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Reviews for 4 December - part 2 Posted by Rhapsody December 04, 2006 - 14:01:40 Topic ID# 7726
Title: Relief Author: Acacea Genres: Drama: Pre-Fellowship ID: 518
Reviewer: obsidianj 2006-11-30 16:31:15 Score: 3
This story gives a very good reason why Denethor can't leave the
Palantir alone. The Palantir is not mentioned in the story, but it is
the only explanation, in light of the later history, for the relief
coming when it did.
Title: A Taste of Diplomacy Author: Thevina Finduilas Races:
Cross-Cultural ID: 939
Reviewer: obsidianj 2006-11-30 16:32:06 Score: 4
This is the first story about young Denethor I have seen. He still has a
lot to learn about diplomacy but at 13 I think he can be forgiven that
he is not perfect. I loved the little things like his focussing mostly
on Gondor's history and his pride in his country that forshadow the
older Denethor we will meet later. Seems like his relationship to his
father was not too easy to begin with, which makes it easier for the
strained relationship to develop when Thorongil arrives later.
Title: What Goes Around Comes Around Author: Cathleen Times: The
Great Years: The Fellowship ID: 726
Reviewer: obsidianj 2006-11-30 16:32:20 Score: 2
A lighthearted tale of the fellowship sharing stories around the
campfire on the trek through Hollin.
Title: The Prince and the Pea Author: Karri Genres: Humor: Children
ID: 158
Reviewer: obsidianj 2006-11-30 16:32:38 Score: 2
This is a lovely little retelling of the fairy tale. I love it that all
the elf lords are in on the prank. Poor Estel, I hope he will not find
out for a long time.
Title: At the Rising of the Moon Author: Linda Hoyland Genres:
Humor: Gondor ID: 846
Reviewer: obsidianj 2006-11-30 16:33:00 Score: 3
This is an amusing tale of introducing Yule celebrations from the North
to Gondor. I loved crusty, old Gudrun and her matter-of-fact attitude. I
could see king and steward sitting in front of the fire roasting
chestnuts. That was such a homely picture. Faramir's dream was a hoot.
Title: The Stars Will Light Your Way Author: SlightlyTookish Races:
Hobbits: Hurt/Comfort ID: 705
Reviewer: Lindelea 2006-11-30 16:47:06 Score: 3
This is a touching story, set in one of my favourite gap-filling times.
I love the relationships between the characters, and the metaphor of the
stars, representing hope. I haven't seen much from Gandalf's POV, but
SlightlyTookish does a wonderful job in writing his thoughts and voice.
Excellent tension, wonderful h/c, and even the occasional chuckle.

Title: Was It For This? Author: Alawa Genres: Drama: Remembering
ID: 88
Reviewer: Lindelea 2006-11-30 17:04:55 Score: 2
Thoughtful and thought-provoking. Somehow the things that we must fight
to preserve are all the more precious for the effort.
Title: From the Journal of Frodo Baggins Author: MysteriousWays
Genres: Drama: Featuring Frodo or Sam ID: 61
Reviewer: Lindelea 2006-11-30 17:10:23 Score: 2
So many emotions are stirred by this short scene, ending with a
heart-tugging poignance. *sigh* Alas, poor Frodo!
Title: Elemental Spirits Author: Marigold Races: Hobbits:
Fixed-Length Ficlet series ID: 693
Reviewer: Llinos 2006-11-30 17:14:04 Score: 10
Marigold's drabbles are a good lesson of how to sum up in a mere one
hundred words concept that is vast and contains many facets and yet
still allow her unique perception to shine through.

They also frequently demonstrate a totally new perspective of well loved
characters and situations.

In this particular set of four each of the hobbits takes on the persona
of the elements and how appropriate they all are.

As you read them it all seems to have been obvious and yet not to have
occurred to any one else before, which serves to make them all the more

That Frodo should be Air is fitting as what else could this hobbit be
and Marigold explains it so well. His pre-quest love of the Shire and
then the Ring failing to take hold on his gentle spirit and culminating
in his distance once the burden is gone.

