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Msg# 9544

MEFA Reviews for Thursday, November 13, 2008 Posted by annmarwalk November 13, 2008 - 19:52:18 Topic ID# 9544
Title: Supporting Acts Author: Tanaqui Times: Fourth Age and
Beyond: Fixed-Length Ficlets ID: 436
Reviewer: Linda Hoyland 2008-11-13 05:05:51
Poor Faramir!It seems that dealing with tradesmen was as frustrating
then as now! Trust our Steward to find a wise solution! An enjoyable
set of drabbles.

Title: Where Shadows Lay No More Author: Cathleen Times: Fourth
Age and Beyond ID: 358
Reviewer: Linda Hoyland 2008-11-13 06:22:05
a moving story which seems very plausible that Boromir would find a
way to say farewell and see the coronation in which his brother was
honoured and the Hobbits were seen as safe and well. A
Delightful,touching story.

Title: Duty, Honour, Country Author: Rhapsody Races: Elves: Other
Fixed-Length Ficlets ID: 81
Reviewer: Linda Hoyland 2008-11-13 06:25:31
A moving and interesting take on Maglor's dreadful oath that ruined
all his family. Sometimes dreadful deeds can spring from good motives
which is always frightening even today.Very thought provoking.

Title: Five Hair Care Tips for Rohirrim Author: EdorasLass Genres:
Humor ID: 71
Reviewer: Raksha the Demon 2008-11-13 08:24:58
Just too, too funny. Do NOT read this while trying to snack or drink;
things will just get messy. Edoras Lass knows how to bring the humor
in the Rohirrim's care of the flaxen tresses that JRRT described so
accurately. I personally reread this gem frequently; and I always lose
it when I get to the paragraph describing the many different types of
sparkly clips - [decapitated orc] and [bunny rabbits] indeed!

Title: Steward's Trumpets Author: Branwyn (Lady Branwyn) Times:
Late Third Age: Gondor Drabbles ID: 400
Reviewer: Imhiriel 2008-11-13 08:58:34
Beautifully and very effectively written. The drabble begins with the
picture of ruins and lifelessness, and you almost feel a pall of dust
and silence and sadness descending over Faramir as you read.

And then the melancholy is lifted with the unexpected discovery of
green freshness and defiant life reclaiming its place. The symbolism
of the plants, their shapes and their names are particularly poignant:
they represent both a new beginning while at the same time embracing -
literally - the old memories. And it is as if the last words leave a
lingering echo - as you are reminded of the glory and pride of the
line (in both film and book): ["the clear ringing of silver trumpets"].

I like it that it seems as if Faramir was drawn to the place without
conscious volition, as if he was *meant* to come and see these signs
of renewal. And judging from the first half of the drabble, it seems
he very much needed them, as he seems adrift and strangely bereft,
detached from the renewal that is going on around him.

Title: Forfeit Author: Branwyn (Lady Branwyn) Times: Late Third
Age: Gondor Drabbles ID: 401
Reviewer: Imhiriel 2008-11-13 09:04:44
Interesting take on Beregond's long time awaiting judgement. I can
well imagine well-meaning friends being tempted to help him in this
way, and if so, that Beregond would react just in the way he did.

The way the drabble is written at the beginning - with short lines of
brisk, matter-of-fact dialogue which gives nothing away of how
Beregond might feel inwardly, nor how tempted he might actually be
considering some of the understandable arguments - contributes much to
the emotional punch of the last line: While it still contains no inner
insight, it is nevertheless all too revealing of his inner turmoil.

Title: Playing with Fire Author: Linda Hoyland Races: Men: Minas
Tirith ID: 21
Reviewer: Sivan Shemesh 2008-11-13 15:50:21
Good to know that Eldarion wouldn't play with the fire, and i believed
that the tough lesson did him good, even if it hurts him. Though Poor
Aragorn, and yet, i'm glad that he told Arwen about his own lesson.

I love the last line.