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MEFA Reviews for November 14, 2007 (Part 1) Posted by Ann November 14, 2007 - 4:34:10 Topic ID# 8413
Title: Resurrection · Author: Dwimordene · Genres: Alternate Universe
· ID: 265
Reviewer: Larner · 2007-11-01 00:28:52
How many of us have wished something like this might have happened,
that we see Halbarad and Aragorn side by side, Halbarad not dead upon
the Pelennor but serving both lands....

A marvelous, very realistic look at how it Might Have Been.

Title: Testaments of the Past · Author: Dreamflower/Gryffinjack
CoAuthors · Races: Hobbits: Post-Grey Havens · ID: 549
Reviewer: Larner · 2007-11-01 00:31:36
A very poignant look at the life and loss of Frodo Baggins by those
who loved and knew him best, as they learn how they did NOT know him.

Sad, joyful, poignant, angsty. How deeply they miss him, and with such
reason. The combination of story and images of artifacts, and the
finding of that chain....

Moving indeed, and strongly recommended.

Title: Through Shadows · Author: Marta · Times: Late Third Age:
3018-3022 TA: General Drabble · ID: 620
Reviewer: Larner · 2007-11-01 00:35:47
Oh, Marta--such a perfect moment for Dwarf and Hobbit! And to know
that Frodo is equally able to empathise with Hobbits, Elves, Men, and
Dwarves--how marvelous.

Well, well done look at a special moment shared between Gimli for the
Dwarves and the Ringbearer.

Title: Tradition · Author: Tanaqui · Races: Cross-Cultural: Drabble ·
ID: 691
Reviewer: Larner · 2007-11-01 00:38:29
A marvelous look at the traditions of Rohirric minstrely, as Faramir
learns why he must not question Gleowine.

Excellent reason for the lack of writing from that day.

Title: Well-Lettered (The Director's Cut) · Author: Ribby · Races:
Men: Other Fixed-Length Ficlet · ID: 762
Reviewer: Larner · 2007-11-01 01:32:57
I love this look at King and Steward reading together, both just
scholars together. Such a wonderful look at the men not as warriors or
leaders, but as themselves, sharing a love of lore.

Title: Property Rights · Author: Salsify · Races: Cross-Cultural · ID: 74
Reviewer: Larner · 2007-11-01 02:28:11
One of the best fics for explaining how long-term prejudices keep
getting handed on to new generations. Well written from the POV first
of Bard the Bowman and then Thorin Oakenshield as the two of them
attempt negotiations (or not) about the treasure collected by Smaug
and who has how much claim to what.

Title: Truly Tested · Author: Súlriel · Times: Mid Third Age: 2851 -
3017 TA: Drabble · ID: 257
Reviewer: Linda hoyland · 2007-11-01 05:00:21
[spoiler warning]

A chilling drabble about the difference between learning to fight and
actually fighting and killing.
Aragorn's first real battle is vividly depicted and sent chills down
my spine.

Title: Lighting Fires · Author: Gwynnyd · Genres: Adventure: Pre-Ring
War · ID: 95
Reviewer: Raksha the Demon · 2007-11-01 06:02:28
An excellent adventure that is more than an adventure, taking place in
Imladris during Aragorn's childhood.

Gwynnyd is a fine writer, and brings young Estel and his wise Elven
foster-brother to vivid life. Estel is not a total prodigy, he is a
smart, brave kid who is very lonely, but is still, for all his
promise, a child, with a child's impatience.

Wonderful detail and characterisations.

Title: Well-Lettered (The Director's Cut) · Author: Ribby · Races:
Men: Other Fixed-Length Ficlet · ID: 762
Reviewer: Raksha the Demon · 2007-11-01 06:31:13
This double-drabble brings a smile to my face each time I reread it. I
love the story; it is plausible, and flows easily and naturally.
Faramir's pleasure in being able to take time to enjoy the library
without shirking his duty is written well here; and his finding an
unexpected kindred spirit is also beautifully written.

Title: Welcome · Author: Tanaqui · Races: Elves: Fixed-Length Ficlet ·
ID: 694
Reviewer: Larner · 2007-11-01 10:08:51
Excellent depiction of mood and memories as Glorfindel returns to
Middle Earth to dwell in Imladris.

Title: Mastering Men · Author: Imhiriel · Times: Late Third Age:
3018-3022 TA: Gondor Drabble · ID: 623
Reviewer: Larner · 2007-11-01 10:11:39
Ah, Faramir does indeed assist others to master themselves, instilling
calmness and helping folk save themselves. A wonderful look at that
last moment there on the Bridge of Osgiliath.

Title: Soap · Author: Aliana · Genres: Alternate Universe: Gondor or
Rohan · ID: 552
Reviewer: Larner · 2007-11-01 10:13:50
The Battle of the Pelennor meets modern warfare as we look at the
universality of losing companions who are dear to us and the manner in
which we fall into denial.

Title: The Wrong Path · Author: White Wolf · Genres: Adventure · ID: 481
Reviewer: Larner · 2007-11-01 10:18:26
White Wolf tends to write among the best and most compelling
Aragorn/Legolas friendship stories around, and this one is one of the
most compelling I've read yet as a fallen dark Elf uses the poison of
his "pet" on Legolas to seek to manipulate Thranduil to seek him out
so he can be more easily--and painfully killed, along with his
youngest child. Truly a page turner, with plenty of twists and turns
as Aragorn, Elrond, and the twins seek ways to save the archer and
bring Mordraug to justice.

