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Msg# 9557

ADMIN – Focus on Drabbles and Other Fixed Length Ficlets Posted by Tanaqui November 20, 2008 - 17:21:02 Topic ID# 9557
Hey guys,

Here is your weekly admin post. With just over a week to go and nearly
4000 final reviews already published, I'm sure many of you have reviewed
most of the stories you already know and love, as well as new ones about
favourite characters or settings. You have, perhaps, reached the stage
with your reviewing where, like the guests at The Long-Expected Party,
you are 'filling up the corners'. And what better dainties to nibble at
than some of the 160-plus drabbles, fixed-length ficlets of less than
500 words, and fixed-length ficlet series that we have competing this year.

These stories mostly take just a few minutes each to read  although
they may take much longer to fully digest!  so there's still plenty of
time to select a few to review. They are spread across many Races, Times
and Genres, meaning there's something to suit almost everyone's tastes.
So if you want to cram in just one or two more reviews and make some
more MEFA authors happy, this list will help you find these shorter
pieces in this year's awards.

For the list of pieces in this announcement I've used the story type
"Fixed-Length Ficlets". Finding the list of these works is pretty
straightforward. To do this

1. Log in to
2. Click the "Stories" link at the top of the page.
3. Click the "Show Filter" link.
4. Click the "Clear All Filters" button if you've used the filter before
this session.
5. Select "Fixed-Length Ficlets" from the "Story Type" filter at the top
6. Click the "Display selected nominations" button.

This will pull up all of the nominated pieces that are fixed-length
ficlets, whether true drabbles of 100 words or written to some other
specific length..


Here are the fixed-length ficlets competing in this year's competition:

---(63) Loudwater
---(435) The Roses of Imloth Melui
---(111) There Was A Hobbit
---(288) The Portrait
---(260) Out, Damn'd Spot! Out, I Say!
---(37) Now the Green Blade Riseth
---(40) The Wedding Gift
---(94) Call of the Wild
---(547) Fatherhood
---(548) Rich and Fair
Aranel Took
---(259) Nine Companions
---(441) Birthday Present
---(468) Hammer
---(533) Home
---(606) Nothing Less
---(7) Of Dreams...
---(623) The Chieftain of the Dunedain
---(721) Loving a Book Lover
Branwyn (Lady Branwyn)
---(33) Wave-Singer
---(400) Steward's Trumpets
---(401) Forfeit
---(723) Terra Incognita
---(726) No Man's Land
---(89) There and Back
---(641) A Path of Wisdom
---(683) What Goes Up
Dawn Felagund
---(126) Light of the Westering Sun
---(273) Eight Weeks
---(274) The Edge of the Knife
---(480) The Kindly Airs
---(481) Recognition
Elen Kortirion
---(12) Hearts of Stone
---(95) Pulling the Wool
---(96) A Sea Visit
---(474) A Moment Away
---(515) Diamonds For Forever I, II & III
---(516) Collecting Hearts I, II, III & VI
---(517) The Turning Wheel
Elena Tiriel
---(64) Unwilling
---(208) Renewal
---(209) Men of the Twilight
---(465) Last Stroke
---(534) All these hands
---(218) Ghost
---(399) Return
---(586) This crown of stars
foxrafer (csevans8)
---(604) The Journey
---(153) Trajectory
Gandalfs apprentice
---(85) Another Prometheus
---(242) Incarnation
---(243) Bears With Honey
Gloria Mundi
---(594) Gifts
---(362) Feelings of Superiority
---(432) Love at First Sight
---(433) Night Terrors
Ignoble Bard
---(234) Journey's End
---(342) Sunset Gates
---(114) Flame of Life
---(216) Sharing Good News
---(217) Fit for a King
---(285) Deliverance
---(286) Cold Be Hand and Heart and Bone
---(353) Pirates Ye Be Warned
---(354) O Kheled-zâram fair and wonderful!
---(355) Return of the King
---(366) Moved to Pity
---(367) Taking Roots
---(368) Mournful Fords
---(369) Forsaken
---(370) Bibliophile
---(374) A Meeting in the Tower Hills
---(375) A Race, To Be Like Me
---(376) Battle upon the Quays
---(377) There shall be Mirth at our Meeting
---(378) Tying Notes
---(512) Least Expected
---(666) Stabat Mater
Isabeau of Greenlea
---(706) Homecoming
Jay of Lasgalen
---(10) A Large Bold Hand
---(98) Messengers from the West
LA Knight
---(513) Wife of the Thain
---(293) Epiphany
---(687) The Birthday Blessing
Linda Hoyland
---(25) The Shadow
---(489) Autumn
---(490) No Regrets
---(505) Home is where the heart is
---(521) Sour Milk
---(689) Where the Sky Kisses the Horizon, There My Dreams Lie
---(690) ...and the sound of a battered heart, beating
---(297) Leather
---(344) Summer Nights
---(426) Giving Gifts
---(621) The Least of Rings
---(651) Old Friends
---(219) Burdens
---(390) Flickers
---(220) Alqualondë
---(603) Black Memory
Nancy Brooke
---(172) Tree of Knowledge
---(287) The Waker
Nieriel Raina
---(163) Utúlie'n Aurë
---(551) Apart
---(558) Spiced Wine On A Snowy Day
---(54) Broken Star
---(526) Birthday Double Drabble
Queen Galadriel
---(697) The Queen's Gift
---(601) A Fitting Occupation
Raksha the Demon
---(44) Gone Amiss
---(46) Undivided
---(47) Wind of Change
---(61) The Blessing of the Waters
---(294) Reflections in the Smoke
---(421) The Captain's New Clothes
---(422) A Midsummer Day's Dream
---(423) Refuge
---(424) Your Father Loves You
---(500) Legacy
---(625) The Fire of Hope
---(652) Moonset over Gondor
---(81) Duty, Honour, Country
---(570) Midwinter Thoughts
---(718) Vengeance's Folly
---(100) Tangled Webs
---(122) Blood and Iron
---(83) The Sky Is Over
---(657) House of Ransom
---(14) My Precious
---(407) My Legacy
---(431) Writer's Bloke
---(119) Spoiled
---(120) The War of Wrath
---(271) Lost Love
---(279) Celevon a Mallen
---(291) Star-songs of the Eorlingas
---(292) Heavens' Embroidered Cloths
---(300) Creation Myths
---(328) Wild Swan
---(372) Baker's Dozen
---(384) Second Best
---(386) Birthday Outing
---(387) Possessing the greatest powers
---(393) Things as they were in all the days of my life
---(406) An Elf-lord Revealed
---(436) Supporting Acts
---(437) Handy With A Sword
---(438) Another Country
---(439) Saruman of Many Colours
---(440) Songs of Innocence and Experience
---(442) Dreamscape
---(443) No Mercy
---(444) Charge!
---(446) Relief
---(447) Expert Treasure Hunter
---(448) Orc Dreams
---(449) The Lowest Circle
---(450) Stewards
---(478) Alter/native
---(719) The World Is Changing
---(6) Gently Held
---(180) Care to Ride My Hot-Rod Fell Beast?
---(276) Some Confusion in Accounts

