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Msg# 8394

MEFA Reviews for November 7, 2007 (Part 2) Posted by Ann November 07, 2007 - 4:49:52 Topic ID# 8394
Title: Coda Author: Imhiriel Times: Second Age: Drabble ID: 627
Reviewer: Lindelea 2007-10-18 21:52:30
Such elegant use of imagery and metaphor to personalize tragedy.
Somehow I am reminded of all those papers flying from the WTC
before/during/after their fall.

Title: Could Will Have Its Way Author: Nancy Brooke Races: Men:
Gondor Drabble ID: 286
Reviewer: Lindelea 2007-10-18 22:01:47
O my. Powerful writing, fantastic construction with the repetition of
the question(s) [How could I not...?] giving structure to the piece.
There are logical reasons put forth to personalize Denethor's action,
making him more of a tragic figure and less of a caricature than the
film would have one think. What struck me on re-reading was the
progression of emotion from grief to resolve to hopeless despair.
Excellent, one of the best stand-alone drabbles I've seen yet.

Title: Where There's Life, There's Hope (and in need of vittles)
Author: annmarwalk Genres: Drama: Gondor Drabble ID: 463
Reviewer: Lindelea 2007-10-18 22:06:27
O yes, very cleverly done! You begin with an image from the book and
segue into something new, but eminently believable. Nice play on the
senses and emotions.

Title: Another Doom Author: mrkinch Races: Men: Gondor Drabble
ID: 663
Reviewer: Lindelea 2007-10-18 22:09:03
Nice explanation of why Boromir took on the task from his brother.
Reads like poetry.

Title: Darkness Visible Author: Tanaqui Times: Late Third Age:
3018-3022 TA: Gondor Drabble ID: 725
Reviewer: Lindelea 2007-10-18 22:11:20
Nice. Engages all the senses, reaches out to the emotions, calls on
the reader's memory of similar experience. Reminds me of the eruption
of Mt. St. Helens, actually.

Title: Maiden Voyage Author: Fawsley Races: Cross-Cultural:
Drabble ID: 654
Reviewer: Lindelea 2007-10-18 22:13:01
Breathtaking in its imagery and progression, from tangible to
intangible. Left me breathless and amazed.

Title: Gifts of the People Author: Ribby Times: Late Third Age:
3018-3022 TA: Gondor Drabble ID: 472
Reviewer: Lindelea 2007-10-18 22:14:18
This left me grinning in delight. Such a wise King - but was there
ever any doubt? (Perhaps among the Gondorians, but certainly not in my

Title: Night Terrors Author: Tanaqui Times: Mid Third Age: 2851 -
3017 TA: Drabble ID: 752
Reviewer: Lindelea 2007-10-18 22:16:02
Sweet. But it took me awhile to "get" the title!

Title: Mistaken Author: Fawsley Genres: Humor: Drabble ID: 490
Reviewer: Lindelea 2007-10-18 22:17:35
LOL! Well done, and nice surprise at the end. (If only...)

Title: Through Shadows Author: Marta Times: Late Third Age:
3018-3022 TA: General Drabble ID: 620
Reviewer: Lindelea 2007-10-18 22:23:23
Oooo. This one left me with shivers. Very nicely done.

Title: Cultural Exchanges In Gondor Author: Llinos/Marigold
CoAuthors Times: Late Third Age: 3018-3022 TA: Other Fixed-Length
Ficlet ID: 94
Reviewer: White Wolf 2007-10-18 22:28:06
What a charming collection of tiny vignettes, neatly woven together.
It was a delight to move through each in turn, never knowing what
those curious and amazing hobbits were going to find next. It was fun
to guess just what each discovery was going to be, as the clues were

Definitely a fun read.

Title: Observations Author: grey_wonderer Races: Hobbits: Children
ID: 204
Reviewer: Lindelea 2007-10-18 22:28:36
O yes, I remember this story. This is an absolute delight, and so very
true to life in its observation of the literalness of children, and
the exploration of a special father-son relationship (you just know
Merry had to be well-brought-up, in order to be the person he was on
the Quest, and accomplish what he did). As always, GW's dialogue rings
true, the settings are so well described as to make the reader feel
like being there, and the timing perfect. I love the conclusion, where
the father learns as important a lesson as his son! As an added bonus,
a clever Prologue precedes the main course.

Title: One Frodo Too Many Author: Baranduin Genres: Humor: Parody
ID: 683
Reviewer: Lindelea 2007-10-18 22:30:45
As you may know, I prefer het and gen, but I took a chance on this one
and found it very cleverly done. This bit in particular had me
rolling: ["even the Master himself said that others would come after
him to expand the tale in music and painting and drama, though "
cough " it seems unlikely that he had quite these kinds of stories in

The Frodos preened again; even triangle!Frodo sat up a little
straighter and wiped away his tears.

Book!Frodo shuddered. "Descended from me you are, yes but otnay
ootay rightbay," he said. At their quizzical glances, he waved a hand.
"A very ancient form of Elvish, accessible only in very old scrolls in

Title: Behind Every Great Man... Author: annmarwalk Times: Mid
Third Age: 2851 - 3017 TA: Drabble ID: 52
Reviewer: Lindelea 2007-10-18 22:31:05
Very funny! I am quite fond of extremely competent personal servants.
(Need one, actually.)

