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MEFA Reviews for Saturday, October 18 (Part One) Posted by annmarwalk October 18, 2008 - 19:14:43 Topic ID# 9502
Title: The King's Surgeon · Author: SurgicalSteel · Genres: Longer
Works · ID: 90
Reviewer: Raksha the Demon · 2008-10-18 01:53:03
An ambitious and epic story about a fiercely independant and
passionate female original character who becomes a surgeon in the
Houses of Healing of Minas Tirith as well as in other parts of
Middle-earth. The writer does an excellent job adapting medical
techniques to Tolkien's world, and filling the story with crises,
angst, romance and comedy. And the choice of the heroine's name
strikes me as very appropriate.

Title: The Green Knight and the Master of Esgaroth · Author: Le Rouret
· Genres: Drama: Incomplete · ID: 455
Reviewer: Dreamflower · 2008-10-18 02:34:13
I am a huge fan of Le Rouret's Green Knight universe, and this is an
excellent entry in the series. It's a good deal darker than previous
stories--much more of a suspense, mystery, horror story than a
straight adventure.

It's written in her trademark medieval style--which she does
beautifully. I don't know of any fanfic writer who handles archaic
language as well as she does.

I am very much caught up in following Legolas, Gimli, Bandobras, Tamin
and the others on their quest to find what is causing problems in
Erebor. And I am very intrigued by the mysterious and villainous
Master of Esgaroth.

I hope she updates soon!

Title: My Sword Weeps · Author: agape4gondor · Genres: Drama:
Featuring Boromir or Faramir · ID: 316
Reviewer: Dreamflower · 2008-10-18 02:34:26
This AU is fascinating: what if Denethor had been slain when Boromir
and Faramir were still very young, only a year or so after their
mother's death? And what if Boromir was killed soon after, leaving
only little Faramir to inherit the Steward's Rod?

The story is very harrowing and angsty, as we follow the efforts of
Faramir's Aunt Indis, who is his Regent, to save him from dying as
well. The story is quite plot driven, and an engrossing read, and kept
me hitting the "next" button for hour after hour.

I look forward to seeing more of this fascinating AU. I hope that
Agape will eventually show us how this will impact the War of the Ring.

Title: Yule Tails · Author: Pearl Took · Races: Cross-Cultural · ID: 303
Reviewer: Dreamflower · 2008-10-18 02:34:44
This little story, exploring a special connection between Pippin Took
and Faramir son of Denethor is just lovely.

I love the way it is constructed, showing us a longing that each of
them had in common during their childhood. The way in which both the
children find their wishes eventually granted over the years is very
inventive, and also realistic within the framework of their respective
homelands and their ages.

Title: A Meeting in the Tower Hills · Author: Imhiriel · Races:
Cross-Cultural: Fixed-Length Ficlets · ID: 374
Reviewer: Dreamflower · 2008-10-18 02:35:01
I love the way this momentous and legendary first meeting is humanized
in this drabble--the high language of canon transforms itself into a
meeting between just--people, and without losing any of its
significance or importance..

Title: Weathertop · Author: Primsong · Genres: Poetry: Late Third Age
· ID: 597
Reviewer: Linda Hoyland · 2008-10-18 06:04:40
A highly atmospheric set of poems vividly conveying Frodo's
experiences at Weathertop.

Title: A Meeting in the Tower Hills · Author: Imhiriel · Races:
Cross-Cultural: Fixed-Length Ficlets · ID: 374
Reviewer: Linda Hoyland · 2008-10-18 06:07:38
An enjoyable visualisation of what it must have been like for the
people living in Middle-earth to meet the settlers from Numenor.I'm
glad that in Tolkien's world the original people were not almost wiped
out as sadly often happened in out history. This meeting bodes well
for all.

Title: Return of the King · Author: Imhiriel · Races: Men: General
Drabbles · ID: 355
Reviewer: Linda Hoyland · 2008-10-18 06:38:49
A perceptive look at a little known corner of Gondor's history.I
imagine Eldacar was just as he is portrayed here.

Title: The Road Trip · Author: Garnet Took · Times: Modern Times · ID: 410
Reviewer: Linda Hoyland · 2008-10-18 06:44:53
What a fun idea that the Hobbits should visit a chronicler of their
further adventures! Now if only Aragorn and Faramir would turn up on
my doorstep for a visit!

