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MEFA Reviews for Friday, November 7, 2008 Posted by annmarwalk November 07, 2008 - 19:47:51 Topic ID# 9532
Title: A Sleep Over ˇ Author: Phyncke ˇ Times: First Age and Prior:
House of Finwe ˇ ID: 160
Reviewer: Linda Hoyland ˇ 2008-11-07 03:11:44
A very impressive story which I began reading with a smile and
concluded with a shudder! Foresight must be a difficult gift to have
and it must be even worst to be told your future is dark.
A very well written story which i enjoyed despite not really being
into "Simarillion" stories.

Title: Hidden Watcher ˇ Author: kitt_otter ˇ Genres: Drama ˇ ID: 702
Reviewer: Linda Hoyland ˇ 2008-11-07 03:14:17
The writer captures the horror of Moria well here.Not a place I would
want to visit!

Title: The Best Sword Ever ˇ Author: Linaewen ˇ Times: Mid Third Age ˇ
ID: 290
Reviewer: Linda Hoyland ˇ 2008-11-07 03:21:35
I loved this story as it uses the idea that Boromir might vaguely have
remembered Aragorn without making the reader gasp in disbelief at the
implausibility of such vivid memories as some stories on this theme do.
I loved the idea of Thorongil having time for young Boromir and
Denethor's reaction was spot on.

Aragorn's reaction to the adult Boromir was very moving and the faint
glimmer of memory realistic given Boromir's very young age when they
last met.

A moving,poignant and well written story.

Title: Nine Companions ˇ Author: Aranel Took ˇ Genres: Humor: Drabbles
ˇ ID: 259
Reviewer: Linda Hoyland ˇ 2008-11-07 03:30:02
A delightfully amusing drabble.

Title: Flame of Life ˇ Author: Imhiriel ˇ Times: Multi-Age:
Fixed-Length Ficlets ˇ ID: 114
Reviewer: Linda Hoyland ˇ 2008-11-07 03:35:35
This lovely ficlet contains a great deal to think about and is as true
for us today as in Tolkien's Middle-earth.

The Flame made me think of Shiva's dance of fire in Hinduism as it can
both create and destroy.

I think one could read this many times and still find something new.

Title: Lost and Found ˇ Author: Branwyn (Lady Branwyn) ˇ Times: Mid
Third Age ˇ ID: 23
Reviewer: Linda Hoyland ˇ 2008-11-07 03:43:17
This was just lovely,a most enjoyable story !I love to imagine what
Gandalf and Faramir's early friendship was like.How fitting that
Faramir should help find the needed scroll.

Title: Celebrity ˇ Author: Bodkin ˇ Races: Men: Minas Tirith ˇ ID: 635
Reviewer: Linda Hoyland ˇ 2008-11-07 03:47:45
I just loved this very enjoyable story.You made me feel as if I were
there.I love the way you write Aragorn and I am certain he must have
missed his freedom to go and have a mug of ale on impulse with an old
friend.The reader is left with a sense that Aragorn is almost the
prisoner of his guards and at times feels nostalgic for his Strider
days.A beautifully written story.

Title: Not One of Us ˇ Author: StarLight9 ˇ Races: Cross-Cultural:
Elves and Men ˇ ID: 542
Reviewer: Linda Hoyland ˇ 2008-11-07 04:00:08
I often wonder if young Ester was looked down upon by some Elves and
this story answers my question.I loved the warm and close relationship
between Aragorn and his son.

Title: The Stranger ˇ Author: Nieriel Raina ˇ Genres: Drama: Featuring
the Noldor ˇ ID: 560
Reviewer: Linda Hoyland ˇ 2008-11-07 04:05:49
A lovely and very atmospheric story in which a young boy on the beach
meets a mysterious stranger. I loved the boy's compassion for the
stranger.I don't usually like stories that mix Tolkien's world with
our own,but this one could convert me to the genre!A beautifully
written story which haunted me long after I had read it..

