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Reviews for 1 December - part 1 Posted by Rhapsody December 01, 2006 - 13:46:16 Topic ID# 7709
Hi all!

All the votes are in and there are about 690 reviews left to post, so
the check ballots will be longer than normal (from 25 reviews to 50
reviews per post).

Title: Elven Braids · Author: viggomaniac · Races: Men: Featuring
Aragorn · ID: 808
Reviewer: Marigold · 2006-11-28 04:14:00 Score: 4
The beginning of this fic really packs a punch and draws the reader in.
And the rest of the story is equally good, very angsty, but the relief
comes in time for it not to be overwhelming. The orcs were very well
written here, from their speech, to their actions, and they were
wonderfully alien. I had never thought before about Aragorn having
fallen into the hands of orcs, but it is a very real possibility!
Title: First Impressions · Author: Bodkin · Races: Men: Featuring
Aragorn · ID: 806
Reviewer: Marigold · 2006-11-28 04:27:44 Score: 3
This was definitely culture shock for Aragorn. I liked his eventual
acceptance and understanding, especially since we know that this is only
another of the places that he will learn to call home in his long
wanderings. It is a new experience for him at this time, just the
beginning of his becoming adaptable no matter his surroundings.
Title: A Sight to Remember · Author: Dreamflower · Races: Hobbits:
Children · ID: 703
Reviewer: Inkling · 2006-11-28 04:44:43 Score: 3
A funny, well-developed plot, skillful dialogue and dialects, and a
charming OFC make this an enjoyable read. I especially liked Pippin's
ingenuity in figuring out how to escape from the bathing room. Very clever!
Title: The White Tree · Author: Linda Hoyland · Races: Men: Featuring
Aragorn · ID: 94
Reviewer: Marigold · 2006-11-28 04:45:10 Score: 1
A very interesting character study of these two.
Title: Until the Stars Are All Alight · Author: Kenaz · Races: Men:
Featuring Aragorn · ID: 148
Reviewer: Marigold · 2006-11-28 05:03:12 Score: 3
This is a wonderful story, realistically told. Halbarad is depicted as
an exceptional mentor, giving Aragorn real guidance in his transition to
manhood. The close knit bond between the Rangers is very well done.
Title: A Night in the Woods · Author: Acacea · Races: Men: Gondor · ID: 511
Reviewer: Marigold · 2006-11-28 06:04:19 Score: 5
This story is just wonderful! It leaves no doubt that such interludes
between Boromir and Faramir were few and far between and were to be
cherished. I loved their quiet banter in this, and the humour, quips
like: ["I thought they might have been elves," Boromir repeated, leaning
forward and enunciating each word carefully, clearly having mistaken a
sudden loss of speech for a sudden loss of hearing.] But there is an
underlying seriousness here too, that is just superb.

Both characters are very well written here, their personalities so
clear, as are the little details revealed about their lives. So much is
conveyed without the actual use of words and the words that are used
easily enable the reader to extrapolate more detail.