For Sam there is no question that he is Earth. Not just for his
gardening skills, but also for his straightforward no-nonsense approach
to everything.

Merry as Fire works excellently. His passion and loyalty equally
presented as blazing examples of his character.

Which leave Water for Pippin. But this is not an afterthought. He is, as
we all know, bubbly and light, [chattering and singing, like a
shimmering brook]. But that is not all! Marigold identifies his tenacity
in her comparison to him of a mighty river.

This set of drabbles is a fine example of how to encapsulate a lot into
a little and still leave the reader with a full and satiated feeling.
Title: Written in the Starlight Author: Rhapsody/Robinka CoAuthors
Times: First Age and Prior: Incomplete ID: 402
Reviewer: Alassante 2006-11-30 17:15:46 Score: 10
Where to start with this fiction....I love the concept first of all.
It's a concept I used on my big work in process - the whole 'but what
if...' scenerio. Its amazing to think the snow ball effect things can
happen with just one little change. Rhapsody and Robinka have gone back
to the first age of Middle Earth and changed one thing - the death of
Beleg Strongbow at the hands of Turin Turambar, his best friend. Killing
his best friend had a huge effect on Turin's future but the whole
concept of changing one thing in a story such as this is how will
changing that one thing - change everything else. Its mindboggling and
its something a lot of people think about in their own lives so seeing
it in Tolkien's world is exciting. What if Feanor hadn't created the
Silmarils or hadn't died? What if Maeglin hadn't betrayed Gondolin? The
list could go on forever. As Histories of Middle Earth (HoME) has taught
us - Tolkien was always making changes. Some big some small. Robinka and
Rhapsody explored this minor detail change quite well so far. Not only
do you have Beleg and Turin to think about - there was also Gwindor with
them and then the seven sons of Feanor nearby, bitter after another
defeat by Morgoth and knowing that Thingol had one of the coveted
Silmarils. Although they are not far into the story I imagine, its
beginning is captivating when of course the two parties intermingle and
Beleg must decide if he trusts the Feanorians, the dreaded kinslayers,
enough to let them help him in exchange for an audience with Thingol.
I'm very picky about how the Feanorians are portrayed in fanfiction and
so far I've been very impressed by their Feanorians. Not too harsh, not
too soft - just right. And there is also the other member of the house
of Finwe that is rescued by Beleg, Turin, and Gwindor that I will not
mention his name and ruin the surprise but I was glad to see him there.
They showed the Sindar in a fair light as well. Too much writers show
the Sindar as the innocent victims of everything forgetting Thingol's
stubbornnes about the Silmaril as well. Their Melian and Thingol are
well written as well. And hey - what story about the Sindar would be
complete without Mablung.

I think this is going to be a great epic story for Rhapsody and Robinka
and I hope they continue to do as well as they have done so far.
Title: Merry's Magnificent Yule Author: Marigold Genres: Humor: The
Shire ID: 211
Reviewer: Llinos 2006-11-30 17:16:10 Score: 10
This story is one of my favourites of Marigold's! It is something of a
departure for her I think, as generally she does not write humour, but
she really should write more as this is excellent.

Well observed, one feels as if one is standing behind a pillar in the
corridors of Brandy Hall, watching Pippin trying to manoeuvre his
drunken cousin to bed or being allowed a sly peek into the bedroom to
see the mayhem that ensues when Pippin tries to undress an uncooperative

Marigold made me feel quite sorry for poor lovesick, drunken Merry,
although Pippin seems to be suffering more! The dialogue is a delight
and the descriptions of the hobbits' antics really do leap off the page!
(Well, screen!)

I confess that when I first read it I laughed out loud at poor Pippin's
difficulties and when Marigold described them singing to the portrait
about the unfortunate Aunt Petunia's knickers, I saw and heard it so
clearly that the song actually leapt into my head and wrote itself down!
How's that for bringing a scene to life?

