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Reviews for 2 December - part 2 Posted by Rhapsody December 02, 2006 - 14:33:39 Topic ID# 7714
Title: Treasures And Momentos · Author: Marigold · Genres: Drama:
Featuring Pippin or Merry · ID: 220
Reviewer: Larner · 2006-11-29 08:47:20 Score: 3
Merry and Pippin came to spend their last years by their friend and
King's side, but when they left Middle Earth they did so together.

A sad yet hopeful Yule for the last of the Fellowship, seeing Merry and
Pippin go ahead of them.
Title: In Aragorn's Safekeeping · Author: Radbooks · Genres: Drama · ID: 141
Reviewer: Larner · 2006-11-29 08:53:41 Score: 6
Two teenagers found themselves in a strange place after the bus to
Washington state suddenly left the road. Finding themselves in a land
distant in time and space from their own place was a shock, especially
as they find themselves part of the Fellowship of the Ring.

But Thomas and Rebecca have a great deal to learn about one another and
their new guardian, the Man known variously as Strider, Aragorn, Estel,
Elessar, and Ada.

I cannot find this truly a Mary Sue in spite of the premise, for this is
not one of us or some foolish soul tagging along, but two well developed
characters finding their way in an extraordinary twist of fate, having
to accept that if they returned to their own time and place they would
be orphaned, but as they are can know fulfilment.

AU, but wonderfully so and in keeping with the characters we know and
love so well.
Title: The Path · Author: AngieT · Races: Hobbits: Hurt/Comfort · ID: 638
Reviewer: Larner · 2006-11-29 09:03:39 Score: 3
A most fascinating Hobbit ghost story, and occurring to our own Merry.
The Fell Winter left a number of tales told about the Shire, and one
mystery as Merry meets a lass from that time and sees her open the door
to the death of her family and friends.

Eerie, and well written.
Title: Peace Comes Dropping Slow · Author: Songspinner · Races: Hobbits:
Post-Grey Havens · ID: 224
Reviewer: Inkling · 2006-11-29 09:14:48 Score: 4
The title of this piece, from one of my favorite Yeats poems, fits the
story's quiet, gentle mood perfectly. In just a few words, Songspinner
captures Pippin's devotion for his wife, and hers for him. I love that
Diamond's illness has not interfered with their complete understanding
of each other, so that the meaning behind the single word "city" is
instantly grasped by Pippin, while she can finish his thoughts equally
well. A lovely read!
Title: The Singer · Author: Pearl Took · Races: Hobbits · ID: 979
Reviewer: Larner · 2006-11-29 09:31:32 Score: 4
A maia who'd remained in Middle Earth and put herself at Sauron's
service cannot that the magic held by the Hobbits who carried the Ring
to Its destruction was made of the emotions she has always seen as
weakness. So she seeks to trap Pippin, hoping to join his magic with hers.

But Cullassuliel as always watches over her own descendants, and makes
certain Faramir Took is ready to aid his King to find and rescue his father.

A lovely addition to the line of stories about the descendants of the
Took's faerie bride.
Title: The River · Author: Indigo Bunting · Races: Cross-Cultural:
Incomplete · ID: 51
Reviewer: Marigold · 2006-11-29 09:38:41 Score: 6
Wow, this is an *exciting* story! I absolutely LOVE the way that the
Fellowship interacts in this. The use of a different character as the
narrative voice for various chapters allows a much more in depth look at
all of the members of the Company. This story just pelts along at full
speed scarely allowing the reader to take a breath. All of the
characters have their chance to shine but I was just speechless when
Merry's big moment came. Pippin does't fare badly either and it is such
a pleasure to read a story in which they play such valued and necessary
parts. The dialogue and reactions are realistic, the descriptions good,
and every moment is more compelling than the one before.

