15 for 2006 help? I think we can be flexible
on this.

> (By the way, I passed the PE exam, and am now a Licensed Professional
> Engineer in the State of Texas! I did very well on the exam, not that
> it really matters, because my license and the guy/gal that just
> squeaked by look exactly the same.)

Well done! I'm really pleased to hear you got through that - not that I
ever doubted, of course.

> I haven't even started working on things, because you're still
> discussing it (and I haven't wanted to work on it yet). I have been
> taking notes, and my note list is pretty long. Once the PM is done,
> I'll look through my list and I'll see what's important, what can wait,
> and what can be left out, and I'll summarize it all for you.

That sounds like a very good idea.

> As far as point counting goes, you all have lots of good ideas, and as
> long as it's all based on math and simple if-then statements, I'm OK
> with it.
> For honorable mention, again it needs to be a specific mathematical
> formula, with some conditionals, and I can make it work.

I think both of these should be doable. For the honourable mentions,
would it be possible for the code to refer to either the ranking of the
story or the score received by third place? For example:

if(category size=7 or 8) assign honourable mention to fourth-ranked
if(category size=9 or 10) assign honourable mention to fifth-ranked

and so on?

> I guess I would say that you should get done soon, so I can tell you
> what is possible.

This is the last topic that I see generating any coding for you beyond
what the site currently has. I can think of one more topic we may want
to talk about, but it will be strictly policy.