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2006 Winners Posted by aure\_enteluva December 05, 2006 - 22:33:28 Topic ID# 7735
Hey guys,

Here are the results of this year's awards. Congratulations to all of
the winners, and thank you to everyone who participated.

And SPECIAL thanks to the volunteers who helped prepare these results:
Anthony, Elliska, Inkling, and Rhapsody.

+++++Story Results+++++,

***Genres: Adventure***
1st: "The Fords of Isen" by Branwyn,
2nd: "By the Light of Earendil's Star" by Branwyn,
3rd: "Good Neighbors" by daw the minstrel,
Honorable Mention
--- "Lesser Ring" by Larner,
--- "Curious Mind, Noble Heart" by Nilmandra,

***Genres: Alternate Universe***
1st: "Come When You Are Ready" by EdorasLass,
2nd: "Assume, Confuse, Consume, Amuse" by pipkinsweetgrass,
3rd: "The Long Road Home" by AmandaK,
Honorable Mention
--- "Pride Before the Fall" by AmandaK,
--- "Stolen" by Meril,
--- "Such a Little Thing" by Ribby,

***Genres: Alternate Universe: Incomplete***
1st: "Untold Tales of the Mark: The Banishment of Eomer" by Katzilla,
2nd: "The Return of the Shadow" by juno_magic,
3rd: "Paradox of the Fourth Age" by Alassante,

***Genres: Alternate Universe: Post-Grey Havens***
1st: "Years After and a Sea Between" by Dana,
2nd: "Shadow of Himself" by EdorasLass,
3rd: "The Roots of the Ivy" by Aranel Took,

***Genres: Drama***
1st: "Trust" by Dwimordene,
2nd: "Last Rites" by Isabeau of Greenlea,
3rd: "History Lessons: The Third Age" by Nilmandra,
Honorable Mention
--- "Another Man's Cage" by Dawn Felagund,
--- "Fairy Tales of Middle-earth" by DrummerWench,
--- "The Last Thing He Said" by NeumeIndil,
--- "Mellyn" by Pentangle,
--- "In Aragorn's Safekeeping" by Radbooks,

***Genres: Drama: Elves in Later Ages***
1st: "Where the Shadows Are" by Kenaz,
2nd: "Preparing the Way" by Lady Aranel,
3rd: "Lightly Sings the Wind" by Elllie,
Honorable Mention
--- "The Gift" by Jael,

***Genres: Drama: Featuring Frodo or Sam***
1st: "Notes and Observations by Frodo of the Shire" by Lurea,
2nd: "Safe?" by Ainu Laire,
3rd: "The Acceptable Sacrifice" by Larner,
Honorable Mention
--- "The End of All Things" by Ariel,
--- "The Green Flash" by DrummerWench,

***Genres: Drama: Featuring Pippin or Merry***
1st: "Treasures and Momentos" by Marigold,
2nd: "The Falcon's Watch" by pippinfan88,
3rd: "A Message and a Bottle" by Larner,
Honorable Mention
--- "Breath of Winter" by Cuthalion,
--- "In a Heartbeat" by Piplover,

***Genres: Drama: First Age Elves***
1st: "Shattered Twilight" by Rhapsody,
2nd: "Nothing But Dreams" by Unsung Heroine,
3rd: "The Dawning" by digdigil,
Honorable Mention
--- "A Precious Gift" by Isil Elensar,

***Genres: Drama: Fixed-Length Ficlet Series***
1st: "Earth, Water, Fire and Air" by Fileg,
2nd: "Dance Lessons" by Tanaqui,
3rd: "Last Goodbyes Series" by Perelleth,
Honorable Mention
--- "Stigmas" by Robinka,

***Genres: Drama: General Fixed-Length Ficlet***
1st: "Of Stone and Fire" by Werecat,
2nd: "Was It For This?" by aervir,
3rd: "The Fading of a Star" by Minuialeth,
Honorable Mention
--- "In This Silence I Am Sinking,

***Genres: Drama: Gondor Fixed-Length Series***
1st: "The Household Accounts" by Branwyn,
2nd: "Servant of the Tower" by Branwyn,
3rd: "The Steward and the Wizard" by Acacea,