Title: Dangerous Folk · Author: Budgielover · Genres: Adventure · ID: 546
Reviewer: Linda Hoyland · 2008-10-18 06:47:15
A nail biting adventure in which Frodo disappears during the Quest and
his companions have to work together to save him.All the members of
the Fellowship shine in this gripping and exciting story and Frodo's
courage is astounding, as is the loyalty of his friends.A most
enjoyable read.

Title: To Be A King · Author: Keiliss · Races: Elves · ID: 252
Reviewer: Larner · 2008-10-18 08:16:46
An interesting look at Gil-galad as he considers the worth of his
inherited title of High King of the Noldor and what that entails.
Certainly the advice offered him by this foster father proves worth

Wonderful description of Sirion as seen from Balar, and the
conversation between Cirdan and his fosterling is enlightening.

Title: Taking Roots · Author: Imhiriel · Genres: Romance: Drabbles ·
ID: 367
Reviewer: Tanaqui · 2008-10-18 12:01:57
In this drabble, Imhiriel has created a lovely rendering of a quiet
yet pivotal moment in Galadriel's long life, showing her planting the
first mallorn tress in Lorien. As a keen gardener myself who has been
doing my best over the past few years to soak up the accumulated
gardening wisdom of my mother, I very much recognise and appreciate
the way Imhiriel has shown Galadriel's uncertainty in doing a task
herself that she has only previously observed, Celeborn's gentle
support of his wife and her growing confidence. (There's really
nothing like doing it hands-on yourself under supervision to
understand what's involved!) I can clearly imagine the exchange of
looks here, and I love that this demonstrates so clearly that Celeborn
was not without his own "elven craft". Simply delightful.

Title: Journey's End · Author: Ignoble Bard · Times: Fourth Age and
Beyond: Fixed-Length Ficlets · ID: 234
Reviewer: Tanaqui · 2008-10-18 12:02:09
Ignoble Bard has created a lyrical word poem in this drabble. Using,
in the author's own lovely phrase, ["a language too impoverished to
clothe her"], she has incarnated this encounter between Aragorn and
Arwen so that it is vivid in the reader's mind. The piece has a lovely
rhythm and conveys both the physical and spiritual attractions and
bonds between its subjects. Lovely work.

Title: Of Dreams... · Author: Avon · Races: Men: General Fixed-Length
Ficlets · ID: 7
Reviewer: Tanaqui · 2008-10-18 12:02:22
In this drabble about Aragorn accepting his destiny during the War of
the Ring, Avon creates some wonderful word-pictures of his life up to
that point. The drabble is extremely effectively structured to build
from the pastoral and personal to a heroic and historic note in the
final lines. Well done!

Title: Alqualondë · Author: Moreth · Genres: Drama: General
Fixed-Length Ficlets · ID: 220
Reviewer: Tanaqui · 2008-10-18 12:02:50
In these paired drabbles, Moreth gives us two perspectives on the
kinslaying at the Swanhavens that are chilling, moving and powerful.
Each piece starts with sharply drawn action that drops the reader into
the middle of the experience and conveys it intensity. In the space of
a few words, Moreth moves to thought and reflection, driving home the
the full horror of the Kinslayings without recourse to explicit
description. In concentrating on the reactions of these characters,
she provides a haunting portrait of the aftermath and consequences
that lingers in the reader's mind. Excellent writing!

Title: Feelings of Superiority · Author: Gwynnyd · Times: Multi-Age:
Fixed-Length Ficlets · ID: 362
Reviewer: Tanaqui · 2008-10-18 12:03:10
Gwynnyd has created a series showing interactions between various
cultures which is entertaining, powerful and chilling by turns. My
particular favourite is the piece about the ["Tall Lords of
Rhovanion"] in which Gwynnyd manages to work within the confines of
Eomer's assertions that "The Men of the Mark do not lie" while proving
their ancestors to be wily horsetraders. By contrast, ["Numenorean
Largesse"] is disturbing in laying bare the pride and arrogance of
those favoured with the Land of the Gift, and showing the early
flowering of the attitudes that led to its loss. Very
thought-provoking ideas expressed in fine prose.

Title: Tangled Webs · Author: Ribby · Races: Men: Gondor Drabbles ·
ID: 100
Reviewer: Tanaqui · 2008-10-18 12:03:23
In this drabble, Ribby does an excellent job of crafting a metaphor
around the skill of weaving itself to show how our lives are
interconnected and supported by each other, and to provide a subtle
and effective commentary on Aragorn's life and his relationship with
Boromir in particular. Good work!