I can hardly wait for the next chapter of this awesome tale!
Title: Awake · Author: Rabidsamfan · Times: The Great Years:
Post-Sauron's Fall · ID: 837
Reviewer: Larner · 2006-11-29 09:42:17 Score: 2
A wonderful movieverse moment here, with Sam just coming awake. No
explanation of where the nightshirt he was wearing when he entered the
room came from, though.
Title: Of Flustering and Blustering · Author: Rhapsody · Races:
Cross-Cultural: With Hobbits · ID: 811
Reviewer: Marigold · 2006-11-29 09:43:25 Score: 3
This was a fun story, but with hints of seriousness. It was really
interesting to see Gimli here, pre-Quest. I don't think I have read any
other fics about Gimli set during that time. Once again, Bilbo plays the
perfect hobbit host!
Title: Boromir's Song · Author: Rhiannon Merdon · Times: The Great
Years: The Fellowship · ID: 695
Reviewer: Larner · 2006-11-29 09:50:56 Score: 1
The time of healing has come between Frodo and Boromir.
Title: At the Rising of the Moon · Author: Linda Hoyland · Genres:
Humor: Gondor · ID: 846
Reviewer: Marigold · 2006-11-29 09:57:27 Score: 2
I loved the warmth of this story, and the fact that Aragorn and Faramir
were able to be just friends here, with nothing dire occuring!
Title: Strike While the Iron is Hot · Author: grey_wonderer · Genres:
Humor: The Shire · ID: 234
Reviewer: Larner · 2006-11-29 10:03:22 Score: 3
Oh, the delight of prank wars in Brandy Hall, the latest one involving a
herd of goats and a gullible Bolger. But it appears Saradoc isn't taken
completely in, as he has all tweens in the Hall sign a certain document
and threatens all with cutlery.

Again, Grey Wonderer has managed to give me a true laugh for my money.
Title: Antiphon to Light · Author: Thevina Finduilas · Races: Dwarves ·
ID: 155
Reviewer: Súlriel · 2006-11-29 10:17:58 Score: 2
You have done a wonderful job here, esepcially in the first passage, of
capturing the essence of what happened between Gimli and Galadriel. Very
emotional and visual.
Title: Lightly Sings the Wind · Author: Ellie · Genres: Drama: Elves in
Later Ages · ID: 799
Reviewer: Súlriel · 2006-11-29 10:28:02 Score: 3
This is a very emotional and heartbreaking work, you convey those
elements very well. I like how you showed the progression of their grief
and I was glad to see their decision at the end.
Title: Sword Play · Author: Lindelea · Times: Fourth Age and Beyond: The
Shire · ID: 782
Reviewer: Súlriel · 2006-11-29 10:36:53 Score: 5
This is delightful. I love the spot-on characterizations of the
children. My own youngest has a fascination with blades that borders on
obsessive and I can very well see him taking a weapon such as Sting in
hand, irregardless of any possible consequences. Continuing on, with the
flowers, and then the 'practice weapons', the interplay between the
children is priceless, the one-upmanship - I see it everyday.

I especially love the ending, I think it's fitting that Sam teach Goldie
to wield a sword, after all, you never know where your paths may lead.
Title: A Lasting Peace · Author: SueB · Genres: Drama · ID: 711
Reviewer: Súlriel · 2006-11-29 10:45:27 Score: 4
The summary drew me in, I have found myself fascinated with Harad and
the east lately and I find your plotline fascinating.

I will admit that I didn't have time to finish this epic before the end
of voting season, but I did want to let you know that I'm thoroughly
hooked and very much looking forward to finishing this engaging plot at
a more leisurely pace over the next few weeks. I apologize that it was
so far down my list that I couldn't give a more complete review.
Title: King's Man · Author: Gandalfs apprentice · Times: The Great
Years: Vignette · ID: 197
Reviewer: Súlriel · 2006-11-29 10:54:02 Score: 2
I'm glad that Aragorn had this memory to look back on. I'm sure he has
many of Halbarad, but I'm sure this farewell evening was special to him
in view of later events.
Title: The Age of Men · Author: Marta · Races: Cross-Cultural: With
Hobbits · ID: 401
Reviewer: Súlriel · 2006-11-29 10:59:58 Score: 2
it is always good to see another Ent-fic. They are not done often
enough. I especially like Treebeards view of Aragorn. Very insightful
and well done from an Ent's point of view.
Title: Birnam Wood · Author: Inkling · Times: Fourth Age and Beyond ·
ID: 917
Reviewer: Súlriel · 2006-11-29 11:11:28 Score: 4
Absolutely delightful. I can't believe I've never stumbled on this
before. As always, your writing is crisp, emotional and visual - that is
no surprise, but I especially love this rendition. It seems so very
Tolkienish in it's adaptation, it's weaving in of various elements,
other old stories of the English and the countryside - and all of it so
very well and smoothly done.
Title: The Road Not Taken · Author: Branwyn · Races: Men: Vignette · ID: 104
Reviewer: Súlriel · 2006-11-29 11:25:56 Score: 2
I found this to be a lovely visual adaptation of one of my favorite
poems, and was delighted with how seamlessly you wove the two together.
Well Done.
Title: The Worst of All Evils · Author: Marta · Times: The Great Years:
Vignette · ID: 697
Reviewer: Súlriel · 2006-11-29 11:39:58 Score: 4
This is one of my favorites of all your works. As always, your attention
to detail astounds me. I like seeing the correct terms used, infusion,
and the correct selection of herbs. It gives the story a strong
undercurrent of realism that I appreciate.