Title: Fidelis ˇ Author: Pentangle ˇ Genres: Drama: Hurt/Comfort ˇ ID: 612
Reviewer: Linda Hoyland ˇ 2008-11-07 04:16:00
This deeply moving story had me on the edge of my seat when I read
it.The gifted writer brings up many deep and often topical themes. Is
the risk of losing someone too high a price to pay for loving them,or
is the fact of having loved consolation enough?
Does someone unable to bear the pain of living have the right to die?
These questions and others are thoughtfully explored here and both
sides of the argument carefully balanced.
I loved a chance to reacquaint myself with the crusty "Badger", an
example of the kind of healer who means well,but sometimes overlooks
the patient's emotional and spiritual needs.
The bond between the doomed Elves was deeply moving and much as I love
Aragorn, I liked this chance to see him as less than perfect.
I'm not a fan usually of Aragorn and Legolas stories,but this proved
the exception to the rule. I just loved it and thank Pentangle for
such a good read.

Title: The Wanderer ˇ Author: Lackwit ˇ Genres: Adventure: Incomplete
ˇ ID: 627
Reviewer: Linda Hoyland ˇ 2008-11-07 04:22:59
This WIP has a very interesting beginning.I recognise elements of
Homer's great epic story here cleverly transferred to M-e. I wonder
why Aragorn is not protecting Eowyn if that is the case? You have
caught my attention and I hope you will finish this fascinating story.

Title: Wild Swan ˇ Author: Tanaqui ˇ Genres: Drama: Gondor
Fixed-Length Ficlets ˇ ID: 328
Reviewer: stefaniab ˇ 2008-11-07 06:03:49
In this drabble set, Tanaqui presents succinct glimpses into Imrahil's
life like memories in a photo album. We are treated to everyday
occurances, such as Imrahil enjoying the company of his young nephews,
to brief epsidoes during life-changing moments, such as Imrahil's
reflection on his wife before he leads his men off to battle on the
Pelennor Fields. A delightful feast, especially if you are a Gondor fan.

Title: Old Friends ˇ Author: Marta ˇ Times: Fourth Age and Beyond:
Fixed-Length Ficlets ˇ ID: 651
Reviewer: stefaniab ˇ 2008-11-07 06:21:00
Marta beautifully captures Gandalf's life post Grey Havens in this
drabble. How fitting that old Olorin would develop a sense of ennui as
every day begins and ends undifferentiated from the next until...So
much said in just 100 words.

Title: Out, Damn'd Spot! Out, I Say! ˇ Author: Alassante ˇ Races:
Elves: Noldor Fixed-Length Ficlets ˇ ID: 260
Reviewer: Robinka ˇ 2008-11-07 09:19:43
I think it is impossible to call any of the Feanorians innocent as far
as their deeds are concerned, but one should not forget that the
kinslayings, and especially the first one, must have had a gigantic
and traumatic impact on any of them, regardless of their potential
willingness to admit that. Here, in this excellently written tripple
drabble Alassante shows how deep the psychical wounds could go and
what effect -- disastrous and unforgettable -- the blood and the death
of the Teleri had on Celebrimbor. Splendid writing!

Title: Only Water in Your Veins ˇ Author: Michelle ˇ Races: Men ˇ ID: 154
Reviewer: Imhiriel ˇ 2008-11-07 15:02:52
Very evocative descriptions, precise and clear without getting too
much into gory details.

Deft use of perspective and plot arc, as the readers learn what has
happened together with Aragorn. The descriptions of his treck through
desert, the heat and thirst and weariness, the longing for shade and
water, the growing exhaustion and detachment from reality, are
especially good, and paint a very detailed and multi-dimensional
picture of his state of mind. The tension builds steadily, without it
seeming forced or used for mere effect.

The visions or hallucinations (and I liked that this was left
ambiguous) were introduced and handled very adeptly - it was as if the
readers could accept them as readily and unquestioningly as Aragorn.

I found the encounter with the Haradrim wonderful; the way Michelle
showed their culture and principles, and their love of the life they
lead in the desert.