Nor, amidst the humour, does she neglect the nice little touches of
closeness between the cousins. Pippin loves Merry and Merry loves
Pippin, possibly as much as Marigold loves them both. This heart-warming
fact beams throughout the whole story!

This is an incredibly funny and well-written story, which I would
definitely recommend to anyone who has not yet read it  if such there be!
Title: Stones Author: Marigold Races: Hobbits: Friendship ID: 571
Reviewer: Llinos 2006-11-30 17:17:29 Score: 10
This was my birthday story, although oddly, it is more about Marigold
than me. She does delight in constantly picking up stones and seems
blithely and totally unaware of my irritation at this. So I suppose it
is the same scenario we have here of Pippin looking for the stones he
picked up but was forced to abandon long ago and Merry wanting to get on!

Marigold's ability to turn everyday actions into LoTR's scenarios always
amazes me. She sees possible events in Merry and Pippin's lives in
almost everything she does, which once more demonstrates her total
devotion to the subject.

This devotion shows in Marigold's writing. No casual flick of the pen
here but a carefully observed vignette which once more showcases the
hobbit cousins' easy and loving relationship.

The story is well written, with a natural progression and rhythm that
makes it easy and pleasant to read. Once again, not only does the humour
shine through, especially in Merry's caution but resignation to Pippin's
sense of adventure, but also the loving relationship between the two.
Although Merry is irritated by Pippin's dilly dallying, it is eventually
resolved and even Merry succumbs to the idea that stones can evoke
nostalgia  a concept I must grudgingly admit I find difficult.
Title: Treasures And Momentos Author: Marigold Genres: Drama:
Featuring Pippin or Merry ID: 220
Reviewer: Llinos 2006-11-30 17:19:01 Score: 10
Although this is a very sad story it still evokes some happy memories
and wonderful glimpses at Merry and Pippin's later years in Minas Tirith.

Generally I avoid death stories, but this was at least a positive take
on the subject, as the two have enjoyed a long life and when they go,
they go almost together  Merry waiting patiently for Pippin to depart
so that he can wash and groom him as is the hobbit custom and then
almost willing himself to follow.

Aragorn going through their possessions was a lovely touch as were the
gifts they left for him and Gimli and Legolas. Well thought out and
poignant and Marigold explains carefully the reasoning behind the tokens.

Another nice touch from this talented and imaginative writer was Merry's
insistence that Aragorn keep the festival of Yule alive after the
hobbits have gone. It does indeed seem a very plausible thing for him to
have asked and also that Aragorn should agree.

The style is retrospective, focussing on Aragorn's thoughts as he goes
through their belongings and this is a very clever angle to take with a
story of this kind. I think if Marigold had written of their deaths in
the present tense it would have seemed too macabre so she handled this
particular aspect very well.

A well written piece which should not be avoided because of the subject
matter  it has a positive approach to an unpleasant topic.
Title: A Whisper From Across the Sea Author: Gryffinjack Races:
Hobbits: Post-Grey Havens ID: 223
Reviewer: Lindelea 2006-11-30 17:20:25 Score: 2
Powerful imagery, very angsty, resolving at last into peace. Nice use of
rain and wind to tie the characters together.
Title: Pride Goeth... Author: Marigold Races: Cross-Cultural: With
Hobbits ID: 936
Reviewer: Llinos 2006-11-30 17:20:30 Score: 10
This is a well-written story, the dialogue in particular shines out in
this offering. I do have a problem with the author's approach to poor
Boromir and felt extremely sorry for him, but that is a personal opinion
and in no way reflects upon the quality of the writing.

It certainly turns the tables on the luckless Boromir who, whilst trying
to lecture the hobbits on the need for stealth and secrecy, is brought
to book for his own earlier actions in sounding his horn at their
departure from Rivendell.

I can see how the hobbits might well have become irritated at being
instructed as if they were children after such an action, but Boromir,
like many others from the world of men, probably does view them as such,
so I can forgive him his lack of tact.

