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MEFA Reviews for Saturday, November 29, 2008 (Part One) Posted by annmarwalk November 29, 2008 - 20:32:04 Topic ID# 9588
Title: Pip-napped! Author: Dreamflower/Lindelea CoAuthors Genres:
Adventure ID: 669
Reviewer: Cathleen 2008-11-29 00:16:12
I know this story was written for Dana because she wanted a story
where Pippin is "Pip-napped" and the partnering of these two wonderful
writers is an awesome combination! This story has a little of
everything to offer - comedy, a little drama, a sweet portrayal of
Diamond Took and Pippin as newlyweds, and still more! Bravo ladies!

Title: A Promise Author: Golden Races: Hobbits: Childhood ID: 149
Reviewer: Cathleen 2008-11-29 00:20:19
As is the case with so many of Golden's stories, this one left me in
tears. I'm very partial to dogs and cats and sensitive to the thought
of losing one. Golden has filled this story with lovely images, some
happy and some sad. But as always, she brings the story to a beautiful
and fitting conclusion. Lovely, Golden!

Title: On Canon and Fanfic Author: Marta Genres: Non-Fiction ID: 123
Reviewer: Cathleen 2008-11-29 00:22:29
I very much enjoyed Marta's thoughtful essay and found it to be very
well done. It really made me think, too!

Title: I Give You a Rainbow Author: Golden Races: Hobbits:
Friendship ID: 571
Reviewer: Cathleen 2008-11-29 00:27:43
This is a very sensitively told story about a little one who is
"different" than the rest of the children. Pippin, of course, is
portrayed as a wonderfully caring youth and a true friend to the
little lass as he teaches her about colours. He also learns something
about himself along the way. I think Golden is becoming the master of
tackling tough issues in her tales and pulling them off with a flair.

Title: Summer's End Author: pippinfan88 Races: Hobbits: Post-Ring
War ID: 380
Reviewer: Cathleen 2008-11-29 00:35:35
A truly touching tale revolving around Frodo's last days in the Shire.
Pippinfan brings the characters to life, each in his or her own
special way, and leaves me yearning for more time for them all to
share. It hurts to see Frodo so melancholy, looking at everyone in
such a way as to take them each into his heart where he can hold them
close forever and treasure the memories. Beautifully conceived story.

Title: Yule at Great Smials Author: Dreamflower Races: Hobbits:
Family ID: 566
Reviewer: Cathleen 2008-11-29 00:40:58
Pearl Took asked for a story in which there were fireworks at the
Great Smials, a young Pippin and Gandalf in attendance, and I know
that Dreamflower had a bit of fun finding a way to make it all work! A
lovely, sweet, and highly entertaining tale of merry-making in the
Shire during Yuletime, and involving some of my most favourite
characters. Thank you Dreamflower!

Title: For the Want of ... Author: Larner Times: Late Third Age:
Gondor ID: 681
Reviewer: Cathleen 2008-11-29 00:46:34
I like the way Larner has portrayed the growing friendship between
Peregrin and Faramir. There must have been some real mutual respect
between these two characters and since Pippin named his lad for
Faramir, I think there must have developed a fast afriendship between
them. Wonderful story!

Title: Pippin-Frog For A Day Author: Neilia Genres: Alternate
Universe: Incomplete ID: 115
Reviewer: Cathleen 2008-11-29 00:49:05
What could be more fun than a cheeky little green Pippin-frog??
Wonderfully clever tale, Neilia! More, please!

Title: Dangerous Folk Author: Budgielover Genres: Adventure ID: 546
Reviewer: Cathleen 2008-11-29 00:55:43
Budgielover has given us a thoroughly exciting,
on-the-edge-of-your-seat kind of tale in "Dangerous Folk". A very
enjoyable and gripping story!

Title: Sing All Ye People! Author: Raksha the Demon Times: Late
Third Age: Gondor ID: 249
Reviewer: The Little Dwarf 2008-11-29 00:57:46
A splendid rewriting of one of the most solemn and elevating scenes in
the whole book! (probably the most!)