I feel that Eomer is especially well done here, I like how you show his
restrained temper as he's trying to work through his questions.
Title: The Gift of Time · Author: Rhapsody · Genres: Drama:
Pre-Fellowship · ID: 812
Reviewer: Súlriel · 2006-11-29 11:46:55 Score: 3
What a pleasant surprise. I have somehow missed seeing this one of
yours. It's especially well done I think. I appreciate how tension
builds throughout, for the reader, with the undercurrents of Arathorn's
thoughts reflecting his own future.
Title: Fugitive · Author: Gandalfs apprentice · Genres: Drama · ID: 366
Reviewer: Súlriel · 2006-11-29 11:57:57 Score: 4
I have to admit that I *snickered* in the middle of this wonderful short
story when little Gilraen realized who had followed her ... How like
Aragorn himself to track his errant daughter, and how shortsighted of
her not to think who would be on her trail.

I like the undercurrents of political tension and the subtle canon woven
throughout. I've always thought that Aragorn and Arwen didn't have many
children because of the drain on her.
Title: Elements · Author: Pearl Took · Times: The Great Years · ID: 667
Reviewer: Súlriel · 2006-11-29 12:06:28 Score: 2
I found this to be very emotional and insightful. It well reflected the
thoughts behind the faraway look in Gandalf's eyes before he spoke to
Title: Home At Last · Author: Dreamflower · Times: Late Third Age: The
Shire · ID: 883
Reviewer: Súlriel · 2006-11-29 12:11:20 Score: 3
A fun picture of Bilbo 'home again'. It reminds me of the adage, the
more things change, the more things stay the same. - and I think, in a
lot of ways, that's at the heart of what we write about. My heart was
breaking for poor Bilbo as your story went along and I was glad he got
to tell his tale.
Title: Ddraigspelt  An Orc Love Poem · Author: Llinos · Genres:
Romance: Poetry · ID: 879
Reviewer: Súlriel · 2006-11-29 12:27:04 Score: 3
I'm always delighted to find a rare bit of Orcish poetry. It's so 'at
odds' with who and what they are and yet poetry and song are so deeply
entrenched in all living beings - it seems they must have composed a few

Your Ddraigspelt is wonderfully, horribly, in character, both in thought
and in detail.
Title: Ddraigspelt  An Orc Love Poem · Author: Llinos · Genres:
Romance: Poetry · ID: 879
Reviewer: Raksha the Demon · 2006-11-29 12:50:16 Score: 3
Definitely an original piece! The violence that pervades the Uruk-hai is
used effectively here; the orc poet cannot lay it aside; he can know
passion but not love, and passion is entwined with that violence.