***Genres: Drama: Incomplete***
1st: "A Secret Gate" by Elanor,
2nd: "Shadows of a Nameless Fear" by Budgielover,
3rd: "Interrupted Journeys: Journeys of of Discovery" by elliska,

***Genres: Drama: Poetry***
1st: "Conversational, of Cousins" by Vana Tuivana,
2nd: "Here You Cannot Leave Me" by Alassante,
3rd: "Lay of Lord and Lady" by Vana Tuivana,
Honorable Mention
--- "He walks among the greened bowers" by Dwimordene,
--- "Seabird's Cry" by Primsong,
--- "I'm Writing This With My Left Hand" by Vana Tuivana,
--- "Weaver" by Vana Tuivana,

***Genres: Drama: Pre-Fellowship***
1st: "Both Beholden" by Dwimordene,
2nd: "The Gift of Time" by Rhapsody,
3rd: "Relief" by Acacea,
Honorable Mention
--- "A Battle of a Different Kind" by Katzilla,

***Genres: Drama: Remembering***
1st: "Benison" by annmarwal,
2nd: "Heirlooms" by annmarwalk,
3rd: "That Which Remains Us" by Dwimordene,
Honorable Mention
--- "Was It For This?" by Alawa,
--- "The Gift of Gold" by pippinfan88,

*** Genres: Drama: The Steward's Family***
1st: "Quality Time" by EdorasLass,
2nd: "When the Days Are Warm" by Branwyn,
3rd: "Inheritances" by Marta,
Honorable Mention
--- "Fond Memory" by Isil Elensar,

***Genres: Humor***
1st: "Fellowship of the Conkers" by Llinos,
2nd: "Mathom" by Perelleth,
3rd: "Thanduil's begetting day" by daw the minstrel,
Honorable Mention
--- "Discretion" by Bodkin,
--- "Revenge is a dish best served cold" by Lialathuveril,
--- "How the Eorlings Ride" by NeumeIndil,

***Genres: Humor: Children***
1st: "Of Squirrels and Stolen Pies" by Grey Wonderer,
2nd: "Demand and You Shall Recieve" by Grey Wonderer,
3rd: "Mine" by EdorasLass,

***Genres: Humor: Fixed-Length Ficlet***
1st: "Gaiety in Gondor" by Raksha the Demon,
2nd: "Just a Little Shove" by Inglor,
3rd: "Seventeen Cunning Corsairs" by stefaniab,
Honorable Mention
--- "Elfwine" by annmarwalk,
--- "And all in evil ended be" by Werecat,

***Genres: Humor: Gondor***
1st: "Theme and Variations" by Gandalfs Apprentice,
2nd: "At the Rising of the Moon" by Linda Hoyland,
3rd: "Bored" by Make It Stop,
Honorable Mention
--- "Of All the Pretty Little Horses,

***Genres: Humor: Parody***
1st: "Gandalf's No Good, Rotten, Really Bad Day" by Gandalfs
2nd: "Lord of Werewolves" by Raksha the Demon,
3rd: "Hewing Naught But Wood" by Thundera Tiger,
Honorable Mention
--- "Frodo's Exciting Day Out" by Llinos,

***Genres: Humor: The Shire***
1st: "Strike While the Iron is Hot" by Grey Wonderer,
2nd: "Merry's Magnificent Yule" by Marigold,
3rd: "The Unexpected Guest" by pippinfan88,
Honorable Mention
--- "Concerning Hobbit's Feet" by Grey Wonderer,

***Genres: Non-Fiction***
1st: "Tolkien's Use of Expletives" by Dreamflower,
2nd: "A Meara for Me!" by Sulriel,
3rd: "Lembas, Shmembas" by Rabidsamfan,

***Genres: Romance***
1st: "Arwen's Heart" by Bodkin,
2nd: "Beleg and Turin" by Raihon,
3rd: "The Courtship of Peregrin Took" by pippinfan88,
Honorable Mention
--- "Awaiting the Thaw" by Bodkin,

***Genres: Romance: Fixed-length Ficlet***
1st: "Hidden Wonders" by Marta,
2nd: "Work Detail" by Gandalfs Apprentice,
3rd: "Spirit of Fire" by Marta,
Honorable Mention
--- "Distant Lands" by Acacea,

