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MEFA Reviews for Sunday, November 30, 2008 (Morning Set, Part Two) Posted by annmarwalk November 30, 2008 - 5:51:05 Topic ID# 9593
Title: Comfort Author: Bodkin Races: Elves: House of Elrond ID: 161
Reviewer: Elena Tiriel 2008-11-29 10:49:41
Bodkin's story, "Comfort", shows Elladan at Rivendell trying to cheer
up his brother; Elrohir is depressed over the death of yet another
Dunedain Ranger with whom they had fought.

The opening image is vivid and realistic, as is the humor that Elladan
uses to chivvy his brother into cheering up and taking better care of

I have myself written of the horrors of the sons of Elrond fighting
for centuries alongside the Dunedain, watching them die, taking sad
word home to the new-minted widows and children. Bodkin does so with
an rare sensitivity to the feelings of these immortal beings who ally
themselves so closely with mortals.

It is a good thing that these brothers can count on each other, not
only in battle but also for emotional support when the demands of
protecting their corner of Middle-earth becomes too great.

Well done!

Title: Shall We Dance? Author: Isabeau of Greenlea Races: Men:
Steward's Family ID: 93
Reviewer: Bodkin 2008-11-29 10:56:17
This is an absolutely delightful story - Boromir was almost
statesmanlike, Faramir was wise, and I loved Lothiriel, who proved
that her destiny was most definitely to rule highly resistant and
difficult men.

Title: Tide of Destiny - Part One: Choices Author: Lady Bluejay
Genres: Drama: Incomplete ID: 159
Reviewer: Bodkin 2008-11-29 11:04:01
I have really enjoyed the amount I have managed to read of this story
- and I look forward to grabbing some time from somewhere in order to
be able to read more. (I hope that scuzzy prince is suffering - and
that Lothiriel is managing to keep a couple of steps ahead of him.) I
love the way you present Eomer and Lothiriel.

Title: Leaving Home Author: annmarwalk Races: Men: Steward's
Family ID: 39
Reviewer: Bodkin 2008-11-29 11:15:13
What a delightful little Elboron story - I daresay he'll be most
relieved to find that court clothes are not that important in Rohan!
And he'll have a tremendous time and make some marvellous memories,
even if he will miss his Modor and Ada. Unsurprisingly, I loved the
references to Nanny, who must be one of my favourite OCs of all time.

Title: Like Roses over a Fence Author: Ellie Times: First Age and
Prior: House of Finwe ID: 110
Reviewer: Bodkin 2008-11-29 11:23:36
I can't help but feel for those left behind - Indis, Anaire, Nerdanel
and all the many unnamed mothers, sisters and lovers, whose stories
were never important enough to tell. Blooming Morgoth - how the Valar
can have been dim enough to let him loose among them all! Hadn't they
learned anything?

Some very symbolic dead-heading going on here - and three strong
survivors making some decisions.

Title: Spiced Wine On A Snowy Day Author: Nieriel Raina Races:
Elves: Other Fixed-Length Ficlets ID: 558
Reviewer: Bodkin 2008-11-29 11:26:04
A delicious way to sit out a snowy day - and contemplate Hope.

Title: The Librarian Author: Jay of Lasgalen Races: Elves: Family
ID: 700
Reviewer: Bodkin 2008-11-29 11:27:20
Maybe a bit of Lanatus would be a good penalty ...

On the other hand, Tionel is much more likely to make Legolas an
enthusiastic student - and the stories he imparts are excellent. Every
child needs someone who will grass on the adventures of their
perfectly-behaved, mature parents.

Title: Reparation Author: Isabeau of Greenlea Races: Men ID: 296
Reviewer: Bodkin 2008-11-29 11:30:44
Andrahar is a man of enormous courage - and determined to do what it
right. And Brandmir has been good for him - offered him a bit of
honest admiration and respect that is unclouded by adult expectations.

