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MEFA Reviews for Thursday, November 20, 2008 (Part Two) Posted by annmarwalk November 20, 2008 - 19:56:56 Topic ID# 9559
Title: Lock Out Author: pippinfan88 Races: Hobbits ID: 307
Reviewer: Cathleen 2008-11-21 01:14:49
A very clever use of an old saying, and Pippinfan's story creates a
delightful picture of this sweet couple. Such hobbity good fun! Loved
the comment about the petticoat....

Title: Hearts Like the Sea Author: Ignoble Bard Times: First Age
and Prior ID: 36
Reviewer: Jael 2008-11-21 01:22:14
This story is perhaps my favorite of this author's nominations for the
year. It handles an unusual pairing exceptionally well. The author's
evocative prose made me feel as if I was back walking the mist
enshrouded cliffs of Cuivienen under the primordial starlight,
listening to the crashing of the waves.

The love story is bittersweet, hinting at old tragedy and losses yet
to come. Rarely do we see a good story about the earliest elves. The
author addresses the difficulties presented by Tolkien's mythology --
how do you describe bight and day when there are no sun and moon as
yet? -- with grace and ease. Without giving too much way, these are
two characters we usually see in a much different context. It is
fascinating to see the very early versions of themselves, especially
knowing what is to come. This is an excellent addition to the genre.

Title: The Return Author: Lady Bluejay Genres: Drama ID: 167
Reviewer: Linda Hoyland 2008-11-21 01:25:57
A haunting and beautifully written story about the side of the Ring
War that is often overlooked, the sorrow of those who lost their loved
ones upon the battle field.What could be a more dreadful task than a
returning to tell the mother of your sons that they are no more? I
felt so thankful that a daughter remained .I actually used these
deaths as a stepping stone for one of my stories,without I fear
thinking more about it.
I loved all the little details about the children,the goats and the
dogs as well as the wounded soldier being put on the horse.The joy of
MEFA is in finding gems like this.

Title: PROPHECY: Changing the Future Author: Fiondil Genres: Humor
ID: 11
Reviewer: Linda Hoyland 2008-11-21 01:51:31
I liked this look at prophecy and how those who read it and interpret
it might decide to change it to suit their own beliefs and perceptions.