***Genres: Romance: Gondor***
1st: "Book Learning" by Branwyn,
2nd: "For the Moon to Lead, and All the Stars to Follow" by
3rd: "Respite" by Nesta,

***Genres: Romance: Incomplete***
1st: "Fire and Flowering" by Raksha the Demon,
2nd: "The Princess and the Horse Lord" by Oshun,
3rd: "Threshold" by Mechtild,
Honorable Mention
--- "Exiled" by Jaffee Leeds,
--- "Heralded by Storms" by SilverMoonLady,
--- "Eternal" by Trekqueen,
--- "Reconciliation" by Willow_41z,

***Genres: Romance: Lothiriel & Eomer***
1st: "The Healer and the Warrior" by Madeleine,
2nd: "Imrahil's Daughter" by Madeleine,
3rd: "To Become a Queen" by Madeleine,
Honorable Mention
--- "A Bride for a King" by Madeleine,

***Genres: Romance: Poetry***
1st: "Ddraigspelt - An Orc Love Poem" by Llinos,
2nd: "Unspeakable" by White Gull,
3rd: "Promise" by Vana Tuivana,

***Genres: Romance: Rohan***
1st: "Today" by annmarwalk,
2nd: "Tinuviel, Tinuviel" by Cuthalion,
3rd: "Spring Rites" by Gwynnyd,
Honorable Mention
--- "Kindly Winter's Gift" by Thevina Finduilas,

***Races: Cross-Cultural***
1st: "A Matter of Honor" by meckinock,
2nd: "Rest and Recreation" by Raksha the Demon,
3rd: "A Taste of Diplomacy" by Thevina Finduilas,
Honorable Mention
--- "The Beauty of Memory" by pipkinsweetgrass,

***Races: Cross-Cultural: Fixed-Length Ficlet***
1st: "Alas, for the dying of the trees" by Gandalfs Apprentice,
2nd: "Teatime in Rivendell" by Gandalfs Apprentice,
3rd: "Stewardship" by Raksha the Demon,
Honorable Mention
--- "Hair" by Gandalfs Apprentice,
--- "Sixteen Singing Eagles" by Isabeau of Greenlea,

***Races: Cross-Cultural: Incomplete***
1st: "The River" by Indigo Bunting,
2nd: "Okay, NOW Panic!" by Boz4PM,
3rd: "The Tenth Walker" by Lindelea,
Honorable Mention
--- "To Follow an Elf" by etharei,

***Races: Cross-Cultural: With Hobbits***
1st: "A Spring Day at Cormallen" by Marigold,
2nd: "On Being the Youngest" by Bodkin,
3rd: "Pride Goeth..." by Marigold,
Honorable Mention
--- "Of Flustering and Blustering" by Rhapsody,

***Races: Dwarves***
1st: "Too Few Words" by annmarwalk,
2nd: "Antiphon to Light" by Thevina Finduilas,
3rd: "The Stone's Lament" by Thevina Finduilas,
Honorable Mention
--- "Gimli's Tale" by Pearl Took,

***Races: Dwarves: Fixed-Length Ficlet***
1st: "The Groomsman" by Elen Kortirion,
2nd: "Aglarond" by annmarwalk,
3rd: "A New Tradition" by Tanaqui,

***Races: Elves***
1st: "In the Pits of Utumno" by Jay of Lasgalen,
2nd: "What Better Companion?" by Space Weavil,
3rd: "The Secret of Dog Lake" by Karenator,
Honorable Mention
--- "The Spy" by daw the minstrel,

***Races: Elves: Feanorians***
1st: "Recalled to Life - Alqualonde" by AWing,
2nd: "Beneath the Hollow Hill" by Haleth,
3rd: "Paper" by Dawn Felagund,

***Races: Elves: Featuring Mirkwood Elves***
1st: "A Creature of Fire" by daw the minstrel,
2nd: "All Those Who Wander" by daw the minstrel,
3rd: "The Gift" by Dot,
Honorable Mention
--- "Beech Leaves" by Redheredh,

