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MEFA Reviews for Friday, November 28, 2008 (Part Four) Posted by annmarwalk November 28, 2008 - 18:16:28 Topic ID# 9584
Title: A Midsummer Day's Dream · Author: Raksha the Demon · Genres:
Drama: Gondor Fixed-Length Ficlets · ID: 422
Reviewer: Rhapsody · 2008-11-28 21:00:12
Oh this ficlet or vignette brings tears to my eyes. I so wish that
everyone could pass on so peacefully as Faramir does. On a Midsummer
Day where the veils between the worlds are so thin (to me it read as a
great companion piece to [the Burning of the year]), his loved ones
beckons him to pass on to the world beyond Arda. It is such a great
feeling to see that so many waited for him, but also it is fantastic
to know he is able to let go in such peace. This is a gracefully
written story in many aspects: from voice, language, flow and
perspective. You leave me in awe and tears Raksha!

Title: Frogdom · Author: Neilia · Genres: Humor: Elven Lands · ID: 192
Reviewer: Cathleen · 2008-11-28 21:06:15
I'm enchanted with the notion that Gandalf finally did turn someone
into something, and who better, or more likely, to suffer this fate
but our beloved, cheeky little hobbit? This time he has bit off a bit
more than he can chew and must endure the life of a frog for a day. A
very creative, clever little tale, Neila!

Title: Yrch Song · Author: Phyncke · Genres: Poetry · ID: 564
Reviewer: Rhapsody · 2008-11-28 21:06:17
This poem is bawdy and full of humour, and at the same time it is so
easily to believe that the Orcs would have had a marching song like
this. Now why did this not pop up in italics in Tolkien's works? j/k
Technically this poem has a good balance, a cadence if you will surely
I can imagine this would go on repeat very often. This is gapfillerish
in some way, well done Phyncke!

Title: Five things that never happened to Nerdanel · Author: Meril ·
Genres: Alternate Universe: Angst/Tragedy · ID: 389
Reviewer: Rhapsody · 2008-11-28 21:17:05
This nearly reads as a character portrait, but then it feels where
Allie explores the weaker sides of Nerdanel's decision at one point,
leaving me to think: Nerdanel is an immense strong character! These
five scenarios are all interesting to explore in longer stories and
most certainly has awoken the plot panda's nearby. I can't help but to
wonder how Fλanor would have reacted to all five points, especially
number three might have brought him closer to his father since
Nerdanel would be the second elf to forsake her body after childbirth.
Well done Allie, this made for an immensely intriguing read.

Title: If You Could See What I Hear · Author: Cathleen · Times: Mid
Third Age: Eriador · ID: 614
Reviewer: Shireling · 2008-11-28 21:29:33
This is a truly magical tale , in every sense of the word.Cathleen
takes us into the world of a young Pippin and his family as he is
drawn into an adventure that will have repercussions long into the future.
Pippin and his knitted companion and guardian, Tulip, set out on a
walk that takes them deep into the forest where they encounter the
fairie folk and both Pippin and Paladin learn about their Tookish
fairie heritage.

Cathleen's storytelling draws the reader into the fear and panic of
pippin's family and friends as the hours of the little Took's absence
unfold. Her description of the otherworldliness of the fairie kingdom
is vivid and magical. Paladin and Pippin each have their own lessons
to learn from their encounters and yet it is only many years into the
future, when the quest is over and the travelers return, that they
come to comprehend the gifts given to them

Title: A Fair Trial · Author: Maeve Riannon · Genres: Humor: Valar &
Maiar · ID: 403
Reviewer: crowdaughter · 2008-11-28 21:47:10
I laughed hard when I first read this story, and it has lost nothing
of its power when read again. The idea of Melian and Sauron being
tried both for their "crimes against the Valar" after the war of
wrath, the things they are accused and the way they escape is a
fitting parody of modern bureaucracy, and Eonwe gives a perfect image
of a humorless attorney out to bring the suspects down. The plethora
of references and sparkling ideas in this little gem is stunning, and
gives a very, very different image of Melian's and Sauron's activities
- and indeed, of the whole story of the oh-so-noble Valar - in the
First Age. And te waay the story ends is quite amusing, too - and
gives a very different light on the Third Age...