To me, the Eagles and this song always seemed... Biblical. And I'm
sure Tolkien meant that, seeing that he had Sauron to be overthrown on
March 25 (Annunciation - the beginning of the redemption brought by

And you capture all that sense of awe and spiritual elevation! Faramir
reacts exactly as I would expect him to, and the fact that he thinks
of Eowyn and that their love is possible in the new situation is soooo
beautiful! Congratulations for a very good drabble!

Title: Refuge Author: Raksha the Demon Races: Elves: Noldor
Fixed-Length Ficlets ID: 423
Reviewer: The Little Dwarf 2008-11-29 01:11:04
I had not read this story of yours before, so I'm grateful to the MEFA
contest for the chance of finding it.... Because this drabble was
indeed worth reading! The extremely dramatical situation is
counter-balanced by the calm, balanced writing.

I very much liked the characterization - you managed to assume
Elrond's indirect point of view very well and your brief portrayel of
him is very in character and believable. He is definitely the brave
character he will grow up to be, but is still clearly a child. The
fear he himself feel while trying to comfort his brother is
beautifully expressed by the first image of them: from your short but
very poignant description, I can actually picture a very young Elrond
with a dagger in his hand and huddled in a corner with his brother!

At the level of writing, I also noted the use of powerful colours:
bright-red (blood, flames) contrasting with the green of the carpet
and the gray of the smoke... Also, vivid complex imagery here: [Home
stinks of blood and smoke and rising flames. Home is gone.]

Excellent drabble, thank you!

Title: Reflections in the Smoke Author: Raksha the Demon Times:
Late Third Age: General Fixed-Length Ficlets ID: 294
Reviewer: The Little Dwarf 2008-11-29 01:25:28
I remember the sense of melancholy I got when I read this little piece
for the first time. Now, after reading it again, I got the same
feeling once more.

Shorth as it is, your drabble deserves an important role in the fandom
- it addresses a situation that is often overlooked in fanfiction. The
great task accomplished, all the major heroes must have gone through
this moment.

I think you're right about the "purposelessness" part. For such a long
time (in human years), Gandalf had pursuied the mission he had been
sent for, and he no doubt felt useful now... Although he still had
something important to do: help Aragorn find the salping of the White

Great writing, very efficient use of the free indirect style and the
smoke imagery, and excellent contrasting of names! The call of the
wind and the referince to Ulmo's waters help to remind the readers of
Gandalf's true divine nature.

All in all, another wonderful drabble!

Title: Scholarship Author: Raksha the Demon Races: Men: Steward's
Family ID: 43
Reviewer: The Little Dwarf 2008-11-29 01:30:31
This was very cute, funny and intelligent in the same time! That kind
of story that makes the reader go from smiles to giggles to a wide
satifsied grin at the end! And definitely well-written, with all those
small delails that make up a very atmospheric background! :)

I liked your Elboron - as a character, he's very realistic, consistent
and, most of all, so clearly Faramir's son! And father!Faramir lives
up to my expectations as well!

I loved the relationship between them: warm and open, but in character
with Tolkien's world. (I've seen quite a few family stories with good
plot, that were spoiled by the fact that the authors tended to
modernize the relationships (and the dialogue!) too much...) The
dialogue was excellent, and very appropriate as well.

As for the fact that Elboron asks for tutoring in Varasi using *the*
parchment as support text... wow. Honestly, I would never have asked
my Mum to help me translate Ovid's 'Ars Amandi'! Teen curiosity and
scholarly pursuits form a great combination, and I think both Elboron
and Faramir had a great time during the lessons!

Excellent story, trully a pleasure to read!

Title: Your Father Loves You Author: Raksha the Demon Races: Men:
Pre-Ring War Fixed-Length Ficlets ID: 424
Reviewer: The Little Dwarf 2008-11-29 01:43:55
Another delightful little piece of fanfiction! Very in character with
Denethor - he is harsh but caring and he has in mind an unsecure
future for both his children. His love for Finduilas and Boromir is
palpable, and we can also see how he begins to love Faramir as well...
His determination to protect him, at least for the moment, is touching
and beautifully expressed.

Indeed, a bittersweet ficlet, especially as we all know how things
will evolve...

Title: Summer's Lease Author: Raksha the Demon Genres: Romance:
Gondor ID: 650
Reviewer: The Little Dwarf 2008-11-29 01:57:52
A very atmospheric and extremely beautiful and well-written ficlet!
The descriptions are excellent - both those of the nature and the
beauty of the garned and the early summer, AND those of the characters...