Title: Of Dreams... ˇ Author: Avon ˇ Races: Men: General Fixed-Length
Ficlets ˇ ID: 7
Reviewer: Imhiriel ˇ 2008-11-07 15:30:05
Lush, lyrical prose, providing descriptions which give the drabble a
very rich, densely-imagined backdrop. Aragorn's dreams become almost
reality, so that the readers can smell the green, the freshness of the
water, feel the wind, hear the roar of the waterfalls.

I thought the premise of the drabble fit very well with Aragorn's
character, especially of course with movie!Aragorn. It shows a
self-effacement and humility, coupled with the awareness that he has
shoulder heavy responsibility to attain his desires so they will be
sustainable and lasting.

The contrast between his peaceful and gentle longings, and his
willingness to accept strife and power as is his responsibility and
destiny is played up very well.

Title: Hearts of Stone ˇ Author: Elen Kortirion ˇ Races: Men: General
Fixed-Length Ficlets ˇ ID: 12
Reviewer: Imhiriel ˇ 2008-11-07 15:30:20
The premise of the drabble series is a wonderful idea, and
well-executed. I love the idea of Aragorn fashioning mementos for
Arwen of all the many places he travels through, so to give her
insight into his travails and show that she is always with him in his

I also liked that Aragorn has various reasons for collecting the
stones, ranging from curiosity about their properties and uses to
simple aesthetic pleasure.

The language is elegant, poetic in places, and has a lyrical candence
that brings the readers right into the story.

The series shows in a very nifty way the extent and magnitude of
Aragorn's many travels, criss-crossing Middle-earth from the furthest
north to the deepest south, from west to east, a perfect illustration
of the reason he is described as the ["greatest traveller ... of this
age of the world"]. I especially liked the notion of Aragorn's
["belovéd Arda"].

Title: Coming Home to Crickhollow ˇ Author: calanthe11 ˇ Genres:
Romance ˇ ID: 445
Reviewer: obsidianj ˇ 2008-11-07 16:19:32
This is a beautiful story, which has a very gentle feel to it. It is
written from Merry's pov, who tries to discover who this new and
mature Pippin is. They have to find the old friendship under all the
changes the year away has brought, which is not easy. They are back in
the Shire, but they have changed so much that the familiar feels
suddenly strange. I like the way the friendship between Merry and
Pippin is depicted.

Title: Arwen in the Afternoon ˇ Author: Gandalfs apprentice ˇ Genres:
Romance: Elven Lands ˇ ID: 244
Reviewer: obsidianj ˇ 2008-11-07 16:23:45
Halbarad, growing up with the strict morales of the Dunedain, is a bit
uncomfortable with the free love approach in form of festivals of the
elves of Rivendell. Although, he took advantage of Aragorn's
upbringing in Rivendell which allowed them a secret love affair long
ago. He is now married, and on a visit to the secret valley he
discovers Aragorn's betrothal to Arwen.

Halbarad's conflicting emotions, loyalty to his wife and at the same
time a yearning for Aragorn are beautifully described in a meeting
with Aragorn where all kinds of inappropriate thoughts run through his
mind interspersed with the dialogue. I love naughty!Arwen together
with a friend taking advantage of Aragorn and Halbarad in the
enchanted environs of the valley. Poor Halbarad doesn't stand a chance.

Title: Good King Elessar ˇ Author: Dreamflower ˇ Races:
Cross-Cultural: Friendship ˇ ID: 2
Reviewer: obsidianj ˇ 2008-11-07 16:32:47
This is a charming little Yule story which gave me a fuzzy warm
feeling. Strider and Frodo-lad on a mission to bring gifts to a lonely
man in the woods. I loved the moments when Frodo had the feeling his
king looked like Pippin or one of his siblings just before they do
some mischief.

Title: Primum Non Nocere (First, Do No Harm) ˇ Author: febobe ˇ
Genres: Drama: Hurt/Comfort ˇ ID: 628
Reviewer: Nancy Brooke ˇ 2008-11-07 17:59:38
I had trouble accessing this story but I kept trying and I'm glad I
did. This is a captivating piece, founded on a very simple but
profound observation of Tolkien's works - that Eowyn and Frodo would
have a great deal in common. It was lovely how the author drew out
these resonant similarities, and drew a new portrait (for me anyway)
of Eowyn which was perhaps all the more true for being fresh. Well done.

