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MEFA Reviews for November 20, 2007 (Part 2) Posted by Ann November 20, 2007 - 4:26:53 Topic ID# 8431
Title: The Dryad · Author: Imhiriel · Times: Late Third Age: 3018-3022
TA: General Drabble · ID: 71
Reviewer: Isabeau of Greenlea · 2007-11-12 12:07:47
I very much like the idea that Ithilien had spirits of nature that
guarded and cherished it. This story put me in mind of Tolkien's
friend C.S. Lewis and his Narnia stories, with their dryads and
naiads. That such a spirit would actively seek to aid those who
defended its land by providing camoflage and shelter is a really nifty

And the fact that she appreciates Faramir's quality only confirms that
she's a spirit of taste and discernment!

Title: Some Dark Place · Author: Raksha the Demon · Genres: Adventure:
Fixed-Length Ficlet · ID: 226
Reviewer: Isabeau of Greenlea · 2007-11-12 12:13:12
A great gapfiller, compelling despite its brevity. It's obvious in
FOTR that Aragorn has encountered the Nazgul before, and that it left
a mark on him. Raksha describes the encounter and its aftermath in a
very plausible way. Despite being a blooded Ranger, this is for
Aragorn, his first true encounter with the Enemy, and the true
strength and horror of his foe is made clear to him for the first
time. It's a good thing he has a friend like Halbarad to come to his

Title: Lords of Gondor · Author: Linaewen · Genres: Alternate
Universe: Incomplete · ID: 154
Reviewer: Imhiriel · 2007-11-12 17:51:34
Beautiful language, flowing and with a slightly archaic touch that
feels entirely natural.

The vivid descriptions of the landscapes through which the characters
travel are reminiscent in their careful preciseness of Tolkien's style.

The story is marvellously plotted, the different threads weaving and
interweaving around Bormir as the central figure and as the one the
thoughts of the other characters often come back to.

One of the most moving portrayals of Boromir I have ever read.
Legolas' thoughts about how Boromir is here for the first time
revealed as a respected and beloved leader of Men in chapter 15 had me
in tears.

I very much admire your nuanced portrait of Denethor and his relations
to his sons. Denethor is a stern but fair man, hard but not unfeeling,
shrewd but unfortunately slowly sliding into the despair that will
cloud his judgement but is yet barely noticeable. It is clear that
Boromir is the favourite son, but there is still love also between him
and Faramir, even as it is recognised by all that there are
difficulties in that relationship.

The other characters are equally well-drawn, vivid and fully-rounded,
regardless of whether they are canon like Legolas or Faramir, or
original like Boromir's men.

Title: City of Trees · Author: Gwynnyd · Races: Elves: With Mirkwood
Elves · ID: 641
Reviewer: Imhiriel · 2007-11-12 17:53:04
Marvellous setting of scene - the details Celeborn was seeing and
clearly reveling in were captured in such vivid details the readers
can clearly see the images themselves; the trees, and in particular
the wonderful light.

Very good character interaction; even the interaction only described
in hindsight seemed completely natural. The characterisations
themselves were precise and convincing; their emotions conveyed
clearly. Good balance between humour and seriousness, for example in
Celeborn's keeping precise count of the time of his separation from

I can well imagine their so different cultural background, as well as
the strong-mindedness and temper both have in common, might possibly
lead to longer separations (and neatly explains Tolkien's muddle in
canon *g*), and yet clearly: love conquers all!

I also want to add that I was very amused by the author's notes.

Title: To Light the Way · Author: Dot · Races: Elves: With Mirkwood
Elves · ID: 12
Reviewer: Imhiriel · 2007-11-12 17:53:31
Vivid and convincing characterisations; I especially liked your
Thranduil. Good descriptions of the environment.

The interaction between him and the twins was very interesting, a
thoroughly believable middle way between the hostility on the one
hand, and close alliance on the other, often posited in fanfiction
between Rivendell and Mirkwood. The differences between the twins and
Mirkwood's Wood-Elves were conveyed by action and dialogue, rather
than merely stated - a fine case of "show, don't tell".

It is evident that Celebrķan's fate still weighed heavily on her sons,
but it was not belaboured overlong, it was "just" one facet of their
preoccupations at this point in time, even if an important one. You
also gave a sense of what else is occupying their thoughts with brief
allusions to Gandalf and Aragorn.

Their thoughts about the Mirkwood denizens feasting and dancing in the
gathering Darkness were understandable, yet I think that celebrating
and taking joy out of every moment possible is also part of "fighting
the long defeat", and defying despair and beleaguerment.

Title: Separation · Author: dancingkatz · Races: Elves · ID: 757
Reviewer: Imhiriel · 2007-11-12 17:53:44
The perspectives of the children were captured well, you really got
into their minds and described things as they would have seen and
understood them.

Title: Celeborn's Trees · Author: Isabeau of Greenlea · Races: Elves:
Fixed-Length Ficlet · ID: 514
Reviewer: Imhiriel · 2007-11-12 17:54:21
Very romantic, with excellent characterisations, beautiful
descriptions of the scenery (including Celeborn *g*), and movingly
intimate character interaction.