This is an utter gem of a story, and it's for stories like this that I
am so grateful to the MEFA's for I never would have found it otherwise!
Title: Consolation · Author: EdorasLass · Races: Men: Gondor · ID: 47
Reviewer: Marigold · 2006-11-28 06:14:54 Score: 5
Oh! This was so sweet, but not at all cloying. Just a heartfelt glimpse
at two young boys who need to come to terms with the loss of their
mother. Boromir is fantastic here, and I loved that he was letting
Faramir at least hold his beloved Clover now and then, even if he didn't
understand why himself. A lovely glimpse of the compassion that will
stay with Boromir all of his life. That he actually gives Clover to
Faramir is so completely generous and lovely. Faramir's brave offer of
lending Boromir his rabbit and Boromir's diplomatic answer was just
perfect! I am so glad that the MEFA's introduced me to the PonyVerse!
Title: The Remains of Power · Author: Pearl Took · Times: The Great
Years: Vignette · ID: 228
Reviewer: pipkinsweetgrass · 2006-11-28 06:19:08 Score: 10
It's chilling, this rancid bon mot, and I devoured every word of it!
This deliciously cold-blooded inner dialogue was written magnificently.
Horrific missing scenes like this one are a rare find, and are to be
thought over and savored, exploring the bitter dregs of a would-be
megalomaniacal Istari the way the tip of the tongue probes a cavity.
Soft, cute and fuzzy this is not, and I loved it for its chilling
explorations. I've often wondered what might have gone on in Saruman's
mind during his time locked away in Orthanc, and this is as good an
exploration into that unwritten tale as any one might wish to come
across. As usual the use of language was fine, as this author is a
stickler for good language skills, thank heavens! Often I will overlook
such weaknesses if plot and dialogue are good enough, but it's the rare
treasure to find an author who can do it all with all the style and
skill Pearl Took weilds. Not everyone can write good evil characters,
but Pearl has done so with this one. Saruman is suitably arrogant and
egotisticle, bitter and resentful, and his lying about killing Pippin
sounds suspiciously like a wish to me, the rat! The author has a real
grasp of Saruman's mean spiritedness with this story. She had her
toolbox handy with this one, folks, and with her evil-writing tools
firmly in hand, she has wrought a little tale as cold and hard and black
as the stone walls of Orthanc, itself.
Title: Young Master Merry · Author: Pearl Took · Races: Hobbits: Poetry
· ID: 666
Reviewer: pipkinsweetgrass · 2006-11-28 06:19:39 Score: 9
This might very well have been a humorous missing scene. I loved the
rhyme scheme, and the subject matter hit me right where I live. This is
a bit different from her usual writing form and I thought it meritous
enough for a nomination, from the first line to the last. Pearl Took's
love for source material is apparent in each and every work, no less so
in this wonderfully sweet little rhyme. The lines describing Merry
divesting himself of clothing hit me right where I live. I had a very
similar experience, and actually did exactly what Merry did, so Merry's
actions, while humorous, are completely believable. This is something
that can be shared with any child, and throughout the entire rhyme, the
poem is entirely wholesome, palatable and very funny. I can easily
imagine this being told to little hobbits throuout the Shire and would
have no problem reading it to my own little ones, meaning that I wish
there was more stuff like this out there which a small child could enjoy
as much as the adult reading it. It may be simple, yet there is beauty
to be found in the simplest things, and I've read this through enough to
say it is as satisfying as any time-tested nursery rhyme I grew up with.
Title: Pippin's Hands · Author: Pearl Took · Times: Fourth Age and
Beyond: The Shire · ID: 130
Reviewer: pipkinsweetgrass · 2006-11-28 06:20:24 Score: 7
A story does not have to be a long one to be a good one, and that rule
is underlined with this fine little vignette. It captures the thoughts
of its subject with precision and a compact beauty, so that the stream
of consiousness runs on smoothly with nary a ripple, sparkling with the
reflective moment when Pippin first holds his instrument after returning
home. This is a story with a soul. Although lean and small as a fox, it
has a nonetheless powerful thread of memory stitching scenic flashback
after scenic flashback together. It is redolent with reflection, sad and
sweet at the same time, and ending with an actual denoument not usually
possible to craft in so short a work. This writer knows her Pippin and
knows him well. Her characterization is truely rounded and filled with a
gravity which anchors it firmly to the earth. The story is told with
great clarity of vision and worked like a fine tapestry.