***Races: Elves: Fixed-Length Ficlet Featuring Legolas or Thranduil,
1st: "The Tracks of Time" by Raksha the Demon,
2nd: "Until Light Returns" by elliska,
3rd: "Old Man Willow" by Jay of Lasgalen,

***Races: Elves: Other Fixed-Length Ficlets***
1st: "Elfstone" by Gandalfs Apprentice,
2nd: "Son of Finwe" by Minuialeth,
3rd: "Beware the Sea" by Marta,

***Races: Elves: Poetry***
1st: "Naneth - Farewell" by Aearwen,
2nd: "An Elf" by laiquendi,
3rd: "Olore Malle" by Nerdanel,

***Races: Hobbits***
1st: "A Healer's Tale" by Lindelea,
2nd: "Making Merry" by Marigold,
3rd: "Hearth and Home" by Molly Littlefoot,
Honorable Mention
--- "The Singer" by Pearl Took,

***Races: Hobbits: Children***
1st: "A Sight to Remember" by Dreamflower,
2nd: "Seeing Stars" by Budgielover,
3rd: "A Bath-time Song" by SlightlyTookish,
Honorable Mention
--- "To Climb a Tree" by Lindelea,
--- "In Stitches" by Pearl Took,
--- "Thief of Hearts: How Pippin Stole Merry's Heart" by

***Races: Hobbits: Fixed-Length Ficlet Series***
1st: "Merry Yules" by Marigold,
2nd: "A Change in the Weather" by Marigold,
3rd: "Elemental Spirits" by Marigold,
Honorable Mention
--- "Drabbles for Lord of the Rings" by Llinos,

***Races: Hobbits: Friendship***
1st: "Inspirare" by Ariel,
2nd: "Stones" by Marigold,
3rd: "Once Upon a Memory" by pippinfan88,
Honorable Mention
--- "Hobbit Lessons" by Citrine,

***Races: Hobbits: General Fixed-Length Ficlet***
1st: "Lobelia's List" by annmarwalk,
2nd: "At Last" by SlightlyTookish,
3rd: "Legacy" by Nancy Brooke,

***Races: Hobbits: Hurt/Comfort***
1st: "Consequences of a Fall" by Dreamflower,
2nd: "The Stars Will Light Your Way" by SlightlyTookish,
3rd: "Instinct" by SlightlyTookish,
Honorable Mention
--- "Safe and Sound" by Anso the Hobbit,

***Races: Hobbits: Incomplete***
1st: "Bad Step" by Mariole,
2nd: "When Winter Fell" by Lindelea,
3rd: "In the Mind's Eye" by Garnet Took,

***Races: Hobbits: Merry & Pippin***
1st: "The Silent Street" by Sophinisba Solis,
2nd: "At Crickhollow" by Dreamflower,
3rd: "defining a circle shape through points" by Dana,
Honorable Mention
--- "All for the Best" by Dana,
--- "Come and Catch Me" by storyfish,

***Races: Hobbits: Poetry***
1st: "Bilbo's Nursery Rhyme for Merry and Pippin" by Llinos,
2nd: "Young Master Merry" by Pearl Took,
3rd: "Farewell Lullaby" by Armariel,

***Races: Hobbits: Post-Grey Havens***
1st: "Starlight at Eventide" by Ariel,
2nd: "Peace Comes Dropping Slow" by Songspinner,
3rd: "Perspectives" by illyria-pffyffin,
Honorable Mention
--- "On the Way Home" by Citrine,
--- "Relics" by Nickey,

***Races: Hobbits: Post-Sauron's Fall***
1st: "Reaping" by Dreamflower,
2nd: "The Letter" by Gryffinjac,
3rd: "Make It One for Paladin" by Marta,
Honorable Mention
--- "Scattered Leaves" by Aratlithiel,
--- "An Army of Tooks" by Mariole,

***Races: Hobbits: Pre-Quest***
1st: "Passing Regrets" by Ariel,
2nd: "Cousin Calla" by Dreamflower,
3rd: "Caws Llyffant" by Llinos,
Honorable Mention
--- "Dear Diary" by Lily,
--- "Pearl of Great Price" by Lindelea,
--- "In Frodo's Hands" by Mews1945,