Well, I have to admit that I did enjoy the vivid and plastic
description of the male anatomy... (especially Faramir saw through
Eowyn's eyes - sensuous and filled with love...) Very effective use of
the point of view, it's interesting to see Eowyn examin and compare...
Though I have to agree with her, I'll choose Faramir as well... His
physical portrait is well-drawn (though I like to think that he growed
a beard at least from time to time) and his reaction to seeing his
wife join them is well-described as well. The strong feelings that
exist between them are visible, and I do hope that Legolas excused
himself and got back to plantig trees to give them some privacy.... :)

Title: Wind of Change Author: Raksha the Demon Genres: Drama:
General Fixed-Length Ficlets ID: 47
Reviewer: The Little Dwarf 2008-11-29 02:11:09
This was one of those fics that left me speechless and only able to go

At first, I was a little confused by the shift from one character to
the other, but by the time I realized where you were taking this, I
was already admiring the beautiful style! I *loved* it, what an
inspired idea!!! :)

Tolkien was very clear about the fact that, within his universe,
everything happens for a reason, and I am please to see how well you
were able to connect things in order to write about Eowyn's birth in
light of her future destiny. It is wonderful how three different
characters feel it: the Witch-King of Angmar is foreboding his
distruction but cannot (or will not) understand it, Glorfindel can
feel the approaching victory even if his vision is not quite clear,
and Eomund has a sort of vision himself - he [can only see the
snapping of banners in the wind and hear only the clatter of swords.]
even if he is not aware of the larger context of his daughter's future
glory... Excellent!

Impeccable writing, as always, and amazing use of the weather and
especially wind motif! Great drabble!

Title: Legacy Author: Raksha the Demon Races: Men: General
Fixed-Length Ficlets ID: 500
Reviewer: The Little Dwarf 2008-11-29 02:17:03
Beautiful. I loved it, especially the way you wrote from Elboron's
perspective - we can feel that he has something of Faramir in him, and
a resemblance to Boromir as well. Not only Elboron's characterization
is well-rounded, but also the portrayel of Boromir through Elboron's
eyes - the next generation of men did not have the change to proove
their courage the way their parents did, and they would probably feel
a great admiration for the heros of the War of the Rings... Excellent

And your dedication is simply heartbreaking, both for the fandom and
for real life! *sigh*

Title: The Fire of Hope Author: Raksha the Demon Races: Men:
Pre-Ring War Fixed-Length Ficlets ID: 625
Reviewer: The Little Dwarf 2008-11-29 02:21:08
A wonderful look at a younger Aragorn, determined and clearly in
love... *sniff*

The book Aragorn betrays nothing of his love for Arwen; the movie
Aragorn is *very* romance-oriented, being sentimental but not overly
so. Your young Aragorn was well-balanced, though I'm certain that
becoming King meant much more to him than a means of conquering
Arwen's hand.

Am I wrong to think that this happens before their troth? Because from
this: [She had looked upon him as if he were a clever child when he
spoke his admiration. Ah, but he was patient.] I gather that, as this
point, his love for her was still one-sided...

I also *loved* the description of the peaceful and secluded life of
the people of Bree and their ignorance... Powerful contrast and great

Title: Before the Black Gate Author: Raksha the Demon Times: Late
Third Age ID: 45
Reviewer: The Little Dwarf 2008-11-29 02:23:43
Wonderful! When I read the title and saw the protagonist of this
ficlet, I was prepared for an angsty piece, but you knew better than
that!! This was very in character for Pippin (he is a lot braver than
he used to be, but remains the Hobbit who values the joys of life) and
Beregond's appearance was fitted. Great characterization and a
well-chosen moment for this vignette! I loved it! :)

Title: Moonset over Gondor Author: Raksha the Demon Genres: Drama:
Gondor Fixed-Length Ficlets ID: 652
Reviewer: The Little Dwarf 2008-11-29 02:34:33
Well-written and very atmospheric! The night imagery was somehow
Romantic, especially because of the general air of melancholy and
bittersweet rememberance...