Brilliant little fic, with great humor and a very cheeky approach.
Greatly done! It's a delight to see it finally nominated, here. :)

Title: Trinity · Author: pandemonium_213 · Times: Modern Times · ID: 51
Reviewer: SurgicalSteel · 2008-11-28 21:48:43
This is an absolutely fantastic story, and it made my inner science
geek delighted to read it!

Title: The Last Words · Author: Rhapsody · Genres: Drama: Featuring
the Noldor · ID: 409
Reviewer: SurgicalSteel · 2008-11-28 22:03:52
This was an amazing concept, and was really well written. I hadn't
thought of Nerdanel as having a rival for Feanor's affections - but
this just seems really right and true to me.

Title: Fine Art for Future Generations · Author: stefaniab · Genres:
Humor: Gondor · ID: 561
Reviewer: SurgicalSteel · 2008-11-28 22:06:22
This story should carry a beverage warning. Absolutely hilarious!

Title: Old Man Willow · Author: Nath · Races: Other Beings · ID: 314
Reviewer: crowdaughter · 2008-11-28 22:06:30
This is a stunning and powerful Alternate Universe that gives a
completely different approach of what might have happened if another
had taken the One Ring. Rarely we see the perspective of non-human but
conscious beings told as poignantly and as compelling as we do here.
The idea of how the power of the One Ring might corrupt, and also be
enhanced, a being that is not walking on legs is a very interesting
thought, and it is brought across here very intensely. I like the
ending, too. Chilling!

Title: Dead Steward's Gift · Author: stefaniab · Genres: Mystery · ID: 572
Reviewer: SurgicalSteel · 2008-11-28 22:07:52
The mysterious bits were suitably scary and/or creepy, and Faramir's
characterization was well done. A nice movie-verse explanation of what
happened to the Anor-stone!

Title: The Captain's Mare · Author: The Lauderdale · Races: Villains ·
ID: 575
Reviewer: SurgicalSteel · 2008-11-28 22:12:21
That was quite definitely disturbing - but I actually found myself
sort of feeling sorry for the Orc!

Title: Full Brothers in Blood · Author: Oshun · Genres: Humor · ID: 212
Reviewer: Ignoble Bard · 2008-11-28 22:12:31
[Full Brothers in Blood] is a wonderful study/contrast between
Findekano and Turukano, later known as Fingon and Turgon. Little
Turukano both idolizes his brother and envies his relationship with
Maitimo, which later leads to a rift between the brothers. But in this
story the two are still young, and Turukano is determined to spoil his
brother's visit with their tall, handsome, favorite cousin. But
Findekano is not easily ruffled, and Maitimo is so charming even
Turukano manages to fall under his spell a little, though grudgingly.

This is an unusual story, in that we see Turukano and Findekano as
youngsters sharing time with family and interacting as brothers often
do, with a mixture of affection and competition. It's also unusual to
see the action from the eyes of the younger sibling, feeling
overshadowed and jealous of his older brother. In this story Oshun
gives these brothers depth and history that makes us see in them the
men they will become and how their youth, growing up in the golden age
of Silmarillion history, informs their later choices. Oshun manages to
give these characters depth with each of her stories and her scenes of
life in a large family are always a pleasure for those of us who have,
if not large families, certainly very boisterous ones.