Title: Circle of Silver Author: Keiliss Races: Elves: House of
Finwe ID: 717
Reviewer: Bodkin 2008-11-29 11:42:56
Poor Gil-galad - it's not much of a prospect, being reared to become a
rallying point. And he is so young to have to take on such a
responsibility. Three and a half thousand years isn't much when you're
an elf - but I'm glad he started his rule as he went on, with kindness
and consideration for those who looked to him. He was a delight with
young Erestor - a lesson on how to earn unending loyalty, I would think.

Title: The Misty Month Author: Le Rouret Races: Cross-Cultural:
Post-Ring War ID: 454
Reviewer: Bodkin 2008-11-29 11:47:37
What a lovely story this is - I have thoroughly enjoyed discovering
how Legolas gained his reputation as the midwife of choice to the
aristocracy of Gondor.

And, as I recall, it's a pretty accurate description of childbirth
too! I feel for Eowyn.

Title: In Passing Author: Altariel Races: Men ID: 104
Reviewer: Bodkin 2008-11-29 11:54:58
Very touching - Faramir as an old man, passing knowledge on to the
restless young. And the pictures - of the Black Captains and the White
Lady. Perhaps, one day, Beren will remember a wet morning and treasure
the time spent with his great-grandfather.

Title: Dol Amroth Yule Author: Isabeau of Greenlea Genres:
Adventure ID: 295
Reviewer: Bodkin 2008-11-29 12:00:22
Not one of Andrahar's most shining moments. But one of Hethlin's, I
think. And he had the courtesy to recognise her achievements.

I love an Elrohir addicted to oranges.

Title: One Summer Day Author: annmarwalk Genres: Humor: Gondor
ID: 535
Reviewer: Bodkin 2008-11-29 12:07:58
Such a happy day! Serendipitous - crabs and Mag and two brothers
taking pleasure in spending time together. If only they could have had
more time like this - but, perhaps, they appreciated it all the more
because it came so infrequently.

Title: Thoughtful Company Author: EdorasLass Genres: Humor: Gondor
ID: 16
Reviewer: Bodkin 2008-11-29 12:26:03
Faramir is a treasure far greater than any dragon's hoard, and I'm
sure Mithrandir would have loved to be able to spend much more of his
time in the boy's company. And bless Nanny - I think she would like to
adopt the wizard as a surrogate grandfather for her little rabbit.

Good thinking on Faramir's part, too! A problem of logistics that
wouldn't cross many minds!

Lovely story.

Title: Summer Nights Author: Marta Races: Men: Gondor Drabbles
ID: 344
Reviewer: Elena Tiriel 2008-11-29 12:47:50
Marta's drabble, "Summer Nights", is about Boromir in the last moments
before Mordor launches the initial assault on Osgiliath, opening the
War of the Ring.

The atmosphere that she sets up is tense, expectant, and unpleasantly
hot. Boromir seems anxious to protect Gondor, but the days of waiting
are wearing on him, and presumably the rest of the army, as well.

But when the moment finally comes, it is a shock, because of Marta's
incisive words.

Well done!

Title: The Prisoner of Dol Guldur Author: Soledad Genres: Drama:
Final Partings ID: 102
Reviewer: Bodkin 2008-11-29 12:58:39
I am glad Enadar recovered as much as he did. The special, outdoor,
Ent-supervised hospital ward was just what he needed. As was the Great
Ash, imbued with rather more than the spirit of Lalisin. I love the
thought that she will be able to follow Thranduil and her sons to
Valinor when the ties of the forest no longer hold them - the family
deserves to be reunited in a place and time where they can relax.

Title: Star's End Author: Keiliss Races: Elves: House of Elrond
ID: 283
Reviewer: Bodkin 2008-11-29 13:17:09
Poor Maglor. Even his kindness must be tainted - I don't know why his
fate had to be so much more cruel than that of his brothers. He
offered Arwen the best solution he could - this lost and bereaved
woman who was his foster son's child. Would that he could find his own

Title: The Secret of the Wooden Wall Author: Lily Genres: Mystery
ID: 630
Reviewer: Nancy Brooke 2008-11-29 13:34:27
A nicely done mystery, all the richer for good characters, dialog and
interaction. A good read!