Title: Strength of a River · Author: Acacea · Races: Men: Gondor · ID: 513
Reviewer: Marigold · 2006-11-28 06:31:59 Score: 2
Very lyrical and reflective story. I liked the shifting through time,
and Faramir and Boromir's scene with their mother was lovely. It is easy
to see that Faramir is much like her.
Title: Do Not Think Me A Dream · Author: EdorasLass · Races: Men: Gondor
· ID: 40
Reviewer: Marigold · 2006-11-28 06:39:33 Score: 3
This is so bittersweet! Poor Finduilas; she is obviously in the grips of
depression though she may not realise exactly what is wrong with her.
Her matter-of-fact thoughts that someday the Shadow would take both of
her sons was just so sad. I hope that Boromir remembers this moment.
Title: Music Lessons · Author: Acacea · Races: Men: Gondor · ID: 55
Reviewer: Marigold · 2006-11-28 07:06:52 Score: 3
A very nice first meeting between Mithrandir and Faramir! Faramir was
captured so wonderfully here, with his childish curiosity and loyalty to
his brother's awful music making ability. I loved Mithrandir here too,
and that he was the one who started Faramir in his training to become a
Ranger, no matter in a roundabout way!
Title: The Still Point · Author: stultiloquentia · Times: The Great
Years: Gondor · ID: 87
Reviewer: obsidianj · 2006-11-28 13:44:09 Score: 5
I love this little story. I think it nailed the transition from Arwen
the elf to Arwen the mortal. I love it that Aragorn pledges his love
again for her alone. I remember to a similar feeling when I married. The
official ceremonies are for everyone else, but the couple has their own
ceremony just for them. I love the way Arwen examines her changes and
that she grieves together with her husband. The statement of just being
a chain link in the line of mortals toward immortality felt right. I
haven't seen any story so far that brought this point home like this one.
Title: Castle · Author: Timmy2222 · Races: Men: Post-Sauron's Fall · ID: 256
Reviewer: obsidianj · 2006-11-28 13:44:57 Score: 5
This is an awesome story. It drew me in and held my interest from the
first chapter on. The tension reaches new heights with every new
chapter, and the end is very satisfying. The characters are very well
drawn. My favorite is the boy Vlohiri. You created a very likeable
character here and I like it that the story is told mostly from his
point of view. The villain is also very believable in her malice and
greed. Poor Aragorn! That was hard on him. I like at the end that you
hint at him having to deal with the repercussions from his imprisonment
for some time to come. That he can't just go on like nothing has happened.
Title: Of Falcons and Mûmakil · Author: Lialathuveril · Genres: Romance:
Lothíriel & Éomer · ID: 97
Reviewer: obsidianj · 2006-11-28 13:45:58 Score: 5
This is one of the more adventurous tales of Eomer's and Lothiriel's
courtship. They have a long or (according to Gondorian custom) not so
long way to go until they can marry. I like it that Lothiriel has some
more unexpected sides which endear her to Eomer. She is not only a well
bred Gondorian princess, but at the same time some kind of a hoyden in a
very endearing way. I loved her way of dealing with her attacker. The
trick of luring him into the lake was new to me. The motif of the falcon
and the mumakil running through the story was very well chosen.
Title: About Legends or Whisperings of a Ghost · Author: juno_magic ·
Races: Men · ID: 699
Reviewer: obsidianj · 2006-11-28 13:47:20 Score: 3
<Shudder>This is a chilling tale about legends and truth and how the
truth can be twisted into legends. This tale is not for the
faint-hearted. I love the style in this piece, the chopped sentences at
crucial points in the narrative which make the events all the more chilling.
Title: To Ride, To Will, To Fear · Author: Ellethill · Races: Men:
Post-Sauron's Fall · ID: 841
Reviewer: obsidianj · 2006-11-28 13:47:46 Score: 3
This story has an epic feel to it. The language flows in an old
fashioned way, which gives it a similar feel to Tolkien's writing. I
like the way Faramir gains the respect of Aragorn and especially Eomer
who really underestimates his sisters betrothed. But I think he can be
excused since he barely knows Faramir.
Title: In Aragorn's Safekeeping · Author: Radbooks · Genres: Drama · ID: 141
Reviewer: obsidianj · 2006-11-28 13:49:17 Score: 10
This is a great story with a unique twist on the on the boy/girl falls
into ME theme. The heroes come from a time where Tolkien hadnt written
his books, so this story avoids the How-much-do-or-don't-we-tell'
theme. Instead it concentrates on the culture shock and the difficulties
of adapting to the medieval times of ME. I love it that your main focus
of the original characters is on Aragorn. He comes to life in this story
and I learned much about his motives and struggle to become king. All
the original characters ring true and your OCs are their own personalities.