Skillfully written, with insight into one of Tolkien's more sinister
Title: Inheritance · Author: Primsong · Times: Late Third Age: The Shire
· ID: 310
Reviewer: DrummerWench · 2006-11-29 15:45:57 Score: 3
Primsong's put together a compelling story about what might have been if
Bilbo's adoption of Frodo hadn't held up in court. This tale is
amazingly chilling and in-character (however AU it may be). The thought
of Otho and Lobelia with the Ring makes my back crawl.
Title: The Road Not Taken · Author: Branwyn · Races: Men: Vignette · ID: 104
Reviewer: obsidianj · 2006-11-29 15:59:24 Score: 2
The title is an interesting play on words. It was not what I expected.
Knowing what befells Boromir, that call was really a bad omen.
Title: Of All the Pretty Little Horses · Author: Oshun · Genres: Humor:
Gondor · ID: 736
Reviewer: obsidianj · 2006-11-29 15:59:55 Score: 2
This ficlet made me laugh. The conversation makes sense after a fashion
even if the two protagonists talk at cross purposes. For once it is not
Eomer who talks about horses ;-).
Title: Night Rain · Author: permilea · Races: Cross-Cultural: With
Hobbits · ID: 792
Reviewer: obsidianj · 2006-11-29 16:00:28 Score: 2
This is a very moving little scene. I can understand Frodo so well.
After all the barren and dry land in Mordor, he rejoices in rain.
Title: Fugitive · Author: Gandalfs apprentice · Genres: Drama · ID: 366
Reviewer: obsidianj · 2006-11-29 16:00:52 Score: 3
This is a nice glimpse into Aragorn as a father from his little
daughter's pov. Gilraen in typical children's fashion thinks her father
is way too old (and she may be right, she has really old parents) to
understand her. I love Aragorn's repartee to that thought.
Title: The Consequences of Curiosity · Author: A L Milton · Genres:
Humor: Gondor · ID: 153
Reviewer: obsidianj · 2006-11-29 16:01:26 Score: 3
LOL! I got a good chuckle out of this. Poor Aragorn. That was way more
than he ever wanted to know about the private conduct of the Steward and
his wife. I love Faramir here, as usual very persistant and when he
starts something he sees it through, no matter the consequences ;-).
Title: Red River · Author: Altariel · Times: Fourth Age and Beyond:
Gondor · ID: 82
Reviewer: obsidianj · 2006-11-29 16:01:53 Score: 3
I like the metaphor of the chess game in this little story. The game on
the board and the game between the protagonists. My favorite line was
Aragorn's answer: [Yes, I agreed. He beats me playing white, and then
he beats me playing black.] I like Raksandhar and his earnest desire to
be a good Lord to his people, although he has not much luck here.
Title: Both Beholden · Author: Dwimordene · Genres: Drama:
Pre-Fellowship · ID: 180
Reviewer: obsidianj · 2006-11-29 16:03:02 Score: 5
I never thought that Halbarad and Boromir might have met. This story
brings them both together, and I love the way they both dance around the
burning questions they have. They both learn a lot just by watching each
other and when they finally talk, I was surprised by how much they have
in common. Even that they both would not see Aragorn become King :-(. I
love the way the political implications of Aragorn's claim to the
kingship in Gondor is handled, and Halbarad's absolute conviction that
Boromir would follow and support Aragorn even if Boromir is not so
convinced himself.
Title: Black Hour · Author: Nesta · Times: The Great Years: Gondor · ID: 92
Reviewer: obsidianj · 2006-11-29 16:03:56 Score: 6
I always tried to imagine Faramir's thoughts in the days after his
recovery until the coronation. From the books I got the impression that
Faramir had no or very little doubts as to Aragorn's claim, but your
story shows that there might very well be doubt and uncertainty in
Faramir. I think the fear of change in a lot of people is very
compelling to cling to the old. Faramir especially is touched by the
change in rulership. When he doesn't acknowledge the claim, he is ruler.
When he acknowledges the claim he is...that is for the new king to say.
But it will most likely turn Faramir's life again upside down.

I like the way you characterize Faramir here. The way he thinks things
through and looks at all the possibilities and his responsibilities and
then comes to the conclusion he will welcome the king, although a lot of
people are opposed to his decision.
Title: The Acceptable Sacrifice · Author: Larner · Genres: Drama:
Featuring Frodo or Sam · ID: 775
Reviewer: obsidianj · 2006-11-29 16:07:37 Score: 7
This is a great story which follows Frodo from the moment he wakes at
Cormallen until he takes ship to Aman. The story explores the effect the
quest and the battles had on all four hobbits, but especially on Frodo.
I have to admit my favorite character is Aragorn, not the hobbits, and I
love the way Aragorn comes to life in this story. He becomes a human
being and not just the icon and remote leader/king as he is in most
stories. By the time Aragorn fades to the background, I was so enamoured
by the description of Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin that I followed them
home and to the end. A great tale which reconciled me with the ending of
LOTR where I never liked that Frodo couldn't come back to normal and
live out his life in the Shire. This story made me see the reasons why.