I always thought that the meeting of Faramir and Frodo was crucial not
only in the plot of the whole novel (since Faramir's decision to let
the halflings go on their way was essential to the final victory) but
also a turning point in the personal destinies of the two characters.
Frodo, who had recently lost faith in human nature due to Boromir's
fall, is given a great example of the good that still lies in men, and
is thus reminded of the purposefullness of his mission. Faramir, on
the other hand, is clearly positively impressed by the small hobbit
and gets a chance to prove his quality...

I also loved the tenderness between Faramir and Eowyn, the love and
the feelings of companionship between them... :) Lovely!

Title: Messengers from the West Author: Jay of Lasgalen Genres:
Drama: Gondor Fixed-Length Ficlets ID: 98
Reviewer: Raksha the Demon 2008-11-29 02:48:04
A charming vignette about a singular, well, make that a double
birthday surprise for Captain Thorongil. I love the image of the two
black stallions with the two brothers; and the Elf-twins visiting
their foster-brother incognito is well-written as one would expect
from Jay.

Title: A Midsummer Day's Dream Author: Raksha the Demon Genres:
Drama: Gondor Fixed-Length Ficlets ID: 422
Reviewer: The Little Dwarf 2008-11-29 02:56:28
This brought tears to my eyes. Literally. And I don't normally cry
when I read fanfiction, mind you!

I've thought of Eowyn's death and how it would affect Faramir, and
I've also imagined Faramir as an old man, but I've never read or
imagined his own passing. So I think that, from now on, this ficlet of
yours is canon for me!

It was heartbreakingly expressive, every word in it held so much
emotion! I don't have to mention the perfect writing, but the
appearance of the deceased ones is so beautifully drawn! The whole
scene is very atmospheric and evocative of both the glorious past and
the calmer present. It doesn't really matther wheather the apparitions
that Faramir can see are memories or spirits, beacuse, as you said,
life and death are only divided by a very fine line... And at this
particular moment, the protagonist is exactly on the ultimate threshold...

Faramir's attitude and his calm acceptance of his own passing is very
in character. He leaves behind many loved ones, but he also knows he
will soon be reunited with others that he loved... And I think it is
only fitted, if Aragorn willingly takes out his crown and goes to lie
on his funeral bed, that, by contrast, Faramir should pass away almost
imperceptibly, in the middle of his garden...

This is surely one of my very favourite LotR stories ever, not only
for the perfect construction of the brief plot and the wonderful
characterization, but also for the flawless prose... Excellent work!

Title: Gone Amiss Author: Raksha the Demon Genres: Drama: Ring War
Drabbles ID: 44
Reviewer: Branwyn (Lady Branwyn) 2008-11-29 02:58:37
The thought of having to bring news of Boromir's death to Denethor
must have been especially horrible for Aragorn since he knew Denethor
and since he felt responsible for the death. I like that Aragorn
realizes that he will have to explain how he survived unscathed while
Boromir was slain, because that is exactly what Denethor asks Peregrin
in the book.

The oath that Aragorn uses in the drabble--[Stars and Stones and
Tree!] is not familiar, but it sounds like something they would say.
Very nicely done!

Title: Surprise Inspection Author: AmandaK Genres: Humor: Gondor
ID: 207
Reviewer: Dwimordene 2008-11-29 03:11:25
This reminds me of the horrid pre-school/law court/performance
whatever of great significance dreams, where you find yourself
suddenly at the appointed venue without a stitch of clothing on.
Except in this case, no one will be waking the lieutenant or his
soldiers from the nightmare.

Fortunately, Boromir isn't without sympathy, and it would appear that
despite festivities, none of Gondor's soldiers would be caught with
his trousers down should there be an attack.

AmandaK gives us a light-hearted interlude in the tedious discomfort
of warfare - an enjoyable read!

Title: Loving a Book Lover Author: Avon Genres: Romance: Drabbles
ID: 721
Reviewer: Dwimordene 2008-11-29 03:14:35
Oh dear! Faramir may have had years learning to shut out Boromir's
wiley efforts to get him away from his books, but he clearly isn't yet
so wise in the ways of matrimonial warfare. Eowyn has weapons he
apparently hasn't though to defend himself from.

Poor man. I'm sure he'll get over it. Amusing interlude, Avon!