Through Thomas' and Rebecca's eyes I got a much better feeling of the
hardship of the journey of the fellowship. Tolkien skips over a lot of
the misery of the journey to Caradhras and Moria. I got a much better
feeling for how long this journey really was.

I love the way you show the growing relationship between Aragorn and his
2 young charges and how they gradually become a family, he seeing them
as his son and daughter and they accepting him as a father. Later the
process is repeated with Arwen which is especially important for
Rebecca. Since as the only female under all the male members of the
fellowship she is sorely lacking some female guidance on the dos and
dont dos of ME.

Title: The Smallest Hands · Author: Dreamflower · Times: The Great
Years: Poetry · ID: 884
Reviewer: Pearl Took · 2006-11-28 15:38:47 Score: 2
This is a wonderful lay, with the cadence and flow of an old historical
poem. Marvelously done!
Title: Web of Friendship · Author: Gwynnyd · Races: Hobbits: General
Fixed-Length Ficlet · ID: 932
Reviewer: Marta · 2006-11-28 16:32:17 Score: 2
Cute little moment. I'm sure Elanor would have felt isolated like this,
and it's good that she's clever enough to use her difference to make
Title: Cousin Calla · Author: Dreamflower · Races: Hobbits: Pre-Quest ·
ID: 767
Reviewer: Pearl Took · 2006-11-28 16:57:26 Score: 6
I just re-read this wonderful story, though I didn't really need to. It
is a story one remembers.

Death is not an easy topic, but this story handles it gracefully.
Rorimac Brandybuck is dying and word has raced through the Shire. Merry,
who was visiting at Bag End is whisked home by Paladin, along with Frodo
and Pippin. They arrive in time to say goodbye, with the feeling of the
story being that Rory had waited for this special grandson to arrive. He
also has a special farewell for Frodo.

Frodo and Pippin help Merry hold up as the mourners arrive, with Frodo
eventually taking Merry off for a very special visit. They go to see
Cousin Calla who has been a reclusive invalid for many years.

It is a rich, beautiful story of love, friendship and strength. Thank
you Dreamflower!
Title: Consequences of a Fall · Author: Dreamflower · Races: Hobbits:
Hurt/Comfort · ID: 221
Reviewer: Pearl Took · 2006-11-28 17:09:54 Score: 5
I nearly forgot to review this story, and that would be nearly criminal!

A murderous heart in the midst of the Shire. A hobbitess with a hunger
for power and nearly the will to do anything to get that power.
Fortunately, she's married to a very sensible hobbit and the troubles
that would have befallen the Tookland are avoided because he won't give
into her powermad scheming. That and she doesn't quite have the guts to
do it. She ends up in shame with none of the glory she sought to have.

This is wonderfully handled with the perspective shifting from present
time to rememberances of past events. An excellent read!
Title: Those Also Serve Who Stand and Wait · Author: Haleth · Times:
First Age and Prior · ID: 293
Reviewer: Marta · 2006-11-28 17:15:53 Score: 2
This is a really unique look at the problem of the exiles, and captures
the empty sorrow they would have to endure. Well done.
Title: Fellowship of the Conkers · Author: Llinos · Genres: Humor · ID: 880
Reviewer: Pearl Took · 2006-11-28 18:08:32 Score: 3
Bravo, Llinos! This was both a wonderful introduction to the world of
Conkers and a delightful story. Not often the hobbits get to best an Elf!

