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Msg# 8420

Helpful Information: Review Statuses Posted by aure\_enteluva November 16, 2007 - 19:37:45 Topic ID# 8420
Hey guys,

There's about six weeks left to vote for the 2007 MEFAs. That's still
plenty of time to start voting if you want to. So if you still have a
long list of stories you want to review you don't have to panic.

That said, it's not too soon to start thinking about the status you've
giving your reviews. These statuses control when your review is
displayed, when you can edit it, and whether it is counted. You can
give your review one of three reviews:

DRAFT reviews are not counted. They are never visible to anyone
besides you and award administrators. You can edit them at any point,
but if you want them to count or be shown to other members, you need
to change their status to Hidden or Final.

HIDDEN reviews are counted. They can be edited through the end of
voting on December 30, and they will be displayed to everyone else at
that time.

FINAL reviews are displayed in the final few months of the awards.
Final reviews began displaying on our website on October 1, and new
ones submitted will display as soon as they're submitted. They'll be
counted. But you can't edit final reviews once they're submitted. (If
you had entered a final review before October 1, you wouldn't have
been able to edit it beginning October 1.)

So which type of review you want to use depends a lot on what you want
to do.

- Draft is good for keeping story notes that you might want to
eventually turn into a review, but where you wouldn't want anyone else
to see them in their current form. Remember, your review won't give
the story any points unless you change the review to a hidden or final

- Hidden should be used for reviews you might want to edit before the
end of the awards, but that you also would be happy to have them
counted (and displayed) as-is if you don't get a chance to do that.

- Some people also use hidden reviews to ration out their reviews. If
you think your authors are likely to check for new reviews regularly
throughout the course of reviews, you may want to make your reviews
visible in small batches. To do this, enter them all as hidden and
change them over to final whenever you're ready for them to be displayed.

- Final reviews should be used when you're ready for the review to
display, and you know you won't want to edit it later.

You can edit a review's status the same way you edit the review
itself. Log in to and click the
"Browse Nominated Stories" link. Find the story you reviewed and click
the "Edit [draft/hidden/final] Review" link on the right side of the page.

There's no way to reset multiple reviews' status at once, but you can
*display* all of the stories you've entered a certain type of review
for. To do this use the "Review Status" filter on the "Browse
Nominated Stories page.

That's a lot of information, so let me boil it down to two key points.
If you've read this far and remember nothing else, remember this:

1. If you would like your draft review to "count" (give points to the
story you're reviewing), you need to change its status to either
hidden or final by December 30.

2. If you have a hidden review you don't want to be displayed to
everyone, you need to change its status to draft by December 30.

Hopefully this information will help make reviewing easier. If you
aren't sure what status to use, just ask, either here or by emailing

Happy reviewing!

(MEFA Admin)