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Msg# 8367

MEFA Reviews for November 1, 2007 (Part 2) Posted by Ann November 01, 2007 - 5:28:49 Topic ID# 8367
Title: In This These Days of Glory: From Autumn to Spring · Author:
Dana · Races: Hobbits: Gapfiller · ID: 567
Reviewer: Larner · 2007-10-12 10:55:19
And we see the evil of the Time of Troubles begin to grow, as Lotho
and Lobelia realise that the possession of Bag End fails to give them
the respect they felt they deserved. And things build until the day
Rosie knows that Sam WILL come home once more.


Title: Dragonfire · Author: White Wolf · Genres: Adventure · ID: 482
Reviewer: Larner · 2007-10-12 10:58:42
So often does White Wolf send Aragorn and Legolas in to dangerous
situations, and this one is worse than many, for between an
enchantress with magic gems to enslave others and enrich herself at
the expense of their life force and a dragon--even one in debt to
themselves, they are in for quite a time. But if anyone can prevail,
it is this pair.

Ingenious and fascinating.

Title: Triolet: The Weaver's Song · Author: annmarwalk · Genres:
Poetry · ID: 553
Reviewer: Larner · 2007-10-12 11:01:51
A marvelous poem-charm to add warmth and richness and protection to
the cloth from which Boromir's cloak is made.

The rhyme scheme and scanning are perfect, as are the images the poem
evokes. As always, Ann says so much in so few words, yet does so
richly and with great beauty.

Title: Shadows of a Nameless Fear · Author: Budgielover · Genres:
Adventure: Minas Tirith · ID: 766
Reviewer: Larner · 2007-10-12 11:04:38
The war is over, perhaps, but not the danger to Frodo and his friends
and companions. For men and orcs desire to take the Ringbearer and
enrich themselves--and avenge themselves--through him. But his friends
will not allow him to know all the danger....

A fascinating tale of adventure within and without the walls of Minas

Title: A Useful Skill · Author: EdorasLass · Genres: Humor: Children ·
ID: 46
Reviewer: Rhapsody · 2007-10-12 11:06:18
Oh, this was very touching and I am glad that I followed the link from
AmandaK's story [Darn those socks] to this one. I love Denethor's
close involvement in his son's upbringing, his concerns and worries
that Faramir learns the right skills is so understandable here.
Faramir's eagerness to show what he's doing (aww, so cute!) and
Denethor's reaction to it shows me a Denethor of who I think he is: a
complicated man but a good and devoted dad. What I specifically liked
about this short story was how Denethor stood still and tried to
remember who taught him to darn those socks, making him very human to
me. The author mingles memories of the past with the present in a very
effective manner. In addition, please stop flinging with those
nuzguls: no wonder that they bite our ankles so hard, they must be
preparing for the slinging around like you girls do! ;)

Title: Rauros, golden Rauros-falls · Author: Imhiriel · Genres: Humor:
Drabble · ID: 624
Reviewer: Larner · 2007-10-12 11:07:34
Oh, Imhiriel--what you've done to poor Boromir! I think he needs
Granny Weatherwax's sign--the one that reads I HAIN'T DEAD YET! Oh,
but I know I shouldn't laugh, not with him going over----

Title: Lamentable Tidings · Author: rhyselle · Genres: Alternate
Universe: Incomplete · ID: 742
Reviewer: Isabeau of Greenlea · 2007-10-12 11:15:42
Whew! Darkfic indeed, at least for poor Faramir! But to counter that
darkness we have a Boromir who is still alive and a Denethor who is
roused by his younger son's fate to defiance rather than despair. Good
characterizations throughout, though of course I would love to see
some of the back-stories hinted at here-Boromir at Amon Hen and at
Helm's Deep. The latter would be particularly interesting, since no
one I know of has covered it. The relationships between characters are
also well-done-Boromir's now-easy cooperation with Aragorn (I
particularly love the scene where Aragorn has him watch while he looks
in the palantir), his connection with his younger brother, which has
him full of fear and trepidation, and Pippin's new but sympathetic
service to Denethor.

I do hope that you will finish this-I want to know how it all ends!

Title: A Kingly Discussion · Author: GamgeeFest · Races: Hobbits:
Post-Grey Havens · ID: 780
Reviewer: Larner · 2007-10-12 11:17:37
The evening at the inn waxes interesting as they discuss the thank-you
letter the Gaffer received from the King. Odd folks, Men are--needing
to be reminded who their fathers are and wearin' shoes and all, and
wanderin' about through the wild. What a way to pick a
leader--choosin' one as needed to be brought up by Elves! But he's
right polite!

Brings a nice smile to one's face, this one does.

Title: Too Many Adverbs · Author: Branwyn · Genres: Humor: Drabble ·
ID: 660
Reviewer: Larner · 2007-10-12 11:20:02
A frustrated tutor tries to deal with a recalictrant student who
doesn't wish to study grammar. So, the orcs may be armed with parts of
speech? Heh!

Title: Fun with Farm'n · Author: Súlriel · Races: Villains: Drabble ·
ID: 269
Reviewer: Larner · 2007-10-12 11:23:22
Ooh--it's time to fertilize the field, but it appears the farmer ain't
dead yet. Orcs have an ODD and disgusting way of farming!

Definitely took me by surprise! Have some fun, will they? (Shivers!)

Title: The Last Temptation · Author: Maeve Riannon · Genres: Drama:
Second Age or Earlier · ID: 264
Reviewer: Larner · 2007-10-12 13:29:59
Intimately sad, the fate of Melian and her grandchildren. Yes, Morgoth
had been fair once, but was now brought to ugliness; will it be the
same with this Maia? But to watch the children die....

