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Msg# 9507

MEFA Reviews for Wednesday, October 22, 2008 Posted by annmarwalk October 22, 2008 - 20:22:21 Topic ID# 9507
Title: Like Roses over a Fence Author: Ellie Times: First Age and
Prior: House of Finwe ID: 110
Reviewer: Larner 2008-10-22 03:07:25
Yes, healing begins at home, in the here and now. The time for grief
is over, and the time of renewal must begin, and must begin with those
whose husbands and sons left Aman in such turmoil!

I personally felt that it was best Nerdanel should be involved in the
healing of the wounds left by Feanor's rebellion, for her own
self-worth as much as for anything else. And I rejoiced at the task
she saw for herself here. Yes, it is time to give up grieving for the
dead and lost, and to get on with living!

Title: The Scribe and the Heir Author: Dawn Felagund Genres:
Drama: Featuring the Noldor ID: 256
Reviewer: Larner 2008-10-22 03:11:53
Ah, in this I felt as if I were standing by Maitimos's shoulder as he
overheard the discussion between his uncles. To realize that there is
far more similarity between the two older sons of Finwe than he'd
dreamed must indeed have been a shock! No wonder he is frustrated with
the rivalry he's seen between the two of them!

Excellent feelings for the place and mood, and I certainly empathise
with Maedhros! Yes, let's retreat to the scriptorium!

Title: Recognition Author: Dwimordene Times: Late Third Age:
Gondor Drabbles ID: 481
Reviewer: stefaniab 2008-10-22 16:57:29
In the few words allotted to a drabble, Dwimordene succintly covers
the issue of Eowyn's alleged coldness--all from the point of view of
Ioreth, a distinctly "warmer" person, as fanon would have it. Nicely done.

Title: Handy With A Sword Author: Tanaqui Genres: Romance: Other
Fixed-Length Ficlets ID: 437
Reviewer: stefaniab 2008-10-22 18:34:49
A delightful bit of fluff for all Faramir/Eowyn fans. Encouraged by
Eomer and Imrahil, the two spar with practice foils with unexpected
results. Though I confess that I expected (and enjoyed) the results.
The concluding except from a poem is a hoot. "Handy with a Sword" is a
fun read to lighten any mood in these troubling times.

Title: The Queen's Gift Author: Queen Galadriel Races: Elves:
Other Fixed-Length Ficlets ID: 697
Reviewer: Antane 2008-10-22 19:24:08
I love the ending as I hope Arwen's prayer/hope was answered and that
Frodo did find a kindred spirit in Celebrian and she would help him
heal. That gem and more that passage West were mighty gifts.