*** Races: Hobbits: War of the Ring***
1st: "First Night" by Pearl Took,
2nd: "The Importance of Being a Hobbit" by Lamiel,
3rd: "Not in Vain" by Pipwise Brandygin,
Honorable Mention
--- "Breeze" by illyria-pffyffin,

***Races: Men***
1st: "About Legends or Whisperings of a Ghost" by juno_magic,
2nd: "Planning Ahead" by Gwynnyd,
3rd: "The Circle" by Karenator,
Honorable Mention
--- "One Summer's Day" by Bodkin,
--- "I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes" by juno_magic,

***Races: Men: Aragorn Fixed-Length Ficlets***
1st: "Midwinter Rites" by Tanaqui,
2nd: "The Oathbreakers" by Branwyn,
3rd: "Man of the North" by Marta,

***Races: Men: Featuring Aragorn***
1st: "The White Tree" by Linda Hoyland,
2nd: "First Impressions" by Bodkin,
3rd: "The One" by Linda Hoyland, Raksha the Demon CoAuthors,
Honorable Mention
--- "To Labour and To Wait" by Gwynnyd,

***Races: Men: Fixed-Length Ficlets With Children***
1st: "It's the Thought" by annmarwalk,
2nd: "Thus Are Legends Born" by annmarwalk,
3rd: "The Steward's Dreams,
Honorable Mention
--- "Not Fair" by Tanaqui,

***Races: Men: Gondor***
1st: "Consolation" by EdorasLass,
2nd: "Do Not Think Me a Dream" by EdorasLass,
3rd: "Lossarnach Yule" by Isabeau of Greenlea,
Honorable Mention
--- "Music Lessons" by Acacea,

***Races: Men: Incomplete***
1st: "The King's Surgeon" by SurgicalSteel,
2nd: "Mirrors of Numenor" by Dostevsky's Mouse,
3rd: "Brothers at Heart" by Radbooks,
Honorable Mention
--- "The Golden Mask" by kwannom,

***Races: Men: Other-Fixed-Length Ficlets***
1st: "Roots and Branches" by Raksha the Demon,
2nd: "Those Who Challenge the Dead" by Nancy Brooke,
3rd: "Moon Friend: Tales of Isildur" by Elena Tiriel,

***Races: Men: Post-Sauron's Fall***
1st: "Finding the Right Words" by Nienor Niniel,
2nd: "Strange Meeting" by Nesta,
3rd: "Dance on the Way Down" by Aliana,
Honorable Mention
--- "Luck From the Ashes" by Raksha the Demon,

***Races: Men: Steward's Sons Fixed-Length Ficlet***
1st: "History Becomes Legend" by annmarwalk,
2nd: "Summoned" by Agape4Gondor,
3rd: "Forlorn Hope" by Nancy Brooke,
Honorable Mention
--- "Inheritance" by Acacea,
--- "Tharbad Crossing" by Gandalfs Apprentice,

***Races: Men: Vignette***
1st: "Until the King Returns" by Marta,
2nd: "The Road Not Taken" by Branwyn,
3rd: "An Empty Saddle to Fill" by Anoriath,
Honorable Mention
--- "Ships Passing" by Marta,
--- "The Last Yule in Halabor" by Soledad,

***Races: Villains: Fixed-Length Ficlet***
1st: "Dark Appetites" by Elena Tiriel,
2nd: "Claws" by Elena Tiriel,
3rd: "Blood Brothers" by Elana,

***Times: Early Third Age: Fixed-Length Ficlet***
1st: "Home Again" by Sulriel,
2nd: "A Hallowed Place of Both Peoples" by Imhiriel,
3rd: "A Little Thing" by Acacea,
Honorable Mention
--- "The Usurper" by Elena Tiriel,

***Times: First Age***
1st: "Oaths Foresworn" by Rhapsody,
2nd: "Voices on the Wind" by Phyncke,
3rd: "The Gift" by Dawn Felagund,
Honorable Mention
--- "Raven Hair and Silver Eyes" by Ellie,
--- "Father and Daughter" by Imhiriel,

***Times: First Age: Fixed-Length Ficlet***
1st: "Swan Dance" by Rhapsody,
2nd: "The Parting Gift" by Imhiriel,
3rd: "Great Heart" by Raksha the Demon,