I could very well imagine the frosty, strained atmosphere during the
dinner. And although unspoken, I felt Celeborn was upset and angry so
he had to walk among the trees to find his inner calm once more. All
the more admirable that he held back his temper under such
provocation! To me this shows just *who* is the more superior...
Tolerance indeed! You conveyed his calmness, and even wry humour about
the situation very vividly.

No wonder Galadriel fell for him: one who could pay such beautiful
compliments must be irresistible. I loved it that although it was him
who was offended, at the end it seemed he was also the one giving
comfort and reassurance.

Title: The Understanding of a Father · Author: Ellie · Races: Elves ·
ID: 174
Reviewer: Imhiriel · 2007-11-12 17:54:49
I was very moved by the father's musings in this; his love for his
child is conveyed very poignantly.

I have speculated about whether Glorfindel (and Finrod) would be
reborn before the War of Wrath, and if so, whether they would bring
their experiences of fighting Morgoth in Middle-earth to bear (and
there is still a bunny waiting to be let out of the hutch *g*). Thus
your premise just fed into those musings in convincing way.

The reality of war is brought out very clearly, when the Reborn
drastically show that "rules of engagement" don't exist in battle with

Title: It's No Mystery, Really · Author: grey_wonderer · Races:
Hobbits: Merry and Pippin · ID: 36
Reviewer: Imhiriel · 2007-11-12 17:55:27
The characterisations are really well-done, and conveyed with apt
choice of vocabulary for the succinct descriptions and excellent
handling of dialogue.

Pippin's grouchiness is conveyed very well - the readers can both
sympathise with him because he is ill, and be exasperated with Merry
by his contrariness.

And yet despite their bickering their love and concern for another
shine through very clearly.

Title: A Mother's Work · Author: Dreamflower · Races: Hobbits:
Vignette · ID: 134
Reviewer: Imhiriel · 2007-11-12 17:56:06
That was a sweet collection! Wonderful dialogues and excellent
character interaction.

I like the depth of detail in each of the chapters; it really makes
the scenes and the characters come to life. I also thought it a good
touch to not focus exclusively on the mother-child connection, but to
embed this in a wider context of family relations and other happenings
in the Shire.

Nice little references to some of your others stories - they were a
lovely little reminder for those who knew them, but didn't puzzle
those readers unfamiliar with them.

The mothers are really "motherly" (*g*), and you can feel the love
they have for their children and other people in their life. They have
exactly the right balance between showing their tenderness, being
encouraging and being firm.

My favourite was definitely the first one - and I can completely
understand the men wanting to play with this fabulous toy!

Title: Still Round the Corner · Author: lbilover · Races: Hobbits:
Post-Grey Havens · ID: 515
Reviewer: Imhiriel · 2007-11-12 17:56:49
Lovely story with beautifully expressive little details. Very good
setting of scenes and mood. The interactions between father and son
were very natural and very moving, and the characters were captured well.

Frodo's emotions are oftem only hinted at, yet still they are clearly
conveyed by the way he sees and experiences things through the story.
It is heart-wrenching to see him so torn in what he feels, desperation
and resentment, a feeling of not measuring up to this distant,
awe-inspiring figure, professing incomprehension when deep down he
understands only too well...

I had to laugh at the description of Sam's travel equipment: even on
this last journey, he has not neglected to pack either the rope or his
trusty frying pan!

Title: A Song of Silence · Author: Nessime · Races: Men · ID: 156
Reviewer: Imhiriel · 2007-11-12 17:58:00
I like this perspective on the flight of the people of Edoras to their
mountain refuges. The details paint a vivid picture of the narrator's
family and her concerns. The image of Meduseld standing empty and
abandoned was particularly poignant.

The history of the tapestry was extraordinarily intriguing, and I
liked how you interwove canon details with original creations to a
believable story of this specific tapestry and its "predecessors".

Title: Poking The Badger · Author: grey_wonderer · Genres: Humor: The
Shire or Buckland · ID: 209
Reviewer: Pearl Took · 2007-11-12 23:50:36
This story is a wonderful look at those too tall hobbits, Meriadoc
Brandybuck and Peregrin Took. Not that they were really that much too
tall according to some (and I'm rather convinced of it myself) but
still - it makes for a fun story. What is it like to suddenly be
different than you were before? This happens all the time to the
adolescent who has a growth spurt or the person who quickly gains or
loses weight. When it's an issue of height being gained after ones
growing is finished and the anticipated strength that is added to it,
things become awkward for poor Merry while things have improved for

Grey Wonderer gives her magic touch to a difficult adjustment in
Merry's life.

Most Excellently Well Done as always!

Title: Great Books · Author: Lady Aranel · Genres: Humor · ID: 149
Reviewer: Raksha the Demon · 2007-11-13 01:48:09
A great send-up of LACE and its origins; told in straight narration
and dialogue rather than parody, which adds to the story's appeal. Is
the venerable tome a collection of genuine customs from days of yore
and written by a hero of the Noldor, or something else entirely?