Title: A Game of Chess Author: Marta Genres: Drama: Gondor Drabble
ID: 605
Reviewer: Lindelea 2007-10-18 22:31:16
Started out skeptical - surely it was no new game to him. But your
clever explanation answered that nicely.

Title: Spring after Winter Author: annmarwalk Times: Mid Third
Age: 2851 - 3017 TA: Drabble ID: 462
Reviewer: Lindelea 2007-10-18 22:31:31
Excellent. Excellent. (I seem to be repeating myself.) The dream
imagery, so winsome and wooing, so true to the senses; the reluctance
to wake, the joy and laughter awaiting... This is one of the best
"takes" I've seen on this scene. Very well done.

Title: The Waves' Song Author: Branwyn Genres: Drama: General
Drabble ID: 6
Reviewer: Lindelea 2007-10-18 22:32:01
The tragedy of this piece grabs my throat and leaves me shaken. Once
again I'm astounded at the power of words to be woven, turning prose
into poetry, and that it falls within the scope of a drabble makes it
even more of a wonder. [Winter swept from the north on grey gull
wings. Chill waves furrowed the grass, while the branches above surged
and heaved in a golden tempest of leaves.]

Title: Geometry Author: Branwyn Genres: Drama: Gondor Drabble ID: 80
Reviewer: Lindelea 2007-10-18 22:32:14
Very nice use of symbolism and imagery. Well done, especially within
the confines of the drabble form.

Title: Stopping by Woods Author: Branwyn Genres: Drama: Vignette
ID: 19
Reviewer: Lindelea 2007-10-18 22:34:19
O very nice fusion. One would almost think the poem a part of the
story rather than an external source of inspiration. You do a nice job
of weaving images, involving all the senses; and often your prose
makes itself into poetry. [Night fell early at the turning of the
year, and the birch trees gleamed like bleached bones in the twilight.
Snow swept across the western highway, stirring the yellow leaves that
lay heaped around the milestone.] and [The only sound was the sweep of
snow among the bare branches.] and [Feathers of snow soon brushed away
their tracks] were among my favourite passages.

I do wish Faramir might one day be able to trace his brother's
journey. I could see him doing that. (I have Pippin's son Faramir
doing much the same thing, in draft form at present.)

Title: Through Shadows Author: Marta Times: Late Third Age:
3018-3022 TA: General Drabble ID: 620
Reviewer: Tanaqui 2007-10-18 23:28:03
Marta has captured Dwarven culture very effectively here with her use
of language and proper names. I particularly liked Gimli's reaction to
Frodo having seen the vision Gimli was hoping to share.

Title: Shadows of the Past Author: Marta Genres: Drama: General
Drabble ID: 331
Reviewer: Tanaqui 2007-10-18 23:30:03
This is a very effective look at Smeagol's corruption into Gollum at
first still with enough humanity (Hobbitity?) to bury Deagol with some
ceremony and to feel remorse, even if only in dreams. Only for those
feelings to slip away as Smeagol's true nature is consumed and
corrupted by the ring. The imagery of the ring of golden sunflowers
mirroring the gold of the One Ring is very striking. Well done!

Title: Diversion Author: Mar'isu Times: Late Third Age: 3018-3022
TA: General Drabble ID: 708
Reviewer: Tanaqui 2007-10-18 23:34:38
This is an extremely plausible extrapolation from canon of what
Glorfindel might have done in lieu of going with the Fellowship. I
love the characterisation of Glorfindel as a stern and uncompromising
warrior - giving real depth to a character who in canon is mostly
present in rather impersonal accounts of heroism - and I am impressed
by the deft use of his first age backstory to illuminate his present
actions. Very nicely done.

Title: Mettare Duties Author: Marta Genres: Romance: Other
Fixed-Length Ficlet ID: 647
Reviewer: Tanaqui 2007-10-18 23:36:30
This is a vivid and entertaining picture (and undeniably erotic in an
understated way) of personal moments amidst the tedium of court
politics. I'm not sure which part I like most: the depth of
characterisation in small details such as the reference to Eowyn's
[restless hands]; the intimacy in the exchanges between Faramir and
Eowyn, such as Faramir's thought that [Dernhelm lurked beneath her
surface, and he loved both shieldmaiden and hearth-warmer]; or your
effective use of Michael Longcor's song. Very nicely done!

Title: Woven in Friendship Author: SlightlyTookish Races:
Cross-Cultural: With Pippin ID: 290
Reviewer: Garnet Took 2007-10-19 00:57:42
For a short ficlet this story says a lot. There are hints of things to
come, and even a hint of Pippin's Tookish Sight. There are memories
also, memories of war and rescue. There is also the love of friends
and family.

This story also has something not found a lot in fan fiction; the
friendship and understanding between Pippin and Eowyn. It would be
nice to see more of this relationship.

Title: Last Light Author: Ignoble Bard Genres: Drama ID: 194
Reviewer: Raksha the Demon 2007-10-19 00:58:19
Very poignant and unusual ficlet, complete with a splendid photo
illustration; from a POV I haven't seen before in Tolkien fanfiction.
This story is sad and dark, but fits well into Tolkien's MIddle-earth.