***Times: First Age: Incomplete***
1st: "Strange Fortunes" by Tehta,
2nd: "Dawn of a New Age: First Age" by elliska,
3rd: "House of Finwe" by Ghettoelleth,
Honorable Mention
--- "Feanorian Fates Drabble Series" by Alassante,

***Times: Fourth Age***
1st: "Birnam Wood" by Inkling,
2nd: "A New Year" by Bodkin,
3rd: "The Stories of Our People" by Pearl Took,
Honorable Mention
--- "Sweet Woodbine" by Bodkin,
--- "In the Woods" by Werecat,

***Times: Fourth Age: Fixed-Length Ficlet***
1st: "A Lesser and Alien Race" by Marta,
2nd: "The Will" by LydiaB,
3rd: "The Burdens of Office" by Tanaqui,
Honorable Mention
--- "300 Horses" by Rous,

***Times: Fourth Age: Gondor***
1st: "Red River" by Altariel,
2nd: "Legend" by Raksha the Demon,
3rd: "The Lost" by Altariel,
Honorable Mention
--- "The Recall" by Isabeau of Greenlea,

***Times: Fourth Age: Incomplete***
1st: "Rivendell 9 to 5" by Claudio,
2nd: "Incubus" by Werecat,
3rd: "The Golden Bell of Greenleaf" by lwarren,

***Times: Fourth Age: The Shire***
1st: "A Rabbit's Tale" by Grey Wonderer,
2nd: "Sword Play" by Lindelea,
3rd: "The Grey at the End of the World" by jodancingtree,

***Times: Late Third Age***
1st: "Birthday Kisses" by Raksha the Demon,
2nd: "Call Yourself Thorongil" by Nilmandra,
3rd: "Boats to Build" by Nancy Brooke,
Honorable Mention
--- "Shoot the Moon" by mistycracraft,
--- "A Merry Old Inn" by Dreamflower,

***Times: Late Third Age: Fixed-Length Ficlet***
1st: "Wizardry" by Dwimordene,
2nd: "On the Fair Hill" by Imhiriel,
3rd: "Unchanged" by Marta,

***Times: Late Third Age: The Shire***
1st: "Home At Last" by Dreamflower,
2nd: "A Tisket, A Tasket" by Grey Wonderer,
3rd: "If I Had a Hammer" by Grey Wonderer,
Honorable Mention
--- "Just Us Lads" by pippinfan88,
--- "Inheritance" by Primsong,
--- "Nothing of Note" by Primsong,

***Times: Multi-Age: Incomplete***
1st: "Tales of Life" by Ainu Laire,
2nd: "To the King!" by Ithil-Valon,
3rd: "Champions: Out of the Past" by LadyDeb1970,

***Times: The Great Years***
1st: "Necessity and Desire" by Gwynnyd,
2nd: "Elements" by Pearl Took,
3rd: "An Exaltation of Larks" by Ibilover,
Honorable Mention
--- "Don't Panic!" by Boz4PM,

***Times: The Great Years: General Fixed-Length Ficlets***
1st: "Homecomings" by Marta,
2nd: "Wishing on the Stars" by Marigold,
3rd: "Such an Hour" by SlightlyTookish,
Honorable Mention
--- "Along the Morgai" by Rabidsamfan,

***Times: The Great Years: Gondor***
1st: "The Falcon and the Star" by Raksha the Demon,
2nd: "A Length of Haradric Silk" by annmarwalk,
3rd: "The Still Point" by stultiloquentia,
Honorable Mention
--- "Black Hour" by Nesta,
--- "The Hours of Waiting" by Nesta,
--- "Athelas" by Waltraute,

***Times: The Great Years: Gondor Fixed-Length Ficlet***
1st: "Following Orders" by EdorasLass,
2nd: "But the Scent Still Lingers" by Imhiriel,
3rd: "Gondor Needs No King" by Ribby,
Honorable Mention
--- "Last Defence of the City" by Branwyn,
--- "Drift" by Ribby,

***Times: The Great Years: Poetry***
1st: "Lord of the Rings Limericks, Chapters One and Two" by Llinos,
2nd: "To the Abyss" by Minuialeth,
3rd: "The Shield-maid's Dance of Death" by Marta,