I really can't figure it . . . why *did* Boromir take the firewood
fetching duty? LOL
Title: Bilbo's Nursery Rhyme for Merry and Pippin · Author: Llinos ·
Races: Hobbits: Poetry · ID: 882
Reviewer: Pearl Took · 2006-11-28 18:13:49 Score: 2
Totally adorable! This has perfect nursery rhyme rhythm and I love the
addition of the accented words that wee Pippin would shout. Most
wonderfully clever!
Title: Shoot the Moon · Author: mistycracraft · Times: Late Third Age ·
ID: 233
Reviewer: Radbooks · 2006-11-28 18:58:36 Score: 3
I enjoyed the interaction between Elrond and a young Estel. The
excitement of an adventure on the roof was quickly turned into
fascination as he learned about the stars. Misty did a wonderful job of
incorporating Tolkien's world with what she knows of our world and
making it all seem real. Nicely done.
Title: The Healer and the Warrior · Author: Madeleine · Genres: Romance:
Lothíriel & Éomer · ID: 140
Reviewer: Radbooks · 2006-11-28 19:05:35 Score: 4
This was such a wonderful and well written story. I enjoyed each part of
it - from the moment Eomer steps into the treatment room until the time
he leaves, the story is a joy to read. Lothiriel is single-minded in her
pursuit of getting this warrior treated for his injuries and he is just
as determined in escaping from her clutches. The tension and dialog
between them is perfect. The part where he almost kills her and she is
able to shrug it off is, how shall I say it, priceless.

A most enjoyable story and a wonderful start to the series.
Title: History Lessons: The Third Age · Author: Nilmandra · Genres:
Drama · ID: 167
Reviewer: Radbooks · 2006-11-28 19:14:14 Score: 4
A truly wonderful and enjoyable story. It is a story that is full of so
many emotions - grief, joy, anger, compassion, sadness, and so many
others. There were times that it was so difficult to read and it brought
tears to my eyes, but fortunately I knew the final outcome and that made
it easier to read on. This story, like each of the other History Lesson
stories, brings the characters and the events to life in a way that few
other stories do. For that, I am truly grateful.
Title: Luck from the Ashes · Author: Raksha the Demon · Races: Men:
Post-Sauron's Fall · ID: 142
Reviewer: Radbooks · 2006-11-28 19:18:46 Score: 6
A wonderful story featuring two of my favorite characters.

I enjoyed seeing Faramir spring into action to defend his king from
whatever was lurking in the shadows, it probably made it easier for him
to go into that area - even though I'm sure he never would have admitted
it. Faramir had to be uneasy about returning there.

The conversation between the king and steward was perfect - still a few
rough spots where they aren't quite sure of each other yet as new
acquaintances would be. But then working through it and getting to a
level where they can tease each other a bit. I especially loved the
teasing about the 'biggest, strongest kitten - very clever.

A nice glimpse at the beginning of Aragorn and Faramir's relationship.
Title: The White Tree · Author: Linda Hoyland · Races: Men: Featuring
Aragorn · ID: 94
Reviewer: Radbooks · 2006-11-28 19:39:48 Score: 4
I really enjoyed this story. It was nice to see Aragorn and Gandalf
going up and getting the tree together and seeing Aragorn finally having
that sense of hope coming to life inside himself.

Faramir getting angry at his king was interesting since he very seldom
does that! But he was justified in that situation, I think. It ended up
being a good time for them to talk some things out and, hopefully, gave
them a chance to start building their future relationship.