Fortunately the hobbits also see that he did not mean to be proud and
their understanding of the situation leads to their forgiveness and
finally all the barriers are broken down as they tease him mercilessly
and he sees the irony and joins in.

I did wonder if Boromir would have beaten himself up so much mentally
over the situation, but that is a personal view. Marigold's love of the
hobbits and determined defence of them in this situation is well borne
out and the story, like all her tales, has a positive and satisfying

Title: Making Merry Author: Marigold Races: Hobbits ID: 663
Reviewer: Llinos 2006-11-30 17:22:15 Score: 10
This is another one of my favourites. Marigold excels herself in this
piece! From the start the reader is drawn in to the exuberance and wild
frivolity of the occasion. Even her descriptions of the catering show
how well she knows her hobbits and even made my mouth water.

That there is magick afoot there is no doubt left in the reader's mind
at all and Marigold's imagery of the whirling and dancing and singing
are exciting and at the same time wickedly frivolous as the hobbits
merge with the elves until they feel quite magick themselves.

Then the story quietens along with Merry's thoughts. I liked the way
this little interval breaks the mood for a moment as we are wafted back
in memory to Bilbo's adventures and his lack of success with seeking
help from these same elves. The author gives us a nice little jolt as we
suddenly realise just how far these adventurers have come and that
probably no hobbit before them has feasted and made merry in such a way
with the elven folk.

Tiny details bring this story alive for me, Pippin bedecked in flowers
and ivy, Merry's similar crown falling over his eyes; the fire glow and
starlight reflecting off the faces of both elves and hobbit.

A truly delightful piece and very well written  I would definitely
recommend it.

Title: Until Light Returns Author: elliska Races: Elves:
Fixed-Length Ficlet Featuring Legolas or Thranduil ID: 707
Reviewer: Alassante 2006-11-30 17:23:22 Score: 5
Once again, Elliska's love of the Sindar and Thranduil specifically has
shown through in every word of her writing. A story about how Thranduil
views Mirkwood before the shadow, when it was Greenwood the Great, gives
you some idea of why he would fight so hard to defend Mirkwood rather
than abandoning it for 'greener pastures' when things almost hopeless
there fighting the forces of Dol Guldur, big spiders and the like. This
was her first drabble but like everything she does, Elliska shows a
natural ability to master it with ease. Beautiful and almost poetic
writing of a view that, in Thranduil's mind, is comparable to what he
imagine the Two Trees were like to behold.
Title: Consolation Author: EdorasLass Races: Men: Gondor ID: 47
Reviewer: Lindelea 2006-11-30 17:24:08 Score: 2
Full of little details that add realism, this is a lovely picture of the
relationship between the brothers, when their grief for their departed
mother is still fresh and raw.
Title: Sleeping Arrangements Author: Lady Galadriel Genres: Drama:
Featuring Frodo or Sam ID: 312
Reviewer: Lindelea 2006-11-30 17:30:13 Score: 2
Heart-tugging, and sounding very real, and I like the way past and
present are tied together with a blanket. Nice little gap-filler.
Title: It's the Thought Author: annmarwalk Races: Men: Fixed-Length
Ficlets With Children ID: 71
Reviewer: Lindelea 2006-11-30 17:34:35 Score: 2
"It's the thought that counts." That's the idea, isn't it? This
well-crafted fic had me all misty-eyed at the start, but ended with a grin.
Title: Raven Hair and Silver Eyes Author: Ellie Times: First Age and
Prior ID: 174
Reviewer: Alassante 2006-11-30 17:37:28 Score: 6
Kleenex alert! This one is a big tearjerker to me. The ending was like a
punch in the gut. The story of Anair and her feelings for her husband,
Fingolfin as well as how she dealt with the strife in the House of Finwe
between Feanor and his brothers, how she handled Fingolfin's feelings of
never living up to his father's ideal of Feanor being the best. It
starts out a sweet and simple story of a elleth falling in love with a
high prince but as it did in Valinor, things became more and more tragic
in their household despite their love for each other and their children.
I really loved this story and think Ellie did an excellent job of
telling a story about very popular characters - from the perspective of
very little known character.
Title: Little Lad Lost Author: Citrine Races: Hobbits: Children
ID: 895
Reviewer: Lindelea 2006-11-30 17:38:15 Score: 3
I love to look at Lobelia from a different angle than the usual flat,
cliched character. Surely she has layers and facets, just as the rest of
us do. Deft sense of timing, as always, drawing the reader in, keeping
up the interest level, and even eliciting an unexpected guffaw or three.
Title: Thief of Hearts: How Pippin Stole Merrys Heart Author:
pipkinsweetgrass Races: Hobbits: Children ID: 918
Reviewer: Lindelea 2006-11-30 17:38:33 Score: 3
Nicely done sketch. I loved such descriptions as [Merry was just there,
as constant as the sky above] and [Wriggling his way through a sea of
Tooks, Banks, Boffins, Hardbottles, Brandybucks, Thornbushes and
Burrowses] and [The window was open, and the sun poured through it like
warm honey] and, so very real-sounding, [He didn't even mind when the
baby poked a tiny, dimpled finger up his nose]. Merry is "all boy", from
initial reluctance through being won over. I love the glimpse of hobbity
life and society this story affords. The ending is perfect, and so
evocative of Merry's precision and attention to detail, as well as the
bond between the two cousins. [I dont want one *like* this one; I fancy
I want *this* one.]