***Tiems: The Great Years: Post-Sauron's Fall***
1st: "In the Service of the King" by Grey Wonderer,
2nd: "The Three Towers" by Shirebound,
3rd: "To See Justice Done" by Lindelea,
Honorable Mention
--- "Chance Encounter" by Dreamflower,

***Times: The Great Years: The Fellowship***
1st: "The Summons" by Gandalfs Apprentice,
2nd: "Healing the Healer" by SlightlyTookish,
3rd: "Whispers of the Dragon" by Shirebound,

***Times: The Great Years: Vignette***
1st: "Flotsam" by Salsify,
2nd: "King's Man" by Gandalfs Apprentice,
3rd: "The Remains of Power" by Pearl Took,

+++++Author Results++++
***Genres: Adventure: General Authors***
1st: Branwyn
2nd: Nilmandra
3rd: Dreamflower
Honorable Mention: daw the minstrel; Katzilla; SlightlyTookish

***Genres: Alternate Universe: General Authors***
1st: EdorasLass
2nd: Dana
3rd: AmandaK
Honorable Mention: Alassante; digdigil; juno_magic; Katzilla;
Ottis413; pipkinsweetgrass; Ribby

***Genres: Drama: General Authors***
1st: annmarwalk
2nd: Dwimordene
3rd: EdorasLass
Honorable Mention: Acacea; Alawa; Branwyn; Budgielover; Dawn Felagund;
digdigil; DrummerWench; Elanor; elliska; GamgeeFest; Gandalfs
Apprentice; Inkling; Isabeau of Greenlea; Isil Elensar; Katzilla; Lady
Aranel; Larner; Marigold; Marta; NeumeIndil; Nilmandra; pippinfan88;
Rabidsamfan; Rhapsody; Space Weavil

***Genres: Drama: Fixed-Length Ficlet Authors***
1st: Branwyn
2nd: Altariel
3rd: Gandalfs Apprentice
Honorable Mention: Ghettoelleth; Minuialeth; Rabidsamfan; Tanaqui; Werecat

***Genres: Drama: Poetry Authors***
1st: Dwimordene
2nd: Alassante
3rd: Vana Tuivana
Honorable Mention: Dreamflower

***Genres: Humor: General Authors***
1st: Gandalfs Apprentice
2nd: EdorasLass
3rd: Raksha the Demon
Honorable Mention: Alassante; annmarwalk; Bodkin; Grey Wonderer;
Gwynnyd; Linda Hoyland; Llinos; Marigold; NeumeIndil; Oshun;
pippinfan88; Rhapsody; Space Weavil; Thundera Tiger; Werecat

***Genres: Non-Fiction: General Authors***
1st: Sulriel
2nd: Dreamflower
3rd: Rabidsamfan

***Genres: Romance: General Authors***
1st: annmarwalk
2nd: Madeleine
3rd: Branwyn
Honorable Mention: annmarwalk/EdorasLass CoAuthors; Bodkin; Gwynnyd;
Lady Aranel; Lady Bluejay; Oshun; pippinfan88; Raihon; Raksha the
Demon; SilverMoonLady; stefaniab; Thevina Finduilas Trekqueen

***Genres: Romance: Fixed-Length Ficlet Authors***
1st: Marta
2nd: Gandalfs Apprentice
3rd: Raksha the Demon

***Genres: Romance: Poetry Authors***
1st: Llinos
2nd: Vana Tuivana
3rd: pipkinsweetgrass

***Races: Cross-Cultural: General Authors***
1st: Marigold
2nd: Dawn Felagund
3rd: Bodkin
Honorable Mention: Gandalfs Apprentice; Indigo Bunting; Lindelea;
Marta; meckinock; Raksha the Demon; Thevina Finduilas

***Races: Cross-Cultural: Fixed-Length Ficlet Authors***
1st: Gandalfs Apprentice
2nd: Isabeau of Greenlea
3rd: Raksha the Demon