Nicely done!
Title: The Gift of Time · Author: Rhapsody · Genres: Drama:
Pre-Fellowship · ID: 812
Reviewer: Minuialeth · 2006-11-28 19:42:29 Score: 10
Time is usually a topic that is overdrawn in Tolkien Literature but
nowhere is it so clearly human and so realistically touching than in
this piece. The harshness of the rangers lives, their sufferings and
sorrows are all captured in one single moment: When Arathorn tries to
explain the passing of a warrior to the warriors young son. This is
very influencing for two reasons: 1- The man died for a reason that
might seem petty, but to imagine it, I think is horrifying. This death
is not glorious, it is real and it is painful. 2- The young man is at
the age when war really scars and history has proved this. So to see his
courage and his resoluteness moves one to both rebellion against the
injustice of having to fight and endure loss at such a young age, and
sorrow because the boy only wanted to know if his father had a painful
death, as though death is a constant in their lives.
In the end, Rhapsody skilfully captures the essence of what it is to
fight: Fighting for those you love and praying you have the time to
enjoy them even if it is just for a breath of short lived peace in the
midst of all the loss.

This is a piece so rich in its human themes and tones, that one can not
but feel that Rhapsody turned the fictional world of Tolkien into
reality with both simplicity and passion. She has touched upon a theme
that epics are made of, yet she gave us the heart and used the words so
skilfully to wrap it that you feel you have been gifted with a rare
insight. Rhapsody, youve elegantly pulled off one heck of a difficult
topic and made it the stuff of memories!

Title: Both Beholden · Author: Dwimordene · Genres: Drama:
Pre-Fellowship · ID: 180
Reviewer: Raihon · 2006-11-28 20:09:04 Score: 6
This is a gripping, terse portrayal of both Halbarad and Boromir, which
vividly highlights the characters of each man. I especially appreciate
the use of Halbarad as a mediator between Aragorn and Boromir, since
he's an intriguing character who doesn't get written about enough, or
well enough, in fandom (and he were get to see Dwimordene's version of
Halbarad in a new context, which is a thrill).

This story does both of the men justice and revives in our minds some of
the core tensions over politics, birthright, and earned loyalty that
threaten to topple Aragorn before he can even claim the throne. I like
feeling that uncertainty of the outcome again, and having all the quite
legitimate questions raised about Aragorn's right to do what he does.
Title: Relief · Author: Acacea · Genres: Drama: Pre-Fellowship · ID: 518
Reviewer: Rhapsody · 2006-11-28 20:18:56 Score: 5
This is a very action packed story and it feels almost as if there is no
time to breathe. Boromirs thoughts about the situation at hand, the
fate of his men, Gondor. But most of all: where is the relief? I love
the way in which Acacea wove this theme into the story, the surprise of
Boromir to see his brother, in the well-needed guise of relief. But at
the end, it is revealed who actually was the true messenger of it in the