Title: The Fading of a Star Author: Minuialeth Genres: Drama:
General Fixed-Length Ficlet ID: 219
Reviewer: Alassante 2006-11-30 17:43:19 Score: 5
Once again Minuialeth has done in one hundred words what most could not
do in five hundred. She has shown a beautiful and touching final parting
between Erestor and Arwen as she left for Minas Tirith. Erestor being an
elf realizes that Arwen is making that final choice to become man and
therefore her children will also face that fate. But he sees that her
love for Aragorn will last for an eternity. This was a gem - wise words
from an older elf to Arwen who in addition to taking the first steps to
her future life with her beloved but also taking a step to her death
from mourning the loss of that man.
Title: To The Abyss Author: Minuialeth Times: The Great Years:
Poetry ID: 403
Reviewer: Alassante 2006-11-30 17:44:57 Score: 7

I have always been a fan of Minuialeths poetry. She weaves meaning and
beauty into lyrical verse with flows effortlessly. This poem was like
reading a great poets work  she truly is a master of poetry. I think
J. R. R. Tolkien himelf would be greatly pleased with this piece of art
 it is similar to his style but not as heavy. Some people, myself
included, skip over some of his poems in the book *hangs head in shame*
just because they are so heavy that my brain couldnt comprehend them.
The words just hung in the air and never really sank in. I never have
that problem with Minuialeths poems, this one being no exception yet
her language was very Tolkienish so that it seemed very polished. I
love her description of the Balrog 
[Strange creature of the dark

With destruction, it doth sate

A hunger for darkness forgotten

Black devil from fire begotten]

She covers the moment in the story with Gandalf and the Balrog so well 
showing Gandalfs bravery and sacrifice for his friends, the battle
between good and evil, the evolution of Gandalf the Gray to The White

[Till night with death waned

And day with light waxed

When once I was, Gandalf the grey.

White, I emerged, from the fray.]

Beautiful, lyrical, a job well done.

Title: Letters in the sand Author: Rhapsody Races: Elves: Feanorians
ID: 176
Reviewer: Alassante 2006-11-30 17:47:12 Score: 10
This story is proof positive that Rhapsody can take a little plot bunny
and turn it into a masterpiece. Who else would see the Feanorian letters
as a story idea and craft it so skillfully? Maglors pain is evident in
every word she has written. The way he continues to draw the letters in
the sand thinking of what each letter means, avoids other elves, thinks
of the Silmaril as she that betrayed him, looks for the reason to go
on but deep down knowing he has no choice other than to continue as he
always has; alone and haunted by his past.