Title: A Thankless Task · Author: EdorasLass · Genres: Drama: Youth ·
ID: 49
Reviewer: Rhapsody · 2007-10-12 13:40:43
Oh, this was another gem of Edoraslass set in the sock!universe: it
almost picks up after [A Useful Skill] where Denethor decides that
Boromir needs to learn how to mend his clothes. This time the story is
told from the nanny's perspective who is not blind for the weaknesses
and strengths of both boys. When reading these short stories in this
universe, we eventually will know that Boromir will regret not having
mastered these skills in [Darn those socks!]. The author brings in a
great deal of foreshadowing too and I love her interpretation of this
young Faramir who is so thirsty of knowledge and wants to learn new
skills. I don't find it easy to like Boromir as a canon character, but
this little story showed me as a reader how he could have become so
haughty and well yet I feel for this teen. It seems like he managed to
convince his father extremely well that he doesn't need it. After all,
an heir will not stray far from the city he vowed to protect.
Faramir's glimpses of foresight just gave me the shivers. I really
loved reading the stories in this !verse, so thanks to both authors
for writing this!

Title: Transformation · Author: Imhiriel · Races: Men: General Drabble
· ID: 185
Reviewer: Rhapsody · 2007-10-12 13:51:35
Oh yum! I think Imhiriel has a wonderful feel to portray Imrahil in a
delightful manner. This drabble is not exception! The author presents
a proud and yet carefree Prince who is just working amongst his crew.
His observations of the ships around him, the capturing of the ship
and the banner unfurled all add to this atmospheric description of a
summer day where every citizen of Dol Amroth must have felt just as
proud as Imrahil at that moment. He must have been a very popular
prince in the eyes of his own people. Wonderfully drabbled with a
vivid scene with good word usage!

Title: In Body and Mind · Author: Nessime · Races: Cross-Cultural:
Drabble · ID: 759
Reviewer: Lindelea · 2007-10-12 14:43:11
Lovely weaving from footnoted hints.

Title: Rekindling · Author: Tanaqui · Races: Men: General Drabble ·
ID: 688
Reviewer: Lindelea · 2007-10-12 14:43:23
Beautifully done, reflecting sensitivity and knowledge of tradition,
custom and relationships.

Title: Dragon Lore · Author: Tanaqui · Races: Villains: Drabble · ID: 404
Reviewer: Lindelea · 2007-10-12 14:43:36
Drenched in irony ["Fight fire with fire"], darkly fascinating, and

Title: Waste Not, Want Not · Author: Tanaqui · Races: Villains:
Drabble · ID: 722
Reviewer: Lindelea · 2007-10-12 14:43:47
Chilling, as intended - barbaric acts rendered commonplace by mention
of dinner.

Title: Never Lack · Author: Ruby Nye · Times: Late Third Age:
3018-3022 TA: General Drabble · ID: 453
Reviewer: Lindelea · 2007-10-12 14:44:01
Powerful use of imagery; you tell a man's life-story in a mere hundred

Title: Point, Counterpoint · Author: Marta · Races: Villains: Drabble
· ID: 573
Reviewer: Lindelea · 2007-10-12 14:44:17
Gorgeous! Imagery, word-choice, archaic language, rhythm of religious
writings; very well done.

Title: Fun with Farm'n · Author: Súlriel · Races: Villains: Drabble ·
ID: 269
Reviewer: Lindelea · 2007-10-12 14:44:29
Dark, grim, hideous in its conception, and yet possessing an awful logic.

Title: Rauros, golden Rauros-falls · Author: Imhiriel · Genres: Humor:
Drabble · ID: 624
Reviewer: Lindelea · 2007-10-12 14:44:40
Absolutely wicked. I shouldn't chuckle, but for some reason, I do.
(perhaps choking would be more appropriate?)

Title: Stranger in a strange land · Author: Tanaqui · Races: Men:
General Drabble · ID: 695
Reviewer: Lindelea · 2007-10-12 14:44:53
Well done, indeed! Vivid imagery, clever wording. ["The blare of giant
horns, curved round the trumpeters' bodies, added grace notes to a
headache gifted by the remorseless sun. Still to come: interminable
speeches, too many over-spiced dishes, dancing girls, acrobats...."]
Nice conclusion, very likely.

Title: More Than Just Years · Author: Llinos · Genres: Adventure:
Minas Tirith · ID: 362
Reviewer: PipMer · 2007-10-12 14:45:05
This is a delightful story centering around the relationship between
Pippin and Gandalf, something that I always love to read about. It
starts out when Pippin is just a wee faunt, and meets Gandalf for the
first time. Merry plays a small part as well as Pippin's 'protector'.
The story takes up again in Minas Tirith, with more interaction
between Pippin and Gandalf as Pippin prepares to light the beacons.
The portrayal of Gandalf as grandfatherly and protective is very well
done, and Pippin is drawn to perfection as he moves from childhood to

Well done!

Title: Crossing · Author: Tanaqui · Races: Men: Gondor Drabble · ID: 693
Reviewer: Lindelea · 2007-10-12 14:45:07
Wonderful use of imagery. ["caught the gleam of the ferryman's eyes as
he glanced over his shoulder to sight their landing and correct their

Title: Aftershocks · Author: Gwynnyd · Times: Second Age: Drabble ·
ID: 504
Reviewer: Lindelea · 2007-10-12 14:45:18
So much is told (and hinted at) in this review. The Fall of Numenor,
as seen from a distance, and hints as to why and how it fell.