While reading, I could sense the great amount of research you put into
this story and see all the loving details added to the tale, which make
it a great read.
Title: Call yourself Thorongil · Author: Nilmandra · Times: Late Third
Age · ID: 731
Reviewer: obsidianj · 2006-11-29 16:08:33 Score: 4
In this little gapfiller, Gandalf knows exactly how to play Aragorn.
They meet for the first time and Aragorn is a bit weary of this stranger
until he realizes who he is. Gandalf knows exactly what to say to get
Aragorn to trust him. And in true wizard manner he just says enough to
get Aragorn to do what he thinks the young man should do. I love the way
that the author in just a few words characterizes the wizard.
Title: Lossarnach Yule · Author: Isabeau of Greenlea · Races: Men:
Gondor · ID: 677
Reviewer: obsidianj · 2006-11-29 16:09:13 Score: 4
This is such a heartwarming tale. I loved to hear more about Lorend and
having Hethlin and Mablung along for the ride is a bonus. I loved the
analogy of Hethlin as the hunter and Lorend as the trickster. Mablung as
the Lord? Hmm, that's more of a stretch, but I think it still works ;-).
Lorend's family was great especially his mother. I like it that the
women in this more rural setting are a force of their own and not so
subservient as the noblewomen in Gondor are depicted in many stories.
Title: Inheritances · Author: Marta · Genres: Drama: The Steward's
Family · ID: 651
Reviewer: Gandalfs apprentice · 2006-11-29 16:52:31 Score: 4
This is a charming, intelligent stream-of-consciousness, a type of story
I don't usually like in fanfic as a one-shot. But Marta does it
beautifully in a tale of Boromir's naming, capturing all at once the
steadfast, acute character of Aragorn, the tense situation at court in
Minas Tirith, and a great deal of Middle-Earth history from Castamir the
usurper on.

Marta writes beautifully, and has a range to be envied.
Title: Spirit of Fire · Author: Marta · Genres: Romance: Fixed-length
ficlet · ID: 196
Reviewer: Gandalfs apprentice · 2006-11-29 17:00:55 Score: 2
A lovely, poetic, erotic drabble. Feanor's power is intensely conjured
through the eyes of his wife. Marta has a true writer's appreciation of
the power of each word.
Title: A New Age · Author: Marta · Races: Elves: Fixed-Length Ficlet
Featuring Legolas or Thranduil · ID: 685
Reviewer: Gandalfs apprentice · 2006-11-29 17:03:41 Score: 2
This is Thranduil as I see him, in spirit a true Elf of Middle-Earth.
Surely he is still around someplace....
Title: The Shield-maid's Dance of Death · Author: Marta · Times: The
Great Years: Poetry · ID: 694
Reviewer: Gandalfs apprentice · 2006-11-29 17:09:03 Score: 2
This is a truly evocative poem: I see Eowyn in all her bravery before
the Witch-King. As well, Marta has given us the pleasure of an
introduction to a talented singer. Thanks!
Title: Frodo's Exciting Day Out · Author: Llinos · Genres: Humor: Parody
· ID: 829
Reviewer: Marigold · 2006-11-29 17:39:15 Score: 10
This whole story is so wonderfully and incredibly hysterically funny
that I scarcely know where to begin! First of all, the premise is just
wonderful! It answers a question that fans have asked for years; why
didnt Gandalf simply have the Eagles fly Frodo and the Ring to Mount
Doom? Well, it would have made for a much shorter story, and probably
Tolkien couldnt have written the idea as well as Llinos has. This is a
story not to be missed by an author that writes like no one else!

Everything about this story is just superb! All of the dialogue is
amazingly funny (Aragorns query to Pippin [You liked the dead people -
now didnt you?] still sets me to laughing whenever I hear or read
it!), and the cast of characters, though this is a parody, are still
written in perfect voice. Even Tom Bombadil, who can be very difficult
to capture. Tom spouts a rhyme that could have been written by Tolkien
himself though for anyone who knows Llinos fantastic poetry that fact
should not be surprising!

The situations that the characters find themselves in as they travel
along on this momentous day are uproariously funny. Every single event,
major or minor, that took place during the long days of the Quest is
very skilfully included, every detail written in a marvellously
satirical way that had me laughing out loud through the entire story. It
is hard to pick favourite bits but I especially loved the encounter with
the Witch King and Grima Wormtongue and his new aliases! And Freddy has
an incredibly funny cameo!

Llinos doesnt write nearly as much as I wish that she would, but I love
everything that she turns her hand to. She is without a doubt an awesome
writer, and this brilliantly conceived and written story is proof
positive of that!

Title: King's Man · Author: Gandalfs apprentice · Times: The Great
Years: Vignette · ID: 197
Reviewer: Raihon · 2006-11-29 17:49:18 Score: 3
Stories that portray the more ordinary, human side of Aragorn are always
welcome, and I'm on a Halbarad kick right now, so I especially enjoyed
seeing them together here. I wanted more, but I suppose there wouldn't
be more, not with these laconic Rangers.
Title: About Legends or Whisperings of a Ghost · Author: juno_magic ·
Races: Men · ID: 699
Reviewer: Dawn Felagund · 2006-11-29 18:12:36 Score: 10
JunoMagic is one of the best storytellers that I have had the pleasure
of knowing, and "About Legends or Whisperings of a Ghost" serves as a
further example of that. Juno's writing simply compels me in a way that
few others can, with a natural skill and grace that makes her stories
effortless and truly a joy to read.