Title: Blood and Iron · Author: Ribby · Races: Elves: Drabbles · ID: 122
Reviewer: Tanaqui · 2008-10-18 12:03:35
Ribby has taken another excellent and inventive concept and run
effectively with it in this drabble, looking at what might have been
involved and required in the reforging of Narsil into Anduril. The
final line is simply marvellous, with a beautiful rhetorical structure
delivering a powerful sentiment. Very nice work!

Title: Hope comes for Estel · Author: stefaniab · Genres: Drama:
Featuring Aragorn · ID: 622
Reviewer: Larner · 2008-10-18 13:52:51
A decidedly movie-verse work, here Aragorn finds himself wishing for
surety of acceptance as King as well as advice in how to establish his
rule, and he is visited by Faramir in the camp at Cormallen, who
offers both. Interesting concept,

Title: Apart · Author: Nieriel Raina · Genres: Drama: Gondor
Fixed-Length Ficlets · ID: 551
Reviewer: Larner · 2008-10-18 14:02:57
One of the most poignant of the Legolas/Gimli friendship stories, as
each acknowledges the potential volatility of their friendship and his
responsibility toward keeping it intact. The short vignettes are a
perfect form for the presentation of these thoughts, and the FLF
guarantees that each word and image is chosen carefully to increase
its impact.

Leaves one nodding for having read it and approving the choice of each
of the two of them.

Title: A Great Evil Unmade · Author: Linaewen · Genres: Alternate
Universe: Steward's Family · ID: 267
Reviewer: Larner · 2008-10-18 14:10:26
Having seen the Ringbearer wounded once more, he now appreciates the
true evil of the Ring and can see past its lies. And he has accepted
the commission laid upon him and now knows full well how it was that
Isildur was lost, there so long ago. His strength had brought him this
far, but has he enough for the last and will he succeed where others
would fail?

A remarkable tale of redemption dearly bought, so much so that it
makes the canon redemption pale by comparison. A most thoughtful and
satisfying AU story, and one well told as well as well worth the reading.

Title: Portrait of a Queen · Author: Aruthir · Races: Men · ID: 338
Reviewer: Larner · 2008-10-18 14:23:38
A fantastic series looking at the two ruling queens of Numenor and the
nature of propriety. Why does Tar-Ancalimae come to the one woman who
will follow her in her dreams, and why does the child ask ever about
her? Why does she not behave in a proper manner?

Each vignette is perfectly chosen, and we see the wilfullness and
determination of the child become the stubbornness of the woman and
the obsession of the crone. And through it all we see how thoughts of
propriety ever rule the actions or lack of actions of those who wear
the crown and wield the sceptre of Numenor.

Rather chilling and very satisfying.

Title: Captain of Mordor · Author: draylon · Times: Late Third Age ·
ID: 626
Reviewer: Larner · 2008-10-18 14:26:19
A story so horrible in its way I regret I read it, particularly as I
find the premise disgusting. Yet it is compellingly written and the
images chosen very effective.

For those with a taste toward dark things and relationships, this will
be right up your alley.

Title: Confidence · Author: annmarwalk · Races: Men: Minas Tirith · ID: 38
Reviewer: Raksha the Demon · 2008-10-18 18:47:17

Ann fills her stories with exquisite details. This is the point of
view of a very skilled and hard-working manservant who must anticipate
the needs of the future Steward of Gondor and carry them out properly.
The bit where Mormegil muses over the perfection of the razor is very
credible, as well as amusing.

And the epilogue, with Boromir going through the same motions as have
Mormegil and Denethor, is delightful; with an especially resonant, and
funny, last line.

Title: Parting Gifts · Author: Fiondil · Races: Cross-Cultural:
Post-Ring War · ID: 452
Reviewer: Imhiriel · 2008-10-18 20:32:53
Sad yet hopeful, tinged with grief as well as with love and joy. The
deep friendship between Legolas and Gimli is conveyed extraordinarily
well. I admit that Gimli's enduring worship for Galadriel and his
farewell gift for her brought tears to my eyes. Yes, "champion" is
exactly the best way for Galadriel to describe him.

But what I liked most was his steadfastness and calm in the face of
death, instead being concerned about how upset Legolas is. And what a
wonderful gift he intended for his friend!

The characterisations are excellent, and the dialogue very realistic
and engaging. I found it a wonderful touch that Finrod Felagund was
one of Gimli's last visitors; and moving how after death, he was
welcomed by both Aulë and Námo.