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MEFA Reviews for November 19, 2007 (Part 2) Posted by Ann November 19, 2007 - 4:11:41 Topic ID# 8429
Title: The Taming of the Badger Author: Pentangle Genres: Drama:
With Aragorn ID: 234
Reviewer: Dreamflower 2007-11-11 02:56:22
A very interesting look at a young Aragorn, faced with an inexplicable
antagonism from the healer in his first command among the Dunedain.
The OC, Kenuric is deftly and believably drawn, as is Aragorn's
solution to the problem.

Title: Mardil Goes A-Courting Author: Le Rouret Genres: Humor:
Gondor or Rohan ID: 366
Reviewer: Dreamflower 2007-11-11 02:57:22
I have always enjoyed Le Rouret's archaic style, but this is the first
time it has made me laugh so heartily! Legolas as a matchmaker is
amusing enough, but his machinations in this story are convoluted to
say the least! This story is simply good fun!

Title: Marbles Author: grey_wonderer Genres: Humor: Children ID: 197
Reviewer: Dreamflower 2007-11-11 02:59:58
Poor young Frodo! An afternoon of minding baby Pippin turns worrisome
when the curious infant consumes something he's not supposed to! I
loved so much about this--Merry's protestations that he doesn't like
["that wicked baby"] when it is quite obvious that he does, and that
they are already kindred spirits; Sam's total amazement at the baby,
and his commonsensical approach--echoed by his father's; and poor
frazzled Frodo, trying very hard to get a handle on things that have
spun out of control...

Title: Second Mum Author: Larner Genres: Drama: The Shire ID: 82
Reviewer: Dreamflower 2007-11-11 03:01:55
Esmeralda Brandybuck is one of the minor canon characters that remains
one of my favorites, and I am fascinated by the various takes on her
character by different writers. Larner writes of her with gentleness
and compassion. And while the story seems to be of Esmeralda's
observations of Frodo's life, it sheds a good deal of light upon her
own loving and nurturing nature.

And the ending brings tears.

Title: Bound by Duty Author: Lady Bluejay Genres: Romance: With
Rohirrim ID: 175
Reviewer: Dreamflower 2007-11-11 03:02:27
This is a rather unique take on the usual Eomer/Lothiriel romance. One
can truly appreciate the differences in this Lothiriel! And there is
also a bit of intrigue and adventure to spice things up--a most
enjoyable read!

Title: The Tides of the World Author: Raksha the Demon Times: Late
Third Age: 3018-3022 TA: Gondor ID: 101
Reviewer: Dreamflower 2007-11-11 03:03:07
This intimate look at Aragorn's weary thoughts after the long day of
the Battle of Pelennor is very like what I would imagine them to have
been--exhaustion, grief for all those slain--but hopeful, as well. I
liked his recognition of the fact that he was able to save many from
death, and his thoughts of giving Sauron something to worry about.

Title: Honor Unabated Author: Linaewen Races: Men: Gondor ID: 570
Reviewer: Dreamflower 2007-11-11 03:04:13
What a beautiful story this is, allowing Denethor to find hope and
consolation from beyond. Boromir was the perfect guide to his father,
showing him the truths that had been hidden from him by the Enemy. I
also loved the moment with Pippin at the end, which was delightful,
and played up the affection Boromir had held for him and for Merry,
and they for him.

Title: All Lies and Jest Author: Jael Races: Elves: With Mirkwood
Elves ID: 104
Reviewer: Dreamflower 2007-11-11 03:05:40
This is an interesting look at the strictures in the Laws and Customs
of the Eldar, as Thranduil grapples with its restrictions, in trying
to form a judgement. I find his efforts to reconcile the law with
compassion very realistic.

Title: Flying Snails and Dragon-flies Author: pippinfan88 Races:
Hobbits: Children ID: 99
Reviewer: Dreamflower 2007-11-11 03:06:37
This is a sweet little story about the power of a small child's
imagination, and Pippin's in particular. I love Gandalf's interaction
in this story--he understands the creative impulses that have given
Pippin his ideas, and lends a bit of encouragement!

Title: Divided Author: Pen52 Genres: Drama: The Fellowship ID: 223
Reviewer: Dreamflower 2007-11-11 03:09:51
Finding stories I've never before read by authors I've never before
encountered is one reason I love the MEFAs!

A Fellowship fic, it is on the surface of things, a simple
conversation to pass the time in the depths of Moria. And yet there is
so much more to this vignette than that: an innocent question from
Pippin (who serves once more in his role as a catalyst) results in a
difficult conversation between Aragorn and Boromir. It is so easy to
see the pain and anger of both of them as they speak of an enemy the
young Hobbit has as yet no understanding of. Yet his perspective and
shock is not enough to quell his Tookish curiousity.