I really liked the line about Legolas being as green as his home forest...

Title: Of Dragons and Manicures · Author: Llinos · Genres: Humor · ID: 714
Reviewer: Raksha the Demon · 2007-11-13 01:57:30
[Spoiler warning]

This is a wonderful tale-within-a-tale; so good, atmospheric and
hobbitish that I was wishing it was an AU where the adventure really
happened. Wonderful descriptions and audacious plotting - entertaining
and credible!

Title: Flying Snails and Dragon-flies · Author: pippinfan88 · Races:
Hobbits: Children · ID: 99
Reviewer: Larner · 2007-11-13 03:20:21
It's hot, and there are plans to go down to Bywater and maybe wade or
swim some, and if they behave Gandalf might give Frodo, Merry, and
Pippin each a cracker to pull; but all is placed on hold as Pippin
finishes his drawings of improvements some creatures might appreciate.

A sweetly told story of children's imaginations at their best.

Title: The Road to Recovery · Author: Isil Elensar · Races: Elves ·
ID: 241
Reviewer: Larner · 2007-11-13 03:35:32
Amrod swore a deep oath, and has been mightily wounded and now
recovers. He examines his beloved Eliriel through the five senses as
she eases his pain, and she sees him through a sixth.

A sensual look at recovery and love and loss well told in six ficlets.

Title: A Passing Troll · Author: Dreamflower · Genres: Humor: The
Shire or Buckland · ID: 210
Reviewer: Pearl Took · 2007-11-13 04:07:43
Wicked, wicked humour - but humour nonetheless! This is a marvelous
story that I have enjoyed reading more than once. It is still funny
even knowing what's coming. Most Excellently Well Done, Dreamflower!

Title: Glistening · Author: Ellie · Races: Elves · ID: 383
Reviewer: Larner · 2007-11-13 04:18:41
In each generation there was something different that glistened, from
Elu Thingol finding Melian singing within the wood to Elladan and
Elrohir finding a different purpose to their lives and a different
source for the glistening they knew.

Glorious and sad at the same time, and well, well worth the read.

Title: Nothing At All · Author: MagicalRachel · Races: Hobbits:
Hurt/Comfort · ID: 809
Reviewer: Larner · 2007-11-13 06:55:26
Frodo counsels Sam accept Strider's ministrations after the flight
from Moria; but when it's his turn....

A moment of comfort and acceptance that horror does indeed pursue
them, as Sam begins to think on what the trip through Moria has done
to him and his fellows.

Title: Not an Ordinary Day · Author: nau_tika · Genres: Drama: The
Fellowship · ID: 737
Reviewer: Larner · 2007-11-13 07:33:42
Pippin had only been wanting a bit of archery practice, in privacy so
other wouldn't laugh at his lack of expertise; but what occurred
proved a possible embarrassment toward both himself and Legolas as his
instructor. He worries that others will judge him, only to learn the
rest seek to assure him they've done worse, even with greater
experience to warn them. Now, to deal with Legolas's embarrassing injury.

I smirk along with Aragorn on this one. Nice, light humor.

Title: The City and Star Island Line · Author: lipstick · Genres:
Mystery · ID: 524
Reviewer: Larner · 2007-11-13 08:03:29
Humor, mystery, campfire scary stories, phoenixes and wizards and
mystical familiars--all meet in this tale in which a former
shieldmaiden tries to make sense of this larger world to which she's
made herself aware.

Fascinating, and well written, particularly the exchanges between
right and left-hand Ravens.

Title: Never Lack · Author: Ruby Nye · Times: Late Third Age:
3018-3022 TA: General Drabble · ID: 453
Reviewer: Larner · 2007-11-13 08:07:56
We see how one turned ruffian and ended up in the Shire, and how so
far he feels he's landed well on his feet.

I love the accompanying look at Sam, Merry, and Pippin rejoicing in
the bounty following the use of the Lady's gift better, however.

Both with plenty of punch.

Title: The Rose in the Fisted Glove · Author: Jael · Genres: Drama:
Second Age or Earlier · ID: 240
Reviewer: Larner · 2007-11-13 08:34:00
Ah, Thranduil and his friend/valet Galion, before and after the fatal
assault on the gate of Mordor in the battles that ended the Second
Age. Sensual and emotional.

Title: Conversion · Author: Pentangle · Genres: Drama: With Aragorn ·
ID: 169
Reviewer: Larner · 2007-11-13 09:33:09
"They say" many things, some true, some false, some indeterminate. But
here we have a man renewed by hope returned by the king. Will he in
time come to know that the King WAS named "Hope" when he was a child?

Talion had apparently lost all after the death of his wife, and then
the death of his little son due to "friendly fire." Yet, in expressing
his grief before the King he was not chastised but comforted and
granted authority to see to the needs of his village.

A wonderful story, well told.