[Why do I seek forgetfulness when my unconscious self reminds me of
what I am, forever my fathers pawn. ]

He is still aware of the fact that he is forever his fathers son. No
matter how much he wishes it away. And he wonders if he should even
bother to seek forgiveness.

[The audacity of the Valar, who set the blood of my father on fire,
became mine when I heard of Eonws arrogant claims to what was ours.]

Despite everything, he is still full of rage at the Valar. Not seeing
the full scope of things still after all this time. And pride plays a
big part in this - a tragic flaw of most of the Feanorians.

[I remember how her essence shortly mingled with my fa, the force set
upon me, filling my mind with one thing as punishment. The jewels
spirit taunted me, ripped my already tenuous mind into pieces, while I
only knew one way out, to throw her far away from me.]

Ive always thought of the Silmarils as having a life of their own and
this part shows that as well. And Maglor was being driven to madness by
it so he threw away the thing that his family had killed so many to gain.

[Yet, I am still alive, serving as a living memory of my kin.]

He doesnt see that he was spared death that his brothers were not 
instead he sees it as a punishment, which in reality it was.

[Silently I beckon the tide to wash it away and I realise that I will
understand it, one day.]

But this sentence shows that one spark of hope left in him  to
understand why he does the things he does.

Truly capitivating in such a short story.
Title: Dana's Annotated Tale of Years Author: Dana Genres:
Non-Fiction ID: 274
Reviewer: Lindelea 2006-11-30 17:48:04 Score: 2
Wonderful tool, painstakingly put together, nicely edited. Thanks, Dana,
for making this convenient reference available to all!
Title: In the Mind's Eye Author: Garnet Took Races: Hobbits:
Incomplete ID: 144
Reviewer: Lindelea 2006-11-30 17:54:04 Score: 2
Intriguing fic, one that I am looking forward to reading more. Write on!
(*g* terrible pun, i know)
Title: The Short Cut Author: Garnet Took Races: Hobbits: Friendship
ID: 827
Reviewer: Lindelea 2006-11-30 17:56:22 Score: 3
Excellent sketch of the relationship between the two cousins. Your
hobbits are very hobbity, with their light talk in a worrying
circumstance. I love "cheeky Pippin" especially, and it is nice to see
him rescuing Merry for a change.
Title: A Spring Day At Cormallen Author: Marigold Races:
Cross-Cultural: With Hobbits ID: 746
Reviewer: Lindelea 2006-11-30 18:01:08 Score: 2
Lovely gap-filler, full of joy and wonder. A nice sketching of
relationships. I love the word-picture of the four hobbits together on
the grass while Pippin flies the kite.
Title: Wishing On The Stars Author: Marigold Times: The Great Years:
General Fixed-Length Ficlets ID: 116
Reviewer: Llinos 2006-11-30 18:03:26 Score: 10
Once more Marigold excels herself in the art of drabble writing. This
set of four are double drabbles and centre on Eglantine Took, but of
course, focus mainly on Pippin.

They are heart breakingly poignant and it would be difficult to read
them without shedding a tear. The first tells of the past and Marigold
borrows from Slightly Tookish's delightful star universe in which
Gandalf had given Pippin a pair of stars of his own! She elegantly
describes how the hobbit mother and son would watch the stars together
and, now that Pippin is gone, the only tangible comfort she may take is
in watching "his" stars.

Appropriately, Marigold then takes us to the still absent Pippin's
birthday and skilfully wrings more angst from the reader with
Eglantine's thoughts about the danger she knows her only son is facing
and drawing a modicum of comfort from the thought that he can see the
same stars.

But then, in a chilling turn of events, the stars dim and threaten to
fade. Although Marigold wisely does not spell out exactly why, the
reader can guess it is the Fields of Cormallen and Pippin is struggling
to recover from his brush with the troll. I like that she does not
specify the reason, as this is written from Eglantine's point of view
and how would she have known the exact cause.