Title: My Shining Stars · Author: Oshun · Races: Elves: House of
Elrond · ID: 371
Reviewer: Ignoble Bard · 2008-11-28 22:26:59
This is possibly the best take I've seen to date on Elrond's
relationship to Maitimo and Macalure, the two Elves who raised him and
his brother Elros after the departure of their parents. It is a
difficult thing for a child to feel the kind of abandonment Elrond
must have felt and the attachment he forms to his two would be captors
feels authentic. Elrond is not the type to engage in self-pity or to
be maudlin about his circumstances. He has faced the frailties of his
biological parents and sees his foster parents as more than the
legends that time has made of them. Through it all, he has become his
own man, done his own deeds of valor and has the hope of a fond
reunion with the two Elves who fostered and nurtured him in his youth.
I have to admit I like Oshun's version of Maitimo and his brothers, of
their motivations and reasoning, which is so different than the
interpretations often seen in fanfiction. Here, Elrond's affection for
Maitimo and Macalure is believable and his wish to see them again in
Valinor at the end of his final journey is touching.

Title: Early Winter at Himring Hill · Author: Oshun · Genres: Romance:
Elven Lands · ID: 79
Reviewer: Ignoble Bard · 2008-11-28 22:34:35
This is a nice little vignette about Findekano and Maitimo meeting
again after a long absence from each other. Even in this short piece
the unique and fun to read personalities of the protagonists shine
through. Their true affection for each other means that no parting can
ever truly diminish what they have together. It is always a pleasure
to read about these characters, whatever their circumstances, and
Oshun always makes it a good read while keeping the situations close
to canon. I admire her ability to weave her version of these
characters into canon events and still retain the qualities that make
us want to follow their exploits through each new adventure.

Title: Eight Weeks · Author: Dwimordene · Genres: Humor: Other
Fixed-Length Ficlets · ID: 273
Reviewer: agape4gondor · 2008-11-28 22:36:51
Week One – I loved the first line.

Week Two – I loved the last line.

Week Three – I loved the first paragraph.

Week Four – Oh dear! I loved the entire thing (Proverbs of the Sindar

Week Five – I loved the last line

Week Six – Ah, this was penetrating (poor Boromir – I fear there is no

Week Seven – Oh dear, courtesans and bribery now.

Week Eight – Well, as I said, poor Boromir – he never stood a chance.

A delightful rendition of Faramir and Denethor's combined campaign
against a new `oddity' of Boromir's! Nice to see the two of them
working together, even if it happens to be `against' Boromir. The
eldest never stood a chance!

My favorites were week 5 and week 8.

Title: And Whisper You to This Earth · Author: Lady Elina · Genres:
Romance · ID: 151
Reviewer: Elleth · 2008-11-28 22:54:35
A gem, starting (but not ending) with the title and the significance
it will bear later on. This is a lovely, if bitter story that outlines
the differences and similarities of elves and men, all wrapped in
gorgeous writing, thoughtful and believable characterization and an
interesting framework. I loved the gradual buildup, the unusual
pairing, the leitmotif-like return of their touches and the phrase
['it is well known that Elves do not take mortal lovers'], and the
stone - an ingenious and beautiful idea that reminded me of Legolas
describing the lament of the stones of Eregion: Why shouldn't the
elves have stones to bear their laments and stories? Wonderfully done.

Title: I Married for Love · Author: Ford of Bruinen · Genres: Poetry ·
ID: 661
Reviewer: Elleth · 2008-11-28 23:06:56
The rhythm of this poem draws the reader in, especially if read out
loud, and in doing so reveals Indis' story, her fate, and her
relationship to Finwe and her family. The verses establish a strong,
pervasive sense of Indis' character and and the narrative, describing
events and stating facts rather than feelings, nonetheless built up to
an emotional climax that left me a little teary-eyed. Very well done