story. Denethors reaction, feeling his own relief that his favoured son
will see the next day is well written. It leaves me wondering how
Denethor managed to control the Palantir for so long in order to save
his sons& the cost must have been greatly, more than we ever could have
Title: Pride Goeth... · Author: Marigold · Races: Cross-Cultural: With
Hobbits · ID: 936
Reviewer: Rhapsody · 2006-11-28 20:37:29 Score: 3
Ah, what a magnificent short story! I love the way in which the Hobbits
point out to Boromir what he has been doing all along, in a very gentle
and forgiving manner. This piece showed me Boromir from a complete
different perspective and yes, Hobbits do know more than they let on! I
like how Marigold tells this story at a gentle pace with a good build up.
Title: Prison · Author: Radbooks · Races: Men: Vignette · ID: 794
Reviewer: Linda Hoyland · 2006-11-28 20:43:05 Score: 2
A very well written glimpse od Eomer's arrest at Grima's command.
Everything seems hopeless,until the young soon to be king remembers that
hope has arrived in the land.
Title: The Beauty of Memory · Author: pipkinsweetgrass · Races:
Cross-Cultural · ID: 652
Reviewer: Linda Hoyland · 2006-11-28 20:44:28 Score: 2
A touching story when Pippin recalls Boromir to the grieving Faramir at
Aragorn's behest.
Title: Sums, Showers, and Scones · Author: Dreamflower · Races: Hobbits:
Pre-Quest · ID: 890
Reviewer: Rhapsody · 2006-11-28 20:49:59 Score: 4
Oh a recipe fic! I was hoping for that as I was reading the story. I
love this short interlude where the halflings have their homework to do
and ah I felt for Pippin, struggling with math and his own handwriting.
What really stands out in this fic is the easy friendship between the
hobbits and just like them, I was so curious how Bilbo would react to
such a generous meal. I bookmarked the story for the recipe too, so
maybe on a rainy afternoon&. A great vignette Dreamflower!
Title: Discretion · Author: Bodkin · Genres: Humor · ID: 286
Reviewer: Linda Hoyland · 2006-11-28 20:51:32 Score: 2
An enjoyable and entertaing story.It is always handy to know a few oaths
in a foreign tongue !
Title: Dance on the Way Down · Author: Aliana · Races: Men:
Post-Sauron's Fall · ID: 734
Reviewer: juno_magic · 2006-11-28 20:59:56 Score: 3
A beautiful, song-inspired short story about life during and after the
Ring War. Sparse, elegant prose offers insights in the lives and hearts
of everyday people, the unnamed heroes of Tolkien's Middle-earth.
Title: First Impressions · Author: Bodkin · Races: Men: Featuring
Aragorn · ID: 806
Reviewer: Rhapsody · 2006-11-28 21:19:55 Score: 8
I really like the impressions Aragorn has of his own people and how he
is forced to faced his future: whether he likes it or not. I never
expected this to happen, but while I was reading this, I wondered: what
is he complaining about and refusing meals the Dunedain, themselves
hardly can spare. But as this story unfolds, the reader sees the change
in Aragorn and that he indeed realise that he should not take this for
granted. The author brings this in a very well written manner: the pros
and cons are well described and I loved Halbarads reasoning towards