The final drabble in this quartet is magnificent! Starting sombrely with
Eglantine wrapped in worry, not just for her son, but for the state of
the Shire now the ruffians have taken over, she wishes for a hero to
save them. And wishing on stars can come true in the most unexpected way
as her hero gallops up and throws himself into his mother's arms. Wonderful!

Title: Pride Goeth... Author: Marigold Races: Cross-Cultural: With
Hobbits ID: 936
Reviewer: Lindelea 2006-11-30 18:06:43 Score: 3
Nicely done first person POV. Boromir's emotions, thoughts and reactions
are nicely captured. I giggled aloud at his [It takes me a moment to
understand that Meriadoc has called me silly] and [Never had I been
snorted at by a gardener]. Nice contrast between the two races, and I
love the hobbits' quick forgiveness. Boromir's conclusion, however,
brings a tear to the eye.
Title: For Arda Author: Dreamflower Genres: Drama: Poetry ID: 885
Reviewer: Lindelea 2006-11-30 18:09:24 Score: 3
Breathtaking, deft, and beautifully crafted. A "dribble" can be a
challenge, and here is one doubled, and made a mirror in form, and yet
so very infused with meaning. Touching tribute to J.R.R. Tolkien and his
incredible world.
Title: Consequences of a Fall Author: Dreamflower Races: Hobbits:
Hurt/Comfort ID: 221
Reviewer: Lindelea 2006-11-30 18:11:34 Score: 3
I love the details in this story, that bring hobbit society and custom
to life in the imagination. The relationships between the characters are
well-fleshed-out and believable. "Hyacinth" makes me shiver. She'd been
better off married to Lotho than Reggie, I'd say. (Yikes!)
Title: Reaping Author: Dreamflower Races: Hobbits: Post-Sauron's
Fall ID: 169
Reviewer: Lindelea 2006-11-30 18:12:45 Score: 3
This is a chilling story, not the author's usual fare and not what I
usually read, but so gripping that once started, I could not stop until
I finished. What a sad fate for Ted Sandyman, worse than he deserved,
I'd say, and yet it seems he found his forgiveness and peace in the end.
Title: Fields of Gold Author: Anso the Hobbit Races: Hobbits:
Hurt/Comfort ID: 966
Reviewer: Lindelea 2006-11-30 18:16:34 Score: 2
How Anso's love of her characters shines through! There just aren't
enough Merry-centred stories, and I'm glad that Merry is Anso's
favourite hobbit!
Title: Starlight at Eventide Author: Ariel Races: Hobbits: Post-Grey
Havens ID: 821
Reviewer: Lindelea 2006-11-30 18:18:58 Score: 3
This story was painful to read, the death of dreams, and yet the
resolution was so very satisfying with the arising of new hope and a new
relationship, shaped by sorrow yet somehow deeper and richer than before.
Title: The End of All Things Author: Ariel Genres: Drama: Featuring
Frodo or Sam ID: 109
Reviewer: Lindelea 2006-11-30 18:20:37 Score: 2
Satisfying even through the angst and sorrow, for in the end they are
separated only by a breath or two, before once again being reunited.
Title: A Darkened Heart Author: Beethoven's 7th Genres: Drama:
General Fixed-Length Ficlet ID: 774
Reviewer: Lindelea 2006-11-30 18:22:39 Score: 2
Boromir is such a tragic figure, and this drabble captures perfectly his
nobility and his fatal flaw: pride. It is chilling to see the Ring
working upon his heart.
Title: Shadows of a Nameless Fear Author: Budgielover Genres: Drama:
Incomplete ID: 640
Reviewer: Lindelea 2006-11-30 18:25:19 Score: 3
Whew. That's the reaction Budgielover is always able to draw from me in
the reading. (Or after. All too often, I find at the end of the chapter
that I've been holding my breath through the reading.) This story is no
exception, and I look forward (with dread as well as anticipation) to