Title: The Farmer's Son · Author: Lindelea · Races: Hobbits:
Incomplete · ID: 509
Reviewer: Cathleen · 2008-11-28 23:23:04
I'm cheering Lindelea on as I anticipate, and rather impatiently, I
might add, more of this wonderful story! While I've always enjoyed her
writing style and creativity, her Paladin Took had not been one of my
favourite characters - now, I love Pad and enjoy reading about him
very much, but my view of him has been much different. This is one
reason I'm so enthralled with this story. I am very impressed with
Lindelea's talent as an author, and now I get to see her apply that to
a new version of the Shire far removed from her former very critical
Paladin Took. In "The Farmer's Son" the Took's remain on the farm in
Whitwell despite the fact that Paladin is now the Thain, and he is
down to earth and yet not lacking any spirit. This is evidenced in the
way he expresses himself, and I'm enjoying the tender moments he
shares with Eglantine. The "Time of Troubles" is a very distressing
point in this family's life, after all - they have discovered their
youngest is missing, and only have little glimpses into what is up
with Pippin's disappearance with Merry, Frodo, and their friend Sam.
They fear for all of them, and now strangers, men, are being spotted
in the Shire. What is going on?

Another aspect of this new version is the Took Sight. In my opinion,
Lindelea has been touching upon it in a subtle, yet exciting way, and
I can feel the tension in Paladin's refusal to talk about what he's
sensing. I'm very much anticipating each new chapter and wondering
what will happen next. Whatever does, I know I can depend on it being
both entertaining and suspenseful.

Most excellently well done, Lindelea!!!

Title: Clear Conscience (The Clear Shot Remix) · Author: Dreamflower ·
Genres: Alternate Universe: Angst/Tragedy · ID: 680
Reviewer: Cathleen · 2008-11-28 23:30:52
What might have happened if Boromir had met Frodo many years earlier?
In this excellent remix Dreamflower explores that question and more,
handling it with her usual skill and care. Remixes are never easy, as
I found out when I tried one, and what the writer has achieved with
"Clear Conscience" is not only a different, 'what if' view, but a real
tribute to the writer of the original fic she modelled her remix on.

Title: One Step More - The Heroism of Frodo Baggins · Author:
ConnieMarie · Genres: Non-Fiction: Character Studies · ID: 395
Reviewer: Cathleen · 2008-11-28 23:40:51
I am so in awe of another of Connie Marie's beautiful essays that I
don't know quite what to say here, other than this is extraordinary,
her insight into the character is exceptional, and her writing simply
blows me away!

Title: 25 Rethe, S.R. 1422: The Three Travellers Remember · Author:
Dreamflower · Genres: Poetry: Drama · ID: 679
Reviewer: Cathleen · 2008-11-28 23:43:47
Awesome, Dreamflower! *Applauds* You are such a talented lady, and
this is beautiful!!

Title: O Merry Mine · Author: Larner · Races: Hobbits: Hurt/Comfort ·
ID: 636
Reviewer: Cathleen · 2008-11-28 23:57:19
Larner's story is a joyous look at the relationship between Frodo and
his younger cousin, Merry. I love the way she has woven this tale so
intricately and perfectly from beginning to end. The comparison Frodo
makes to young Merry when Pippin is born is so sweet. Little ones
never can really imagine themselves as ever being that young, and to
be remembered as having been a "stinky" infant just like his little
cousin gives Merry pause for thought. All the way through this tale
one can feel the love with which it is written, that the writer truly
cares for the characters she is writing about and wants them to be
presented at their best. The ending is very touching, and yes,
perfect. I can't really imagine these lads as anywhere else but always
together. Excellent work, Larner!! *Applauds*

Title: The Secret of the Wooden Wall · Author: Lily · Genres: Mystery
· ID: 630
Reviewer: Cathleen · 2008-11-29 00:10:14
I love Lily's writing and her talent for crafting stories about
hobbits that I find so well-thought out and clever. She has taken to
writing quite a bit about Merimac and they are also entertaining
tales. Naturally, I feel her stories that include Paladin Took are
among some of her best because he has come to be one of my favourite
characters to explore and I enjoy seeing the way others have written
him, particularly a talented writer such as Lily. In this story
Paladin's Tookish Sight figures heavily in the intrigue, and the Sight
is another of my favourite elements in lotr. Lily has created an
exciting little mystery with wonderful, ghostly overtones, and an
interesting exploration of the past at Brandy Hall. I do hope Lily
will include Paladin in more of her stories when she has time to write
again. MEWD!