Each individual voice of the three main characters was also perfectly
caught, a real hallmark of the writer's ability.

Title: Estel I Was Called ˇ Author: Marta ˇ Genres: Drama: Featuring
Aragorn ˇ ID: 351
Reviewer: Nancy Brooke ˇ 2008-11-07 18:06:01
I am always impressed by Marta's ability to raise a question - what
would it be like for Aragorn to return to the angle - and answer it
with more wondering arising like steam from the heat of her very rich
characters. This story is a prime example.

Title: Star-songs of the Eorlingas ˇ Author: Tanaqui ˇ Races:
Cross-Cultural: Fixed-Length Ficlets ˇ ID: 291
Reviewer: stefaniab ˇ 2008-11-07 18:56:28
Typically, I find it very difficult to write more than a 100 word
review for drabble. However, this drabble set (more than 100 words, of
course) has inspired me to maximum enthusiasm.

"Star Songs" is exquisite. Here, Eowyn describes the cosmology of the
heavens from the perspective of the children of Eorl. Each star and
constellation is given its own, stunningly written drabble, with the
occasional drabble of Eowyn and Faramir to anchor the set. Truth be
told, "Star-songs" is such a cohesive whole that it reads like a short

What I like best is how Tanaqui uses each star myth as a window on
Rohirric culture. Each drabble reveals the heroes, enemies, and the
huge importance of horses to the Eorlingas. Though this culture is
quite young in comparison to Faramir's Gondorian and Numenorean
background, Faramir finds similarities in Eowyn's stories to the
mythology that he knows (and Tolkien wrote about, mostly in the
published Silmarillion).

Tanaqui is a great drabblist, one whom I often wish would expand some
of her short fic. She does that with the elegant and powerful
"Star-songs," certainly a must read for everyone, and especially for
those who count themselves fans of the Rohirrim and Tolkien's human
cultures in general.

Title: I Ain't Got Nobody ˇ Author: Ignoble Bard ˇ Genres: Humor:
Valar & Maiar ˇ ID: 568
Reviewer: elfscribe ˇ 2008-11-07 20:55:14
This was hilarious! I loved the idea of the accident-prone Glorfindel
making repeated trips to Namo's handy-dandy fea-infusing machine.
[Lights flashed, buzzers sounded, the door hissed open, and
Glorfindel, in a fog of dry ice, walked out in his brand new body.] I
love the snarky comments. ["I don't know," Glorfindel said, shifting
from foot to foot and hiking up his hips. "It's a little tight in the
crotch."] The sense of exasperation on both Namo and Glorfindel's
part. ["This isn't fun for me either," Glorfindel said crossly.] And
Ignoblebard's amusing use of language: ["Not on your newly minted
Very enjoyable. I'm still grinning.

Title: A Midsummer Day's Dream ˇ Author: Raksha the Demon ˇ Genres:
Drama: Gondor Fixed-Length Ficlets ˇ ID: 422
Reviewer: dkpalaska ˇ 2008-11-07 21:20:51
The atmosphere is set up so very well in this drabble that I feel the
same peace and contentment ease over me that the main character
lyrically expresses. The prose is lovely, descriptive and magical, not
only transporting me in place but easily collecting all my emotions in
hand, too. The transition from beginning to ending is about as
perfectly done as I could imagine, from dreamy drowse to waking dream
to the next great adventure for a truly incredible prince. I'm left
with that peculiar mix of grief and a soaring heart that seems to
accompany the recognition of a life well-lived.

I loved the tracing of the accomplishments of the past leading into
the present fruits of that labor, and again into the beloved ones
already gone ahead. Magnificent language all around, and beautiful use
of the twist with the title! The ending particularly appealed to me,
with that last tenuous connection slowly being severed...

It's hard to believe this is in the fixed-length ficlet category,
because once again Raksha's work leaves me with the impression that
there was neither stretching nor compacting of words to meet a set
number: every expression and phrase is fitting, nothing is abrupt or
drawn-out - in short, perfect.