Title: The Return Author: Lady Bluejay Genres: Drama ID: 167
Reviewer: Nancy Brooke 2008-11-29 13:48:06
I have come to expect a high quality of work from Lady Bluejay and
this piece, if anything, raises the bar. She is so good at seeing and
communcating the most difficult, human emotions and actions, and
making them rise from her characters naturally and genuinely. Here we
feel Duinhir's grief and apprehension with every step, but it never
overwhelms us as he, too, continues. The ending, of course, is a kick
in the head, but appropriately. I can't help but wonder what the
future might hold for this broken family.

Title: Wife of the Thain Author: LA Knight Genres: Romance: Other
Fixed-Length Ficlets ID: 513
Reviewer: Elena Tiriel 2008-11-29 14:25:09
"Wife of the Thain" is a drabble series about the myth that one of the
early Tooks had a fairy wife.

Thain Isumbras catches a glimpse of a nymph one day, and is now pining
away, wanting to see her again.

I liked the language and descriptions in these vignettes; they paint a
clear picture of the scene. And I felt sorry for the hobbit.

Well done!

Title: The Onion Riddle Author: Branwyn (Lady Branwyn) Races:
Cross-Cultural: Post-Ring War ID: 13
Reviewer: Dwimordene 2008-11-29 14:33:19
Ah, clever Branwyn! It is always so gratifying when one finds a story
that can holds it POV this well, so that even though the reader has
every reason to think she knows what's going on, the end still comes
with that sense of reversal of expectations.

I love Beregond, here in his three roles that Tolkien gave him: armed
protector, commander, and father. Branwyn captures him perfectly: he
makes it his business to be concerned for the well-being of every
member of his troop, trusting to fatherly instinct and experience and
wedding it seamlessly with a commander's duties, even risking some
wrath from his charges when he thinks it is necessary.

This time, happily, the revelation is no cause for horror, just for a
bit of embarrassment, though the Dwarves don't seem to have minded at
all. Thank you for the lovely read, Lady Branwyn!

Title: Terra Incognita Author: Branwyn (Lady Branwyn) Genres:
Humor: Drabbles ID: 723
Reviewer: Dwimordene 2008-11-29 14:35:23
Nice double meaning in that last line!

The scene is quickly and efficiently set - I can imagine this is life
in the trenches. The woolen socks were very effective.

Title: Steward's Trumpets Author: Branwyn (Lady Branwyn) Times:
Late Third Age: Gondor Drabbles ID: 400
Reviewer: Dwimordene 2008-11-29 14:39:03
Writers who know how to use specific flowers and trees for symbolic
effect leave me jealous. The devastation of the tomb was beautifully
described: [As jagged as an eggshell, the broken dome rose before
him]. It's the only phrase devoted to the ruins, but it works like a

The juxtaposition of renewal and this destroyed place, coming together
in the flowers was just beautiful. Well done!

Title: In the Van Author: Branwyn (Lady Branwyn) Genres: Humor
ID: 72
Reviewer: Dwimordene 2008-11-29 14:43:30
Oh dear! I can see it all too well. Whoever the nameless source of
inspiration is, she or he has my thanks for spurring this entertaining
little ficlet. The exchange between Gandalf and Boromir over
courtesies and privileges due the dead was probably my favorite part.

Bonus points for bringing Boromir into it without requiring an AU to
the AU.

Title: Wave-Singer Author: Branwyn (Lady Branwyn) Genres:
Alternate Universe: Drabbles ID: 33
Reviewer: Dwimordene 2008-11-29 14:45:29
While the spirit involved remains nameless, or at least, we don't know
what he was called before the Dominion of Men, I have my guesses.
Beautiful last line - gives the whole piece its punch, just as a last
line should for a drabble.