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Msg# 8430

MEFA Reviews for November 20, 2007 (Part 1) Posted by Ann November 20, 2007 - 4:25:34 Topic ID# 8430
Title: Darkness Visible Author: Tanaqui Times: Late Third Age:
3018-3022 TA: Gondor Drabble ID: 725
Reviewer: Marta 2007-11-11 14:27:21
Oh, there was some nice imagery in this! I particularly liked how the
Dawnless Day was so like other natural sultry spring rains. The
differences and similarities emphasized the fact that this was no
ordinary spring quite well.

Title: Never Lack Author: Ruby Nye Times: Late Third Age:
3018-3022 TA: General Drabble ID: 453
Reviewer: Marta 2007-11-11 14:35:41
This is a really sad glimpse into Middle-earth. It seems all too easy
for this man to have fallen into these circumstances. And while I am
sure he had his faults - you underlie this with the way he enjoys
controlling the hobbits - it seems that he is not fundamentally bad
and could be improved if the opportunity presented itself.

You worked in a surprising amount of backstory for only 100 words, and
I think that's cruciali for this drabble to work. Yes, he's a ruffian
and so the enemy of our loveable hobbits, but he has a story to tell
that gives some context for his evil actions. Nicely done, Ruby; I
heartily enjoyed this.

Title: Shadows of a Nameless Fear Author: Budgielover Genres:
Adventure: Minas Tirith ID: 766
Reviewer: Llinos 2007-11-11 19:38:57
This is a very exciting tale! Budgie's portrayals of the hobbits are
particularly well done, and Pippin really shines. His bravery and
self-sacrifice on Frodo's behalf is both exceptional and believable.

Title: The Three Hunters Author: Dreamflower Genres: Adventure
ID: 333
Reviewer: Llinos 2007-11-11 19:51:49
I liked seeing Merry and Pippin through Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli's
eyes. Good job of portaying the friendship amongst these members of
the Fellowship and good descriptions of the personalities of these
particular hobbits.

Title: Black Mountain Author: White Wolf Genres: Adventure ID: 487
Reviewer: Llinos 2007-11-11 19:54:24
There is a lot of wonderful teamwork in this story and the friendship
between the characters is very clear. There are some very exciting
situations in this.

Title: I Bid You Stand Author: storyfish Genres: Adventure ID: 225
Reviewer: Llinos 2007-11-11 19:55:42
A very exciting story and the realtionship between Merry and Pippin is
well done.

Title: Dragonfire Author: White Wolf Genres: Adventure ID: 482
Reviewer: Llinos 2007-11-11 19:57:32
The friendship between Legolas and Aragorn was very well described
here. Very imaginative story!

Title: Concussion Author: Dreamflower Genres: Adventure ID: 711
Reviewer: Llinos 2007-11-11 19:59:21
Good hurt/comfort and drama but it's the friendships that really stand
out here.

Title: The Green Knight and the Heir of Meduseld Author: Le Rouret
Genres: Adventure ID: 170
Reviewer: Llinos 2007-11-11 20:08:36
This tale fits wonderfully in the author's Green Knight universe. As
always the language is elegant and the plot well thought out with
compelling characterisations.

Title: In Shadow Realm Author: Legolass Genres: Adventure ID: 266
Reviewer: Llinos 2007-11-11 20:16:40
An epic tale with a bit of everything from drama to humour and all of
the emotions in between. Most especially though, it is a tale of
friendship and loyalty. I really enjoyed this.

Title: The Wrong Path Author: White Wolf Genres: Adventure ID: 481
Reviewer: Llinos 2007-11-11 20:19:55
This is a very imaginative story and easily holds the reader's
interest. Once again the author has done a fine job of showing the
friendship between Legolas and Aragorn. Some very good dialogue in this.

Title: Dangerous Folk Author: Budgielover Genres: Adventure:
Incomplete ID: 800
Reviewer: Llinos 2007-11-11 20:24:08
Once again Budgielover has created a story rife with exciting
cliffhangers! The water-goblins are a marvelous invention and the
characterisations of each member of the Fellowship are very well done.

Title: Butterfly Wings Author: White Wolf Genres: Adventure:
Pre-Ring War ID: 486
Reviewer: Llinos 2007-11-11 20:32:14
A sweet story, appropriately told in a simple style. A nice glimpse of
the ties elves have with nature and I enjoyed reading a story in which
Legolas' family group is intact and happy.

Title: A Little Nudge Out the Door Author: Jocelyn Genres:
Adventure: Pre-Ring War ID: 823
Reviewer: Llinos 2007-11-11 20:35:14
There are some very well thought out OC's in this story. The author
has some very good ideas about elven society.