And it is disturbingly true that the questions raised between Aragorn
and Boromir on this topic are unfortunately relevant to our lives
today. A very thought-provoking and timely story.

Title: The Steward's Tale Author: plasticChevy Genres: Alternate
Universe: Incomplete ID: 739
Reviewer: Raksha the Demon 2007-11-11 03:09:52
PlasticChevy serves up another helping of angst, pain, darkness and
action in this sequel to [The Captain and the King]. It's a very
exciting story; though even darker than its predecessor, with
treachery, battles, and an encounter with some very evil orcs who do
very evil things. A ripping good read, and lively appearances of
Legolas and Gimli.

Title: Frodo's Thoughts - Aragorn Author: trikywun Genres: Drama:
General Drabble ID: 785
Reviewer: Firya 2007-11-11 04:49:43
A quite self-reflection Frodo gets into trusting nature and influence
of the Ring. Well done.

Title: A Moment Lost Author: Fawsley Races: Men: Gondor Drabble
ID: 491
Reviewer: Firya 2007-11-11 04:51:45
I like the plot and love your style. Sometimes we can't help
reflecting the road we has trudged and wonder just when and where we
complete the conversion or surpass the obstacle, especially when we
achieved something once seemed impossible. And often there is no
precise milestone to be identified. Just like Aragorn, we may realise
that all our life were preparation for this something, even when we
believed we were rejecting it. And this drabble captured perfectly the
many layers of ambiguous emotion at those moments, content or rather
resigned finally yet somehow lost, full yet empty, and with a hint of

But all these muses were but a second's introspection, the `King
Raggy' would never leave all these responsibilities to anyone else
once he took on the invisible kingship. We can feel his confidence and
determination from the last sentence, and this is just why he is named
`Estel', isn't it?

Title: Sticky Sweet Author: SheBit Races: Men: Gondor Drabble
ID: 196
Reviewer: Firya 2007-11-11 04:52:24
Can't believe only one hundred words could hold such great power.
[sticky, feather-light, honey-rich, exploded, burning, scalded numb].
Every elaborately selected word and even every blunt syllable cut
deeper and deeper when I immediately reread it with wide eyes after I
was choked by the last sentence. I had to recite it again silently,
let every word roll on my tongue and scrape my teeth. And it hurt even
more. I was well taught even I don't find any writer in me yet. Thank
you, heart-achingly.

Title: Twice blessed is help unlooked for Author: Tanaqui Times:
Late Third Age: 3018-3022 TA: Gondor Drabble ID: 631
Reviewer: Firya 2007-11-11 04:53:04
First, I love the idea to quote Eomer's line as title. The book
version of Eomer's song was very impressive, and this drabble captured
the same fervent atmosphere in war yet quite different mood and
reaction of Imrahil, a mighty warrior as well as long established
Prince and once comrade of Captain Thorongil. The process from
resignation to question to hope and refreshment was concise and
precise. A great gap-filling.

Title: Reunion Author: Fawsley Times: Fourth Age and Beyond:
Drabble ID: 489
Reviewer: Firya 2007-11-11 04:54:52
Firstly, I have to echo the preference of Thorongil recognition
stories. Yes, I vote for another in different category, but I have
more than one weak point for this one. I especially prefer this
unknown commoners' POV, since sometimes it touched me more than those
epic scenarios. This gem perfectly portrayed a sturdy-minded old
soldier who still full of courage and obviously had intact memories
despite his age. I also love the description of contrast and
connection between dealing with martial death and dealing with
senescence, for it could be as hard for a hearty warrior.

And this sentence [What family there is left] made me sad. But the
mutual care between Falborn and Faramir was encouraging, so I'm
grateful Falborn was there for Faramir after the war and the ordeal
he'd suffered. While in some way, I could even count Thorongil/Aragorn
as one of this reunited family, for it was hinted Ecthelion had some
parental affection for Thorongil, and I usually imagine Aragorn would
be some kind of redemption of his lost father and brother to Faramir.

Finally, this reunion scene reminded me again of Sam's words `There is
some good in this world. And it's worth fighting for'. And I think
this is certainly one of them. A round OFC, a subtle revelation
connecting past and present, and a warm ending/beginning, what else
shall we ask for a drabble? This is a satisfaction in so many aspects.

Title: Clothes Make the Man Author: Gandalfs apprentice Genres:
Humor: Drabble ID: 625
Reviewer: Firya 2007-11-11 04:55:38
Surely I couldn't find more fitful praises for this, could I? It
really made me laugh and this wise, compassionate, humorous,
benevolent elven lord is surely one of the most glamorous Celeborn
I've read. His relationship with Aragorn here seems more relaxing and
supportive even a bit conspiratorial, just like that farewell gift
scene in the movie. To me, Celeborn would be Aragorn's best and only
resource of marital advices, if he ever needed any.

