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Msg# 8178

First Votes Will Be Made Public Soon Posted by aure\_enteluva September 16, 2007 - 19:20:25 Topic ID# 8178
Hey guys,

Beginning October 1, reviews will start showing up at our website.
Beginning that day, you will see two new links when you log in to

Read Reviews
Read Reviews already written and scored.

Read Reviews By Reviewer
Read Reviews already written and scored, with a filter for
Reviewers. Defaults to reading your own reviews.

Clicking on either link will show you any final reviews already
entered into the website. And there have been quite a few already
entered. We'll display newly-entered final reviews once a week, until
the end of voting on December 30.

Why am I telling you all of this? First, because it's exciting, and I
know many of you who are authors are looking forward to seeing your
reviews? Also, if you've entered any final reviews they'll be
displayed beginning October 1. If you don't want this to happen, I
suggest you change their status from draft to hidden; that way it will
still count even if you don't do anything more to the review, but you
can still edit it through December 30.

You won't be able to edit final reviews after October 1. If you make
an actual mistake like you enter a review for the wrong story or
forget to mark off a quote, you can email the following to

- your name
- the ID # of the story (or the title of the story if you don't know
the ID #)
- what you would like the review to read

If you email me this information before December 30, I'll change it
for you. However, I'll only do this if there's a mistake that needs
correcting. If you just want to make your review longer, I won't do
this. If you think you'll want to edit a final review, make sure you
change its status from Final to either Draft or Hidden BEFORE OCTOBER
1. (I recommend hidden in most cases; if you change it to draft,
you'll need to change it back to hidden or final before December 30
for it to count.)

Also: I will need a volunteer who will have fairly regular internet
access between now and the end of the awards. This person will be
posting reviews to this group as they are made available on the
website. It would take maybe 10-15 minutes a day, if that.

I hope you are all having fun reviewing! If you have any questions or
need help, please feel free to ask.