***Races: Dwarves: General Authors***
1st: annmarwalk
2nd: Thevina Finduilas
3rd: Salsify

***Races: Dwarves: Fixed-Length Ficlet Authors***
1st: annmarwalk
2nd: Tanaqui
3rd: Elen Kortirion

***Races: Elves: General Authors***
1st: Dawn Felagund
2nd: AWing
3rd: daw the minstrel
Honorable Mention: digdigil; Jay of Lasgalen; Rhapsody; Space Weavil;
The Bookbinder's Daughter

***Races: Elves: Fixed-Length Ficlet Authors***
1st: Raksha the Demon
2nd: Marta
3rd: Gandalfs Apprentice
Honorable Mention: elliska; Lady Aranel; Minuialeth

***Races: Elves: Poetry Authors***
1st: Aearwen

***Races: Hobbits: General Authors***
1st: Marigold
2nd: Lindelea
3rd: Dreamflower
Honorable Mention: Anso the Hobbit; Ariel; Budgielover; Citrine; Dana;
Dinossiel; Garnet Took; Grey Wonderer; Lamiel; Llinos; Marta; Pearl
Took; pipkinsweetgrass; pippinfan88; Pipwise Brandygin; Ruby Nye;
SlightlyTookish; Songspinner; storyfish; Vistula the Dunadan

***Races: Hobbits: Fixed-Length Ficlet***
1st: Marigold
2nd: annmarwalk
3rd: Nancy Brooke
Honorable Mention: Gwynnyd; SilverMoonLady; Tanaqui

***Races: Hobbits: Poetry Authors***
1st: Llinos
2nd: Lindelea
3rd: Armariel

***Races: Men: General Authors******
1st: Branwyn
2nd: Isabeau of Greenlea
3rd: Gwynnyd
Honorable Mention: Aliana; Bodkin; Dostoevsky's Mouse; EdorasLass;
juno_magic; Karenator; Kenaz; Linda Hoyland; Marta; Nesta; Raksha the
Demon; Soledad; Thevina Finduilas

***Races: Men: Fixed-Length Ficlet Authors***
1st: annmarwalk
2nd: Branwyn
3rd: Marta
Honorable Mention: Nancy Brooke; Raksha the Demon; Tanaqui

***Races: Villains: Fixed-Length Ficlet Author***
1st: Tanaqui
2nd: Elena Tiriel

***Times: Early Third Age: Fixed-Length Ficlet Authors***
1st: Imhiriel
2nd: Marta
3rd: Elena Tiriel
Honorable Mention: Tanaqui

***Times: First Age: General Authors***
1st: Dawn Felagund
2nd: Rhapsody
3rd: AWing
Honorable Mention: Alassante; elliska; Ghettoelleth; Imhiriel;
Rhapsody/Robinka CoAuthors; Tehta

***Times: First Age: Fixed-Length Ficlet Authors***
1st: Imhiriel
2nd: Raksha the Demon
3rd: Rhapsody

***Times: Fourth Age: General Authors***
1st: Bodkin
2nd: Raksha the Demon
3rd: Altariel
Honorable Mention: Inkling; Isabeau of Greenlea; Lady Aranel;
Lindelea; Ottis413; Pearl Took; Werecat

***Times: Fourth Age: Fixed-Length Ficlet Authors***
1st: Marta
2nd: Gwynnyd
3rd: Tanaqui

***Times: Late Third Age: General Authors***
1st: Raksha the Demon
2nd: Dreamflower
3rd: Nilmandra
Honorable Mention: Grey Wonderer; Nancy Brooke; pippinfan88; Primsong

***Times: Late Third Age: Fixed-Length Ficlet Authors***
1st: Dwimordene
2nd: Imhiriel
3rd: Marta
Honorable Mention:

***Times: The Great Years: General Authors***
1st: annmarwalk
2nd: Raksha the Demon
3rd: Gandalfs Apprentice
Honorable Mention: Forodwaith; Grey Wonderer; Gwynnyd; hossgal;
Illwynd; Larner; Lindelea; Marta; Nesta; Rabidsamfan; Robinka;
Salsify; Shirebound; Waltraute

***Times: The Great Years: Fixed-Length Ficlet Authors***
1st: Branwyn
2nd: Marta
3rd: Imhiriel
Honorable Mention: EdorasLass; Marigold

***Times: The Great Years: Poetry Authors***
1st: Llinos
2nd: Minuialeth
3rd: Dreamflower