Title: In Body and Mind Author: Nessime Races: Cross-Cultural:
Drabble ID: 759
Reviewer: Firya 2007-11-11 04:56:38
The story of this mysterious ellyth hooked me a lot, for I always feel
it less convincing that Aragorn-Arwen was the ever third man-elf pair
during all three Ages. And this drabble gave me a glimpse of another
possibility, even it wouldn't have to be romance. I really hope the
tale of her life will be unraveled one day.

However, as a drabble, this one is quite accomplished itself. The
subtle narration described that kind of moment and mood when two ages
and two lives entwined together. And so many centuries and so great a
destiny were all covered by hundred words. Excellent.

Title: Fruition Author: EdorasLass Genres: Alternate Universe:
Gondor or Rohan ID: 7
Reviewer: Linda hoyland 2007-11-11 06:54:39
This is one of the darkest most scary Aus I have ever read,putting a
whole new slant on why Thorongil left Gondor.
What if Imrahil and his family were not the saints we have been led to
What if Denethor's hatred for Thorongil eventually resulted in a dual
to the death?
A chilling,beautifully written story which is highly original.

Title: Duty Bound Author: Bodkin Genres: Romance: Pre-Ring War
ID: 212
Reviewer: Linda hoyland 2007-11-11 07:02:55

This somewhat Au story is beautifully told and quite heartrending.
Pippin asks if Boromir has a wife which prompts the Steward's heir to
tell his story.

Boromir was indeed married, a match arranged by his father for a girl
purely to serve as a brood mare.

Boromir weds reluctantly but as time passes he grows to love his bride
and look forward to impending fatherhood.

The tragedy that follows and puts Boromir off ever remarrying will
leave a tear in any reader's eye who is capable of feeling.

Very well written.

Title: Dragonfire Author: White Wolf Genres: Adventure ID: 482
Reviewer: Linda hoyland 2007-11-11 07:12:11
This enjoyable story is a cut abouve the usual Aragorn and Legolas
friendship/angst/adventure stories as it features a crotchetly but
lovable dragon and a remarkable and very scary villianess.
Aragorn and LEgolas have a touching loyalty and devotion to each other.
A story that will linger in the reader's mind long after it is finished.
The writer is a highly gifted storyteller.

Title: Well-Lettered (The Director's Cut) Author: Ribby Races:
Men: Other Fixed-Length Ficlet ID: 762
Reviewer: Firya 2007-11-11 07:13:31
Well I'd really love to babble more than thousand words just for the
heart warming picture at the end if I am able to. The King and the
Steward did share so many appealing characters and who would be more
deserving than these two to enjoy a hour's peace and indulging
themselves a little in the tomes. Here I must say I do envy that

Furthermore, I love you gave Faramir very believable paces to relax
and finally immersed into the parchment with another peer scholar,
King or not. Though we know Faramir accepted Aragorn as his King as
soon as he opened his eyes, but they were still nearly strangers at
that time, and this double-drabble gave us a very natural occasion for
them to begin their mutual understanding and develop real friendship.
Love this.

Title: Sarn Gebir Author: agape4gondor Genres: Adventure:
Fixed-Length Ficlet ID: 398
Reviewer: Firya 2007-11-11 07:14:08
Very tense writing and an agitated and vivid Boromir. This is those
moments belonged to the Captain, though the Ring wouldn't cease its
temptation even at that time. As the above reviews mentioned, Boromir
was more an action man. I wonder had the fellowship had a clear plan
not some ambiguous and uncertain future when they lingered on the bank
of Anduin, would it be easier for Boromir to just follow orders and do
what a warrior should do. Alas, the Ring was far craftier than that.
And here I feel sorrier for Boromir the misplaced hero, because he
could sense the stir of evil but still couldn't hold himself.

Title: Respite Author: Linaewen Times: Mid Third Age: 2851 - 3017
TA ID: 389
Reviewer: Marta 2007-11-11 14:20:22
This story has a lovely whimsical tone to it that makes you almost
ache with Finduilas. It is so sad that she would have to worry about
such things for her sons when they're still so young, and you captured
that despair quite well. Good job!

Title: The Oarsman Author: Tanaqui Times: Late Third Age:
3018-3022 TA: Other Fixed-Length Ficlet ID: 357
Reviewer: Marta 2007-11-11 14:23:20
Each of these drabbles alone is a nice glimpse into what those
captured Gondorians would have felt, and so form nice gapfillers. But
put together, the dichotomy between freedom and servitude is palpable,
and the imagery plays off each other particularly well. It's a very
rich, thought-provoking read, and I highly enjoyed it.