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Msg# 8436

Helpful Information: Promoting the MEFAs Posted by aure\_enteluva November 22, 2007 - 12:00:21 Topic ID# 8436
Hey guys,

Voting for the 2007 Middle-earth Fanfiction Awards is going on for
just over another month. (You have until December 30.) That's plenty
of time to write lots of good reviews, though it probably is a good
idea to start soon if you haven't already.

Around this time of year many members decide to promote the awards
wherever they spend time - for instance, at a forum where they
regularly post, or on their blog. This is great! I love people being
excited about these awards, and the more people who know about the
MEFAs and participate in them, the better it is for the awards.

There are a few things to keep in mind before you make that post.
First, remember that many communities have a MEFA member that makes
official announcements about the MEFAs at that site. This doesn't mean
that you can't also make your personal post there, but do be
considerate to people reading at wherever your posting. If it's a
small community you may want to time your post so you don't make it
right after someone else posts about the awards. (This is obviously
not a problem if you're posting at your own personal site, but may
affect people posting at communities.)

If you're not sure if someone is promoting at your group check out

And of course if you'd like to make official MEFA announcements, I'd
love your help. Drop me a line at mefasupport(at)gmail(dot)com.

Also, if you're posting to a community, keep in mind your comm's rules
regarding off-topic posting. Some groups don't have a problem with
fandom news not directly related to the group being posted there;
others request it be made in certain threads, or that the subject
identify the post as "off-topic." Be courteous and make sure you're
following your groups rule. When in doubt contact the moderator of
your group.

When you make your post, remember that it's against MEFA rules to
encourage people to vote for specific stories and authors. By all
means encourage people to get involved, but it's really best if you
let them choose what they want to review themselves.

If someone is interested in participating in the awards, they are
welcome to! Most voting members need to join the MEFAwards Yahoo
group; nominated authors are the only exception. Once a person joins
MEFAwards, they should receive an email in a day or two with a name
and password they can use to log in to our voting website. If you know
someone who has forgotten their password or needs help joining, have
them email mefasupport(at)gmail(dot)com. I'm happy to help. (And this
obviously goes if you *are* that person who needs help logging in, too.)

And finally: If you post about the MEFAs, people may ask you questions
about the MEFAs. You don't have to be an expert on the awards, and if
someone asks a question you aren't sure of the answer to, email
mefasupport(at)gmail(dot)com. Of course you can link to any of the
FAQs if you want.

(Awards are often controversial in fandom. Some people don't like
awards in general; some people have a problem with the way a certain
awards is run, or may have lost in a previous year and just don't like
that particular awards program. If someone replies to your post, don't
take it personally; awards, and any specific awards program, aren't
for all people. If they have a real problem with the awards they need
to discuss with someone, please ask them to email me at
mefasupport(at)gmail(dot)com. I'm happy to talk to them.)

I think that's enough suggestions and rules about how to promote the
awards. A lot of this is just common sense. If you aren't sure if a
post you'd like to make is appropriate, please email
mefasupport(at)gamil(dot)com. I'll be glad to look over it for you.

And have fun with the last months of the awards!

(MEFA Admin)

P.S. - *waves to all the Americans* Happy Turkey Day! :^)