each new chapter. Save Pippin! Save Frodo! Hurry, before I run out of air!
Title: Dark Appetites Author: Elena Tiriel Races: Villains:
Fixed-Length Ficlet ID: 833
Reviewer: Lindelea 2006-11-30 18:28:16 Score: 3
Chilling, and a possible explanation of Shelob's fate. (And it leaves
open the possibility of a future confrontation in the Fourth Age, with
any possible combination of characters. (Gimli? Legolas? Elessar? The
son of the King?) Anyone game?)
Title: Claws Author: Elena Tiriel Races: Villains: Fixed-Length
Ficlet ID: 835
Reviewer: Lindelea 2006-11-30 18:31:13 Score: 3
Whew. Breath-taking, and so skillfully wrought, amazing detail in
economy of words. The raven is tragically believable, and the contrast
in claws and covetousness between the two characters works well.
Title: The Pippin Author: GamgeeFest Races: Hobbits: Poetry ID: 937
Reviewer: Lindelea 2006-11-30 18:34:42 Score: 2
Wonderfully true to the original poem from which the rhythm is taken,
provoking, instead of horror, a gentle chuckle. Nicely done!
Title: To Learn His Letters Author: GamgeeFest Races: Hobbits:
Children ID: 977
Reviewer: Lindelea 2006-11-30 18:37:57 Score: 4
What a wonderful way this author has with hobbits! The attention to
detail in the descriptions, the authentic-sounding dialogue, the
relationships between the characters, all work together to bring the
story to life and draw the reader inside the picture. (Having just spent
last night with a clingy child, I certainly identified with Halfred from
the beginning!) I loved this story and look forward to reading more from
this author.
Title: The Grey at the End of the World Author: jodancingtree Times:
Fourth Age and Beyond: The Shire ID: 288
Reviewer: Lindelea 2006-11-30 18:40:58 Score: 3
This was a painful story to read, painful, and yet so masterfully
crafted that I found myself drawn in. Incredible detail, filled with
horror and yet infused with hope, unblinking in its descriptions, giving
characters life and breath and stirring the reader's sympathy. Am at a
loss to say more.
Title: Shin to Toe to Thigh to Mind Author: Talasi Genres: Romance
ID: 369
Reviewer: Trekqueen 2006-11-30 18:41:09 Score: 3
Wonderul, delicious descriptions galore in the story! Visualizing is
always good. I'm glad you were recognized for this first fic of yours to
give us your own imaginative tidbit. You have lots of experience seeing
what is liked in fanfiction and it comes out in your writing.
Title: Lord of the Rings Limericks, Chapters One and Two Author:
Llinos Times: The Great Years: Poetry ID: 759
Reviewer: Lindelea 2006-11-30 18:42:14 Score: 2
Very cleverly done, showing once again how Llinos is a master of poetic
form in general and limericks in particular!
Title: Bilbo's Nursery Rhyme for Merry and Pippin Author: Llinos
Races: Hobbits: Poetry ID: 882
Reviewer: Lindelea 2006-11-30 18:43:26 Score: 2
Awww. This is almost too cute to bear. I can almost hear Pippin shouting
out his new words in delight, chiming in with the recitation. Well done!
Title: Drabbles for Lord of the Rings Author: Llinos Races: Hobbits:
Fixed-Length Ficlet series ID: 758
Reviewer: Lindelea 2006-11-30 18:45:18 Score: 3
Once again Llinos astonishes and delights with her firm grasp of poetic
form. Not only are these drabbles, but they are drabbles written as
poetry, doubly challenging! Yet the author rises to the challenge with
magnificent result.
Title: Fellowship of the Conkers Author: Llinos Genres: Humor ID: 880
Reviewer: Lindelea 2006-11-30 18:46:26 Score: 2
Hilarious! Even my dh liked it, when I made him read it, and knowing his
opinion of fanfic in general, that is saying quite a lot! *g* Very well