Title: Exploring the Wild Author: EdorasLass Genres: Adventure:
Pre-Ring War ID: 30
Reviewer: Llinos 2007-11-11 20:37:03
I am always glad to find a new instalment in this series. Very enjoyable!

Title: Lighting Fires Author: Gwynnyd Genres: Adventure: Pre-Ring
War ID: 95
Reviewer: Llinos 2007-11-11 20:42:05
Elrohir is an excellent foster brother to Estel. The I enjoy stories
about Estel's childhood and this was a very good one.

Title: Journeys in High Places Author: Illwynd Genres: Adventure:
Pre-Ring War ID: 259
Reviewer: Llinos 2007-11-11 20:59:22
The descriptions here were excellently done - very vivid! This was a
very exciting story, making Boromir's later experience on Caradhras
seem a walk in the park. The relationship between Boromir and Faramir
was very believable and so was the dialogue.

Title: When the King Comes Back (the Great Smials) Author:
Dreamflower Genres: Drama: The Shire ID: 262
Reviewer: Larner 2007-11-11 23:13:00
Four disappeared into the wild, and too many thought them dead,
including Paladin Took. To learn that his son is alive and apparently
well--well, perhaps not as well as he'd first thought....

This is a thoughtful, thought-provoking look at the return of the four
Travellers and their welcome home, and the amazement and confusion and
relief attendant on learning the new state of affairs.

Well written and delightful.

Title: Fell Memories Author: Gwynnyd Genres: Drama: Other
Fixed-Length Ficlet ID: 191
Reviewer: Larner 2007-11-11 23:22:25
Aragorn has long been my favorite character. To see how it is that he
first came to Lothlorien has been a terrible delight, one that Merry
and Pippin would recognize and empathise with all too easily.

Thought-provoking; written in a disjointed manner perfectly suited to
the fading in and out of awareness natural to one in such a position;
and the use of the Lay of Leithien to fight the commands of the

Title: A Queen Among Farmers' Wives Author: Imhiriel Genres:
Humor: Drabble ID: 635
Reviewer: stefaniab 2007-11-12 05:53:20
This drabble made me chuckle, from Tom Bombadil's cheerful but
unappreciated greeting to the manner in which the farmer and his wife
resolve their squabble.

Title: Love Story Author: Gandalfs apprentice Genres: Humor: Other
Fixed-Length Ficlet ID: 273
Reviewer: stefaniab 2007-11-12 05:59:48
In "Love Story," everyone's favorite gang of young Shire characters
put on a play based on a classic tale from the Silmarillion. Bilbo,
the critic, was not terribly impressed. However, I was. Gandalfs
Apprentice continues to impress me as a witty, enjoyable writer.

Title: To Represent the Elves Author: Nieriel Raina Genres: Humor
ID: 810
Reviewer: Raksha the Demon 2007-11-12 07:01:39
A most pleasant, entertaining vignette about the nature of age,
experience and youthful hobbit perception. Pippin has some great lines
here; and is well characterised. His reaction to the realization of
Legolas' true age is right on target.

Title: Concealment Author: Marta Genres: Romance: With Rohirrim
ID: 649
Reviewer: Isabeau of Greenlea 2007-11-12 11:51:37
Ah, thoughtful Theodred! Riding all the way across Gondor to succor
poor Boromir in his grief! I must say, I thought his methodology was
very successful. And hot besides! Boromir makes the most canonically
plausible partner in any LOTR slash pairing, and I particularly enjoy
him paired with Theodred, as they both share an age, and a similar
position on responsibilities within their two countries. Here,
Theodred is the quintessential Rohirrim-passionate and quick to want
to slake those passions. Boromir, as the Gondorian, is also passionate
but a little more reasoned and careful in his response. The love
scenes between the two are very well done, sensual but also conveying
the affection and trust that lie between the two of them.

Title: Crossing Author: Tanaqui Races: Men: Gondor Drabble ID: 693
Reviewer: Isabeau of Greenlea 2007-11-12 11:54:37
A lot of people write about Faramir's first kill, but this is the
first work that I've seen dealing with the first time he goes to
Ithilien. Though brief, it captures the sense of entering an entirely
new world, the world of men and war, very well.

Title: Resurrection Author: Dwimordene Genres: Alternate Universe
ID: 265
Reviewer: Isabeau of Greenlea 2007-11-12 12:01:09
One of my very favorite Dwimordene stories. Halbarad, severely wounded
on the Pelennor, hovers between life and death. Even after he is
healed enough to leave his bed, he still hovers. Only Aragorn can
truly bring him all the way back to life.

Halbarad's odd, in-between state is well-described, his physical pain
and mental detachment conveyed precisely using very few words. His
long friendship with Aragorn is also conveyed in simple gestures and
brief dialogue. This story depicts the hopeful rebirth of both
Halbarad and Middle-earth.