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MEFA Reviews for Wednesday, October 29, 2008 Posted by annmarwalk October 29, 2008 - 19:51:45 Topic ID# 9519
Title: Ghost · Author: Elleth · Races: Elves: Noldor Fixed-Length
Ficlets · ID: 218
Reviewer: Dawn Felagund · 2008-10-29 01:14:10
Elleth writes some of the most heart-wrenching experimental fiction of
any in the Tolkien fandom. "Ghost" is a wonderful example of her skill
as an author as she creates a poignant scene in few words of how
Nerdanel discovered Feanor's death and, in her own way, bids him
farewell, despite their distance and estrangement. Dream-like in mood,
the reader experiences Feanor's compelling presence and "awakens" with
a jolt much like Nerdanel must have felt at her discovery of the truth
of her vision. "Ghost" demonstrates again Elleth's skill at using her
craft to imbue her work with meaning beyond what can be said with words.

Title: The Westering Fire · Author: Aprilkat · Races: Hobbits · ID: 200
Reviewer: Imhiriel · 2008-10-29 07:31:48
Very credible and engaging take on Rosie's character; I especially
loved the fierceness she exhibits while keeping a clear head; the
longing for Sam tempered by a strong will.

Evocative descriptions of this particular day, and deft references to
what had been going on in the Shire for the past few months - just
enough to give a clear picture without it overwhelming the main plot.

Title: The Language of Waves · Author: Claudia · Races: Hobbits · ID: 193
Reviewer: Imhiriel · 2008-10-29 07:32:36
Beautiful description of the sea and sand; I especially liked the way
the waves were described in their changeability. I loved Frodo's
comparison between Elves and the sea - very insightful and

Just a lovely, gentle story of a day at the beach. Very relaxing to
read, actually *g*!

Title: Trouble at Bag End · Author: Angiet · Races: Hobbits: Childhood
· ID: 728
Reviewer: Imhiriel · 2008-10-29 07:33:40
I'm not entirely sold on the premise, but it was much fun to just
dispend disbelief for the duration of the story and chortle at the
scenes described here. I especially loved just how flustered bachelor
Bilbo was and how Aragorn quickly went into healer-mode to find a way
to "deal" with the situation. And baby Frodo was adorable, I confess *g*.

Title: Silver Blossoms Blown · Author: Ignoble Bard · Races:
Cross-Cultural · ID: 646
Reviewer: Robinka · 2008-10-29 08:54:08
A fascinating and very well crafted take on the first meeting of Varda
and the elves. Varda's observations and reflections are very nicely
confronted with a drop of foreshadowing as to what the fate of the
Eldar might bring. Well done!

Title: A New Day · Author: Oshun · Genres: Longer Works · ID: 35
Reviewer: Moreth · 2008-10-29 15:20:27
I'll be honest, I've read many published works of fiction that seemed
less polished and entertained me far less than Oshun's ['A New Day']!
What can I say? I love this story! And reviewing it has given me an
excellent excuse to read it again.

Oshun takes what could have been a clichéd romantic pairing, and makes
something new and interesting. The visual images of the camp,
especially the contrast between the rough-and-ready military base and
the touches of luxury that the Noldor managed to bring with them, is
excellent. The attention to detail really makes this story shine.

Most importantly, the actions of the characters are throroughly
believable. None of the protagonists are emotionally over-wrought and
gloomy, but neither is the story some 'feel-good' fluff. The political
situation is complex, Meadhros is far from well, and yet somehow
everyone must deal with the situation and move forwards. Oshun uses
excellent (and often very humorous) dialogue and some well-written
erotic scenes to great effect in order to keep the mood positive and

It may be fanfiction, but it is fanfiction of the highest quality!

If I have one complaint, it is that Oshun sets a dauntingly high
standard for others to aspire to...

Title: And Then There Was Cake, or Begetting Day Horrors · Author:
Klose · Races: Elves: Family · ID: 540
Reviewer: Moreth · 2008-10-29 16:26:32
Bad songs, too much alcohol and (horror of horrors) relatives!

Klose has written a highly entertaining account of just how
embarassing Maedhros's birthday party might have been... but at least
there was cake! (Although perhaps the additional adornment on that
didn't help very much...)

Thoroughly amusing (and really very silly), this story is just fun to

Title: Black Memory · Author: mrkinch · Races: Villains: Fixed-Length
Ficlets · ID: 603
Reviewer: Moreth · 2008-10-29 17:37:06
This is a cleverly constructed drabble that covers the storyline, a
description of Angband, the appearance of Morgoth and then tops it all
with that last line!

Bonus points for having Lúthien unable to hold Morgoth's gaze...

Title: Grandmum's Button Box · Author: pippinfan88 · Races: Hobbits:
Family · ID: 135
Reviewer: Pearl Took · 2008-10-29 19:30:11
This is a quaint and charming family story, the inspiration for which
came from the authors own life.

In digging through Grandma Eglantine's button box to find a new button
for little Faramir Took's nightshirt, a whole world of family memories
are awoken. The whole scene is played out in the homey setting of the
family parlor of the now Took and Thain, Peregrin Took and his wife
Diamond. Their children listen eagerly as their grandmother tells them
the stories the various buttons bring to her memory. It is touching
that Pippin worries that memories of Paladin will bring to much sorrow
to his widowed mother, but she assures him all is well. That it is now
easier for her to think about her husband. and she wants the children
to learn about their grandfather.

Everything is just so right in this tale. These are hobbits at their
most hobbity, sharing love and memories with their family.

Most Excellently Well Done, Pippinfan!

Title: Lily Took · Author: Cathleen · Races: Hobbits: Childhood · ID: 147
Reviewer: Pearl Took · 2008-10-29 19:43:18
This story is as warm and soft as the kitten who gives it it's title.

Pippin has had a long morning and wants Tulip, his knitted piglet
friend, to go out to play with him. They have a wonderful discussion
about why she spent the morning on the shelf with the rest of the
stuffed animals, then she and her hobbit lad go off to the barn. They
do linger on their way to smell the delicious smells coming from
Pippin's mother's bread baking going on in the kitchen.

Pippin has a surprise to show Tulip. At first, she only has eyes for
something that shouldn't be in the barn in amongst the bales of hay,
but she quickly forgives him.

You need to go meet the wonderful characters in this story for yourself!

A beautiful, gentle story, Cathleen!