Title: Knowing · Author: rhyselle · Genres: Drama: Elves in Later Ages
· ID: 765
Reviewer: Larner · 2007-11-01 10:27:03
How we spark one another! Here the work of Fiondil's "Elf Interrupted"
has inspired the tale of Glorfindel finding fulfillment, knowing he
will assist in the raising of Elrond and Celebrian's twin sons,
remembering those he loved before, both of whom he sees in these
newborn Elflings.

Well done and excellent use of imagery.

Title: Golfing Fever · Author: lbilover · Races: Hobbits: Pre-Quest ·
ID: 75
Reviewer: SurgicalSteel · 2007-11-01 13:07:24
Slashy and delightfully funny!

Title: The Spear of the Lily · Author: The Bookbinder's Daughter ·
Genres: Romance: Gondor · ID: 11
Reviewer: Marta · 2007-11-01 13:19:31
Beautiful treatment of the relationship of Faramir and Eowyn. The
image throughout was tender and pastoral, but I particularly liked the
transformation of Tolkien's flower analogy.

Title: A Rohan Tapestry · Author: shirebound · Races: Hobbits:
Hurt/Comfort · ID: 96
Reviewer: SurgicalSteel · 2007-11-01 13:22:33
A wonderful gapfiller - a look at what happened those few days that
the hobbits were all in Rohan for Theoden's funeral. Gentle
hurt/comfort (heavy on the comfort), and lovely reading.

Title: Keeper of the Jewels · Author: Cuthalion · Genres: Adventure:
Minas Tirith · ID: 64
Reviewer: SurgicalSteel · 2007-11-01 13:41:36
This was a thoroughly engaging tale - political plots, suspense,
danger, some lovely hurt/comfort. There's also a fantastic OFC who
starts out on the wrong side of the tale but ultimately redeems
herself and in a wholly believable manner. Wonderfully done.

Title: Force of Nature · Author: shirebound · Genres: Alternate
Universe: The Shire or Buckland · ID: 360
Reviewer: SurgicalSteel · 2007-11-01 14:02:34
Anotherof Shirebound's 'Quarantined'-verse stories, and for completely
selfish reasons, possibly my favorite. Frodo and Halbarad share an
unusual experience thanks to the trees of the Old Forest. An
intriguing premise, engaging characters, and beautifully done gentle

Title: Seeing Red · Author: Linda hoyland · Genres: Humor: Drabble ·
ID: 121
Reviewer: Tanaqui · 2007-11-01 15:04:36
An amusing skit on all those horrible movie!inspired Abusive!Denethor
and weepy!Faramir!Sue-fics. Very well done.

Title: Halls Beyond · Author: Elen Kortirion · Times: Late Third Age:
3018-3022 TA: General Drabble · ID: 454
Reviewer: Tanaqui · 2007-11-01 15:14:55
[This post contains spoilers.]

A well-written movie!verse drabble in which the spirits of those who
fought and died together arrive in the afterlife together. I very much
liked the notion of the shared comradeship evident in this drabble –
that the dead Rohirrim welcome even strangers – and wish Haldir had
stayed for one drink, even if his place was elsewhere. Lovely writing.

Title: A Ranger's Love (Song to Arda) · Author: Michelle · Races: Men:
Eriador or Rivendell · ID: 112
Reviewer: Nancy Brooke · 2007-11-01 16:56:48
What I liked most about this, apart from its lovely, even rhythm, is
the even handedness of its author. In each section we see the good and
the bad of each season, and appreciate it more for the fullness of our
understanding. Fortunate is any man or woman who finds love so.

Title: Stopping by Woods · Author: Branwyn · Genres: Drama: Vignette ·
ID: 19
Reviewer: Nancy Brooke · 2007-11-01 16:57:17
This is a lovely vignette, the characters and scenery drawn clearly,
fully, and lovelingly. Like the riders, however, it seems to appear
out of nowhere and disappear the same way, raising many questions
flying like the snow: where did they come from? where are they going?
to name only a few.

Title: Blooded · Author: Raksha the Demon · Genres: Drama: Youth · ID: 3
Reviewer: Nancy Brooke · 2007-11-01 16:57:58
This is such a wonderful and insightful portrait of Faramir straddling
a new line of experience. I love the way the author gives Faramir the
charater to see beyond this moment, past his own immediate feelings of
fear, surprise and repugnance to his greater role in his Company of
Rangers and Gondor's ruling family. His failure or success will never
be his alone.

Title: A Thankless Task · Author: EdorasLass · Genres: Drama: Youth ·
ID: 49
Reviewer: Marigold · 2007-11-01 17:30:48
I really enjoy this universe. This was a lovely instalment and I
especially enjoyed the characterisations of Boromir and Faramir here -
I liked the way that Faramir is already the patient one and is
comfortable enough in his relationship with Boromir to tease his elder
brother. Boromir is already a young man preferring action, definitely
at the age where his Book-haughtiness is beginning to show. Their
later relationship is already very clearly defined in this story.