I started the story sitting away from my computer, eating lunch. In
short time, I'd slid my chair over to the computer, willing to risk
splashing soup on the keyboard--the story simply riveted me and demanded
my attention. Others have called this story dark, and they are not
wrong. It is not always the most pleasant text to read, but Juno handles
the horror elements well and judiciously. I am a horror writer myself,
and it is not easy to create a character who truly exudes evil, who is
suitably terrifying, but Juno has done it, without falling back on the
caricatures and gimmicks common to the genre.

This story takes a small detail in the history of Gondor and develops
and explores possibilities that take readers beyond the black and white
words on the page. Juno handles the idea of historical bias and
misrepresentation with her usual skill and encourages us to look at this
detail--and all of Tolkien's works--from the perspective of historians
and skeptics.

Once I began reading this tale, I could not stop, and by the end, I
found myself wondering, "6000 words are gone? Already??" It is a
fantastic example of the talents of one of the fandom's most talented
writers and comes most highly recommended for anyone looking for a dark
and unusual story that--once begun--is impossible to put down.
Title: The Remains of Power · Author: Pearl Took · Times: The Great
Years: Vignette · ID: 228
Reviewer: Rhapsody · 2006-11-29 18:16:01 Score: 6
Now this is a story, which I havent seen that often. Pear Took writes
about the defeated Saruman while he remains in his tower after his ranks
and honour has been stripped away. The story kicks off when the
remaining members of the Fellowship are long gone and the war is being
fought in Gondor. So what is indeed left for him: lots of water, a
[flock of ducks] and [wood-demons] outside the door. Then suddenly the
Nazgul turn up, sneakily as always and where Saruman first appeared to
be so passive, the Nazgul seem to wake him up. What I so like about this
story is that Pearl paces this story so well. From a moping Saruman, the
Nazgul rekindle the flame of Saruman, which in all his bitterness he
decides to claim the Shire as his own sandbox. I like how she wrote
Sarumans reasoning, mirroring his resentment against everyone greatly.
This is a real nice gap filler!
Title: Stones · Author: Marigold · Races: Hobbits: Friendship · ID: 571
Reviewer: Pearl Took · 2006-11-29 19:17:14 Score: 3
This is a wonderful small story, and so very true to life, at least for
some of us. I have a good many stones sitting about my house bringing
back certain places and faces everytime I look at them.
Title: If I had a Hammer · Author: grey_wonderer · Times: Late Third
Age: The Shire · ID: 162
Reviewer: Larner · 2006-11-29 19:18:23 Score: 5
I hereby accuse Grey Wonderer of being a corrupting influence, for this
story was one of the inspirations for one of my own.

Young Peregrin Took needs to take lessons in carpentry, but the teacher
hired by Paladin despairs of teaching the lad anything and has declared
him a menace. So it falls to Frodo to find a new tutor, and young
Samwise Gamgee begins to fill in the void. But will he and Pippin
survive the tutelage, and will Merry be able to get over his jealousy
that here is a part of Pippin's life he can't fully aid in?

As for Pippin's project and how well it will do at the Fair--well,
that's still another subject!

Superbly and humorously done, as always.
Title: A Change In The Weather · Author: Marigold · Races: Hobbits:
Fixed-Length Ficlet series · ID: 692
Reviewer: Pearl Took · 2006-11-29 19:22:35 Score: 1
Well Done! I'm amazed at drabbles and these are wonderfully written.
Title: Curious Mind, Noble Heart · Author: Nilmandra · Genres: Adventure
· ID: 270
Reviewer: Larner · 2006-11-29 19:47:48 Score: 4
When one of the Noldor smiths of Imladris crafts a popgun and metal
spheres to shoot from it as missiles, young Estel is tempted to try it
himself so as to make himself a better warrior sooner to protect his
home the sooner from trolls. But in an accident he injures his brother
and learns precisely why Glorfindel had forbade him to touch the weapon.

Well done imagery, and an excellent depiction of the precocious child
who would grow up to become Aragorn son of Arathorn.