To find more information about any of these pieces, just do the following

1. Log in to
2. Click the "Stories" link at the top of the web page.
3. Type the Story ID followed by the "#" sign into the search bar, and
click the "Search" button.

For instance, searching for "37#" will bring up story #37, Now the
Green Blade Riseth by. Annmarwalk.

Fixed-length ficlets are competing in the following subcategories:

---Genres: Alternate Universe: Drabbles
---Genres: Alternate Universe: Other Fixed-Length Ficlets
---Genres: Drama: General Drabbles
---Genres: Drama: Gondor Fixed-Length Ficlets
---Genres: Drama: General Fixed-Length Ficlets
---Genres: Humor: Drabbles
---Genres: Humor: Other Fixed-Length Ficlets
---Genres: Romance: Drabbles
---Genres: Romance: Other Fixed-Length Ficlets
---Races: Elves: Drabbles
---Races: Elves: Other Fixed-Length Ficlets
---Races: Men: Pre-Ring War Fixed-Length Ficlets
---Races: Men: General Drabbles
---Races: Men: General Fixed-Length Ficlets
---Races: Villains: Fixed-Length Ficlets
---Times: Fourth Age and Beyond: Fixed-Length Ficlets
---Times: Late Third Age: General Fixed-Length Ficlets
---Races: Cross-Cultural: Fixed-Length Ficlets
---Races: Dwarves: Drabbles
---Genres: Drama: Ring War Drabbles
---Races: Men: Gondor Drabbles
---Times: Late Third Age: Gondor Drabbles
---Races: Elves: Noldor Fixed-Length Ficlets
---Times: Multi-Age: Fixed-Length Ficlets

Happy reading!

(MEFA Tech Support)

P.S. - If you noticed a mistake in this post, please email about it so I
can check whether a mistake has been made and, if necessary, correct my
announcement. You can reach me privately at
techsupport(.at.)mefawards(.dot.)net. Thanks!