[Because its what you are  youd make a mighty poor elf, Aragorn,
however much youve learned from Elronds sons.]

I think this was the first eye-opener that Aragorn received combined
with Halbarads passionate speech about who the Dunedain truly are: hard
working but silent heros who indeed have every right to be proud of
their heritage. This is an excellent character piece where Aragorn
learns a lot about himself and who he truly is. This story is greatly
written with great narrative, especially the opening paragraph places
the reader immediately in the story and from there it simply flows.
Title: A New Age · Author: Marta · Races: Elves: Fixed-Length Ficlet
Featuring Legolas or Thranduil · ID: 685
Reviewer: Rhapsody · 2006-11-28 22:00:02 Score: 6
This is a really insightful drabble which is just more than a momentum
that a new age has started. Thrandruil (and his father for that matter)
never wanted anything to do with Celeborn and Galadriel, so I really
like how Marta showed here how Thrandruil overcame that resentment by
reminding Celeborn that there is more than just politics and the Second
Born taking over. Thrandruil brings Celeborn back to the love of nature
and forest in this oh so straightforward written drabble and I smiled
when I read Thrandruils reasoning for doing so. I think you gave us a
wonderful insight in this event Marta, it felt as if the reader is
simply witnessing this. A new age has started, but in many ways! This
was a well-drabbled multi-layered ficlet.
Title: Pride Before The Fall · Author: AmandaK · Genres: Alternate
Universe · ID: 742
Reviewer: juno_magic · 2006-11-28 22:00:08 Score: 3
This dark AU story explores one of the classical "what if" story lines
in LOTR. Strongly in character, brutal in its consequences it shows how
things could have turned out if only one small scene had ended
differently. Chilling, well-paced, well written.
Title: Sam's Voice · Author: illyria-pffyffin · Races: Hobbits:
Post-Sauron's Fall · ID: 964
Reviewer: Rhapsody · 2006-11-28 22:14:22 Score: 6
Sam and Frodo& after the Ring War. The author describes in a very
effective and moving way the burden Frodos still carries and how Sam
voices managed get him through the darkest moments: during the quest
and after it. I like how the author presented two characters in this
piece: Earthy and optimistic Sam, looking forward and concentrated on
the future. Then there is Frodo: Fragile and depressed and cannot let go
of the past, no matter how he tries. I always wondered why Frodo would
ask Sam to move in with him, but this piece has a great build up to that
moment. It doesnt feel forced that you halfway think: oh, this is what
this piece is leading to. On the contrary even: the story telling feels
very natural and the way how we perceive the new Shire through Frodos
eyes is brilliantly written. This is a wonderful story!
Title: That Immortal Sea · Author: Marta · Races: Men: Steward's Sons
Fixed-Length Ficlets · ID: 265
Reviewer: Rhapsody · 2006-11-28 22:23:56 Score: 5
Oh this is a very intriguing drabble. I recall that Faramir told Eowyn
that he sometimes dreamed of Numenor, but when I read this piece I felt
a chill running down my spine and it left me wondering: how many times
did this happen, what made it occur more often? The chilling imagery
Faramir experiences shortly before he awakens is very effectively
drabbled and the shame he felt while he was still caught up in the
dream& it makes you wondering if men re-incarnate instead of going
beyond Arda. This is very thought provoking Marta! This is a very
compact drabble with great imagery evoked by well-chosen words, I at
least found it hard to shake it off, even days after I read it.
Title: At the Rising of the Moon · Author: Linda Hoyland · Genres:
Humor: Gondor · ID: 846
Reviewer: juno_magic · 2006-11-28 22:38:33 Score: 3
A delightful, humourous post-war story about daily life and holidays in
Minas Tirith. When wives decide to have a feast, husbands have to obey
... the story is funny, warm-hearted and strongly in character. Viking
and Celtic traditions that have been incorporated smoothly into the tale
add cultural depth and a sense of authenticity. Fun!
Title: Another Man's Cage · Author: Dawn Felagund · Genres: Drama · ID: 136
Reviewer: juno_magic · 2006-11-28 22:40:18 Score: 5
This is an epic that details the early years of the House of Feanor.
The prose is voluptuous, the metaphors, similes and figures of speech
sometimes daring, often brilliant. The stylistic technique of dramatic
present tense is demanding, but usually handled adroitly. The charaters
are perceived in astonishing depth. The setting in Aman remains always
Elvish, never loses that special touch of otherworldliness, yet at the
same time always remains utterly believable and realistic.

Definitely one of the classical masterpieces of Tolkien fanfiction.
Title: Necessity and Desire · Author: Gwynnyd · Times: The Great Years ·
ID: 173
Reviewer: juno_magic · 2006-11-28 22:40:51 Score: 3
This is an amazing gapfiller that answers many questions surrounding the
Council of Elrond in a way that feels it ought to be canon, or at the
very least fanon. All actors are strongly in character and the
underlying spirit of hopefulness and humour make this a very pleasurable
read indeed.
Title: Earth, Water, Fire and Air · Author: Fileg · Genres: Drama:
Fixed-Length Ficlet Series · ID: 469
Reviewer: juno_magic · 2006-11-28 22:41:05 Score: 3
This is an amazing series of ficlets that highlights four of the most
important characters of LOTR, Éowyn, Arwen, Aragorn and Faramir.
Concise, precise and sparse in prose, the tiny stories are rich in
symbolism and illuminate each character with daring and great clarity.
Title: THE DAWNING · Author: digdigil · Genres: Drama: First Age Elves ·
ID: 938
Reviewer: juno_magic · 2006-11-28 22:41:21 Score: 3
A poignant, hopeful glimpse at the first waking moments of Maedhros
after he was rescued from Thangorodrim. This ficlet is brief, but well
paced. Through an atmosphere that is both sinister and lush glimmer
sparkles of eroticism as well as of unexpected humour. A pleasure to read.